STH Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Divine Symbol

Cold light could be seen in Han Yu Fei’s eyes, he had a cold smile and stared at Ye Fan and Pang Bo wordlessly as though he were looking at dead people.

The four youths by his side heard his orders and moved forward together, their faces had mocking expressions as they slowly surrounded the two.

One of the youths spoke softly as though he did not want the surrounding people to hear him and said: “You people really don’t know how high the heavens are or how deep the earth is, within the Ling Xu sanctuary there are some people that you cannot afford to offend. The words that the two of you actually dared to say earlier, simply looking for death!”

By the side another youth walked closer with a cold smile as he ridiculed: “Really impressive, you guys just entered the Ling Xu sanctuary but are already so impressive. I think you guys really don’t know how the death word is written. However, I think the two of you won’t be able to die, because what’s worse than death is being tortured while alive, if you don’t go through endless amounts of torture it will be difficult to even wish for death.”

“Actually, there is a way for the two of you to go through less agony.” At this moment another youth spoke up very casually and seemed to be addressing the two like grasshoppers that he could squash at any time, his voice dripping with sarcasm: “The two of you can break your own two feet and kneel down to beg for mercy. Thereafter you can climb into the pond and stick yourselves into the mud, show us how to be shoved headlong.”

“If I were you guys, I’d opt to knock my head and kill myself. At least I’d be able to avoid the agony of living.”

The four people were very carefree and did not put the two in their eyes. Ridiculing and mocking them as they stood all around not giving the two any way to escape.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo were not the kind of people to take things lying down, these four people were going too far with their speech but they did not act in anger but rather seemed to be indifferent and calmly responded.

“What are these four idiots doing?”

“I reckon that when they went out their heads were accidentally wedged flat by a door, otherwise how could they have such retarded looks and constantly spew nonsense.”

The two of them spoke as though they were third parties, as if they were happily watching a bustling scene from the outside and were commenting on the matter. These made the four youths fill with anger, these two people who they regarded as grasshoppers were actually unafraid and had such an attitude, simply not putting them in their eyes. They were vicious with their words and made their tempers rise, their faces grew colder and the mocking smiles on their faces were wiped clean.

“You don’t know what’s good for you!” A youth coldly snorted but did not rush forward. They had noticed that the two had abnormal strength and did not want to ruin their assured chances of victory.


Light could be seen coming from below his navel, a divine symbol that was like an iron chain as it came gushing forth like a wave and headed towards Ye Fan and Pang Bo.

“A divine symbol that originates from the sea of bitterness!”

“The elder that taught mystical arts had said that if there was a small success in cultivating, one could perform mystical arts. This is an expert.”


The surrounding people were shocked, a majority of the people gathered here had just joined the Ling Xu sanctuary and it was rare to see someone using mystical arts. There were panicky expressions on everyone’s faces.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo reacted very quickly as they each dodged to a side, the symbol of light that seemed like an iron chain brushed past their bodies but speedily changed directions and continued heading towards the two of them.

This was their first time encountering a cultivator who could use mystical arts thus they had no idea how strong the divine symbol from the sea of bitterness would be and did not dare to easily block it. The two people dodged again, however, the divine symbol was like a shadow that could not be escaped from, dazzling and bright with a metallic feel as it hastily changed directions again.


Ye Fan suddenly lifted a huge rock from the side and held it against the oncoming divine symbol. The two forces struck each other with a loud noise and a large cut appeared on the several thousand catty heavy rock, as though it had been cut by an axe.

This made the faces of Ye Fan and Pang Bo change, cultivators that could use mystical arts were indeed impressive, normal people simply had no way to defend against them.


The divine symbol that was akin to an iron chain had left a very deep scar on the large rock and clearly spent most of its energy. The glow had significantly dimmed and it became a vague image as it flew back into the youth’s sea of bitterness. His body trembled as he took two steps back.

“These two grasshoppers really have very abnormal strengths, let’s be more careful. If we end up getting injured by them that would really be humiliating.” The four youths silently communicated.

“Shmm”, “Shmm”, “Shmm”, “Shmm”

A few light noises echoed out and four different coloured lights were released from the four youth’s sea of bitterness. Four divine symbols that looked like iron chains came from four separate directions at Ye Fan and Pang Bo.

At the same time, Ye Fan and Pang Bo also began to retaliate. In the vicinity of the stone cliff were countless boulders and the several thousand catty boulders were hurled by them to meet the four divine symbols.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo’s divine strength was astonishing as one large boulder after another flew out and struck the divine symbols. There were also several boulders that were flung towards the four youths.

The four youths who could be considered to have an entry level understanding in mystical arts were frantic, although they had sent forth their divine energy and formed divine symbols, controlling these divine symbols to fly was simply too slow and the large boulders could not be avoided. They were unable to effectively engage the other party.

After cultivating divine energy from their sea of bitterness, their physiques went through a large improvement but this was still simply incomparable to Ye Fan and Pang Bo. As one large boulder after another constantly smashed towards them, they could only dodge.

Large boulders were flying and the four youths were not only stopped, they had to constantly retreat in fear of the several thousand catty boulders smashing into them.


At this moment, Ye Fan suddenly dashed forward with indescribable speed, leaving a faint illusion where he previously stood.


The next instant he appeared before one of the youths and threw out a simple punch, heavily planting his fist on the other person’s nose and sending the cultivator flying through the air.

This was a punch that was simply aesthetically pleasing yet filled with immense force! Ye Fan moved gracefully as he started to move about his right hand, there was a sense of beauty in this. But when he shot out his fist, it was brutal and vicious, the youth received a heavy blow and was sent flying more than a dozen metres away.

A splatter of blood could be clearly seen spurting forth from the cultivator’s nose and mouth, the splatter of blood flew several metres through the air forming a blood red line and seven to eight teeth could be seen flying through the air as well.

On the other side, Pang Bo could bear it no longer and also acted with an incredible speed as he viciously smashed a huge boulder against one of the cultivator’s bodies. There was the sound of bones breaking and the youth trembled as he was flung into the air and heavily landed on the ground.



Another two loud striking sounds could be heard and the remaining two youths were struck to the ground. They had performed a ballad of brute force and their fists were like metal hammers that smashed the two people and caused them to spit out large mouthfuls of blood.

At this point, the light from the four divine symbols had dimmed and speedily entered the four youth’s sea of bitterness. Ye Fan and Pang Bo placed the four cultivators that were lying limply on the ground together and stood there looking down at them.

“I seem to recall that previously the few of you said that the two of us don’t know how high the heavens are and how deep the earth is and that we don’t know what’s good for us. I’d like to ask, do you guys know?” Having said this Pang Bo kicked forth four times and the four people rolled on the ground like balls.

“Treating the two of us like grasshoppers and wanting to squash us?”

“I recall you also said that you wanted us to break our own two legs and kneel down to beg for mercy. Thereafter you even said that we should climb into the pond and plant ourselves into the mud and sludge…..”

“You people even said that you’d make living worse than death for us, torture us to the point of us wanting to die. Really boasting so shamelessly!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!……”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo only felt extreme disgust for these four people and felt no pity nor did they show any mercy as they kicked and kicked. The four people were like bed bugs being trodden on and constantly kicked around, eventually they were left in a pile like mud on the ground.

“Enough!” At this point, Han Fei Yu was coldly looking from a distance and his face became darker and darker with cold light shining forth from his eyes.

Pang Bo glanced at him and said: “It’s enough just because you say it’s enough? Who are you to even talk like this!”

“Let them go!” Han Fei Yu’s voice was deathly cold and let the surrounding people feel chills down their spines. Although he looked to be only fourteen to fifteen years of age, his demeanor and attitude were simply too sinister and cold to be attached to one of that age.

“Why should we to listen to you?!” Pang Bo simply didn’t care.

As for Ye Fan he was also indifferent towards the youth and crouched down to lift two of the youths. He smoothly moved his body with grace and shifted his hands.

Two shadows streaked across the sky like two sticks, in a flash they flew for about 50 metres and there were two perfectly straight figures stuck in the middle of the muddy pond, only two pairs of legs could be seen outside the mud.

“You’re looking for death!”

Han Fei Yu finally had an expression of intense anger as his body seemed to radiate coldness and he pressed forward.

Ye Fan ignored him and continued to lift another two people, flinging them and with two soft sounds of “Chi! Chi!” they landed ramrod straight into the mud and sludge.

The people in the area were speechless, this outcome was simply stunning and stupefying.


Below the navel of Han Fei Yu, light was being released that was dazzling and blinding, a square-shaped green wooden symbol that was smaller than an inch flew out of his sea of bitterness. A bluish green colour radiated brilliance from the symbol, it expanded rapidly in size and was heading towards Ye Fan and Pang Bo with pressure.

The people in the surroundings let out exclamations of shock, this was an actual green wooden symbol. It was not simply forged by some bits of divine energy from the sea of bitterness and was certainly incomparably better than the four divine symbols earlier.

The green wooden symbol rushed out of the sea of bitterness and wisps of green energy could be seen, releasing a heavy pressure.

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