STH Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Celestial Sprout

Ye Fan and Pang Bo wanted to dodge but simply could not react in time. This green coloured wooden symbol was faster than the divine symbols by too much and in an instant it was encompassing them above their heads.

The four sided green wooden symbol was barely an inch when it was released but in the blink of an eye it had become as big as a house, surrounding the entire area with green energy as though there were clouds floating.

Under the immense pressure, Ye Fan and Pang Bo felt as though a large mountain was descending on them, and they were exhausting all their energy just to resist.


The two of them used their hands to forcefully shove upwards, wanting to knock aside the green wooden symbol that was descending. They did not expect that the force would be so immense that their feet immediately left cracks on the ground as it sunk in.


The green wooden symbol trembled and endless amounts of green coloured mist gathered. It grew bigger and now seemed to be as tall as a palace and continued to descend.

“Even if it was a ten thousand catty large boulder it would have long been knocked away, what stupid thing is this. How could it be this heavy……”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo felt the pressure on their arms steadily increasing and their feet continued to sink into the ground, everything beneath the knees was completely within the ground and fissures could be seen.

“I thought that you guys like to shove others headlong, now I’ll make the both of you into living ‘human trees’.” Han Fei Yu coldly laughed as he walked forward making everyone feel the chills.


The green wooden symbol trembled again as the hazy green energy grew once more to shroud the entire area, Ye Fan and Pang Bo felt that the pressure suddenly rise greatly and both their feet completely sunk into the ground, leaving just their upper bodies above the ground.

“If it goes on like this we’ll be squashed into meat pulp.” Ye Fan felt that the situation was grim and whispered to Pang Bo.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you guys die so easily……” Han Fei Yu had a cold smile, it was clear that he wanted to continue torturing the two people.

By this point, Ye Fan and Pang Bo felt that both their arms were starting to feel numb and if it continued like this they would have no more energy to resist, likely to be squashed into the ground. Ye Fan signalled to Pang Bo and wanted him to relax his hands and rush out. Pang Bo shook his head, he was afraid that once he removed his hands, Ye Fan would be unable to hold on and immediately be squashed into meat pulp.

“There’s no more time or other options available……” Ye Fan grit his teeth as he spat the words out, the pressure above was too great and even with his elephant like strength they would not be able to hold on for much longer.

Pang Bo understood their current circumstances and one person needed to rush out to take care of Han Fei Yu otherwise, there would be simply no way to live. The person who was left behind would likely be in dire straits, if two people could barely handle the pressure from the green wooden symbol, the person left behind would certainly be in grave danger.

With no other option as one person needed to handle the green wooden symbol, Pang Bo was not a wishy washy person and immediately freed his hands as he forcefully pushed himself out of the ground.


The green wooden symbol trembled and continued to release dull green light, the immense pressure made Ye Fan’s arms tremble uncontrollably. He continued to sink deeper and he was buried up till his chest, the green wooden symbol was less than a metre from the ground.

Pang Bo felt nervous and cold sweat dripped down his back. He was like an arrow as he shot forth, his speed was phenomenal.


The green light flashed and the green wooden symbol trembled once more, in the instant that Pang Bo dashed forth, the huge symbol pressed to the ground and buried Ye Fan’s entire body including his head into the ground.

Pang Bo felt anxious and his entire person became a blur as he madly rushed forth, in an instant he grabbed Han Fei Yu and his two hands were like pincers as he began to tear.

Han Fei Yu had never expected that of the two people who were pressured into immobility, one would actually rush out and slam him to the ground, then attack him like a hungry wolf.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!……”

Pang Bo sat atop Han Fei Yu and like the beating of drums he continually wielded his fists and heavily swung them downwards.

The people in the area were shocked, they did not expect that Pang Bo would be able to rush out.

Although Han Fei Yu lacked Pang Bo’s strength, he had cultivated a little of the spring of divine energy and could utilise all the qi essence within his body. His body was shrouded in a layer of divine light and although Pang Bo’s fists continued to heavily rain down, it did not cause much damage to him and only a slight trickle of blood could be seen flowing from his mouth.

Even so, Han Fei Yu saw red, he had never eaten such a big loss before and started to vehemently struggle, from within his sea of bitterness light was released that struck Pang Bo into the air. Thereafter, several iron chain like divine symbols shot forth from the sea of bitterness, bright and dazzling as they writhed with killing intent towards Pang Bo.

Pang Bo hurriedly dodged as he lifted a large boulder by his side to block and viciously smashed.

“I want to tear you into pieces!” Han Fei Yu’s expression was icy cold and multiple divine symbols were swirling around his body like strips of lightning as they shot forth towards Pang Bo.


At this moment, the green wooden symbol that had been pressed to the ground was suddenly flung into the air and Ye Fan rushed out while his both hands lifted it. Ye Fan used all his strength to fling it towards Han Fei Yu and a green light flashed, green haze could be seen everywhere and like a mountain it smashed towards him.

With Han Fei Yu’s level of cultivation he could not control more than one thing at a time and was thus unable to properly control both the divine symbols and the green wooden symbol. Earlier when he started to fight with Pang Bo, Ye Fan took the opportunity to escape and like a lightning bolt he left a mirage and rushed forth closely behind the green wooden symbol.

When the green wooden symbol was flung back, Han Fei Yu’s face drained of colour as he hurriedly stopped attacking Pang Bo and kept his divine symbols as he tried to regain control of his green wooden symbol to kill the two people.

Ye Fan’s speed was simply too fast and reached at the same time as the green wooden symbol. As Han Fei Yu took control of the green wooden symbol and managed to stabilise it, Ye Fan was already before him and his right leg swept forth, flying through the air and viciously smashing into Han Fei Yu’s face. Flesh blood flew threw the air as blood spurted out from Han Fei Yu’s mouth and nose, he then flew through air landing over twenty metres away. The green wooden symbol having lost its controller fell heavily to the ground.

Ye Fan did not stop as his body disappeared in a flash of light, he chased forward and even before Han Fei Yu landed on the ground he had appeared before him. His feet once again swung out and smashed Han Fei Yu heavily into the ground. The force behind this leg was simply tremendous and the people in the area paled as they saw the ground shudder violently and Han Fei Yu’s body seemed to almost split in two.

Almost at the same time, Pang Bo also rushed over and lifted his leg to viciously trample on the body, heavily stepping on Han Fei Yu’s abdomen.

“Attack his head! Don’t let him gather his senses!” Ye Fan forcefully instructed.

Pang Bo immediately understood, they could not let Han Fei Yu gather his senses to control the green wooden symbol, otherwise, the lives of the two people would be in danger.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!……”

Both of them had immense strength and every leg could send a large rock weighing several thousand catty flying, as they heavily stomped on Han Fei Yu’s body such that even the ground began to tremble. If it were not for the sea of bitterness within Han Fei Yu that continually released a shroud of light that covered his body, he would have already been stomped into meat pulp.

The people in the surroundings were stupefied and speechless, the two people who were original trapped had escaped from their dire straits and actually turned the tables on Han Fei Yu, this was simply inconceivable.

“You actually wanted to torture the two of us to death, so sinister and evil at such a young age! If you grow up who knows what evil and sinister deeds you will commit, I think we should stomp you to death!”

Although they said this, the two of them did not want to cause a death as the consequences of this would be dire. However, they did not want to let Han Fei Yu go so easily and continued to stomp as the glow shrouding Han Fei Yu gradually grew dimmer.

Han Fei Yu wanted to control the green wooden symbol but each attempt ended in failure as the green wooden symbol flew into the air and heavily landed on the ground each time. He was constantly being stomped on and it was difficult for him to focus. In the end, Han Fei Yu finally ran out of energy and the divine glow from his sea of bitterness finally dissipated, Pang Bo and Ye Fan with their godly strength continued to stomp and shrill cries could be heard.

“Establishing the sea of bitterness and barely cultivating your spring of divine energy, you actually thought you were an expert and wanted to kill us. You aren’t fit to do so!”

“We have no enmity or grudges, why did you target us?”

“So young yet so evil and sinister, you actually wanted to torture us to death……”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo were relentless as they were unsure if Han Fei Yu was only putting on an act and continued to be heavy handed, his face had swelled, tears and mucus could be seen streaming down mixed with blood from his nose and mouth, his head was simply swollen to the extent that it resembled a pig’s head.

Although Han Fei Yu continued to shriek from the unbearable pain, his eyes still hatefully glared at the two people.

“This young kid seems to be really venomous, i think we really should consider getting rid of him.”

“He targeted us first but currently shows such a vengeful visage, if we don’t get rid of him it could be disastrous in the future.”

Hearing the discussion between the two, Han Fei Yu was finally spooked as he loudly shouted: “Don’t kill me!” He seemed to also be speaking to the surrounding people as he shouted very loudly. Thereafter, he softly said: “The two of you better not kill me, my granduncle is a Ling Xu sanctuary elder. If you kill me, you two won’t be able to go on living either……”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo frowned as they realised that matters had gotten rather complicated.

“The enmity has already been formed, since we already can’t get rid of it……”

Han Fei Yu was once again spooked and hurriedly said: “Don’t kill me! This small matter isn’t much at all! I won’t find trouble for the two of you in future……”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo exchanged glances and knew that killing him under the current circumstances certainly was not a good idea. They would have to face the wrath of an elder and they would surely perish.

Finally, Ye Fan brought him beside the pond and held his legs as he prepared to throw him in.

“You two!” Han Fei Yu’s eyes spat out fire, if the two of them really shoved him headlong, that would be so humiliating that he would not know how to hold his head up high anymore within the Ling Xu sanctuary.



Light flashed as two mystical rainbows could be seen streaking across the sky from the nearby stone cliff and landing by the side of the pond. The people in the area started to back off as they knew these were clearly experts. Riding on mystical rainbows to travel meant that one’s divine spring within their sea of bitterness was already gushing, this was a clear indication that one had connected with their wheel of life and released their spring of divine energy.

“Senior brother Li Fei, senior sister Wang Jing……” Seeing these two people descend, Han Fei Yu immediately shouted: “Are the two of you in charge of patrolling today? Hurry and arrest the two of them, they wanted to kill me.”

This male and female pair seemed to be around twenty seven to twenty eight years old, the male was graceful, the female seemed otherworldly, although they could not be considered to be handsome or beautiful, they exuded an air of a Dao practitioner.

Li Fei indifferently looked at him as he said: “The incident earlier was seen entirely by us, you were the initial instigator and the fault does not lie with the two of them.”

“You!” Han Fei Yu was angry and shocked but he did not dare to fall out with the two people.

Wang Jing stepped forward and said to Ye Fan: “Although he was in the wrong, he has already suffered enough. I think it’s better to just let him go.”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo had no intention of letting Han Fei Yu go but had to give face to the two seniors, thus they flung Han Fei Yu to the side of the pond.

Han Fei Yu stood up, his eyes ablaze as he stared hatefully at Ye Fan and Pang Bo then swept his gaze which was filled with resentment at Li Fei and Wang Jing before giving a cold snort and turned to leave.

Li Fei halted him from behind and said: “Junior brother Han, I advise you to stop your reckless behaviour. Pang Bo has officially been recognised by elder Wu Qing Feng as a celestial sprout, if you continue to act impulsively i fear even your granduncle won’t be able to protect you.”

“What?!” Han Fei Yu turned back and had an expression of shock: “He…… he is a celestial sprout?!”

“That’s right, he has been confirmed to be a celestial sprout.”

A normal disciple would not know what being a celestial sprout meant, but with Han Fei Yu’s status as the grandson of an elder, how could he not understand. Any immortal sanctuary would treat a celestial sprout as a precious treasure and look after it, this was because the celestial sprout would be a strong presence which the immortal sanctuary depended on in the future.

Under normal circumstances, using all resources to constantly search for a celestial sprout for ten years would seldom yield any results. It could be imagined how rare such a physique that was suitable for cultivating was and once found, the person would immediately be treated as a future successor and nurtured. The number of celestial sprouts currently within the Ling Xu sanctuary definitely did not exceed the number of fingers on one hand.

“How could this be……” Han Fei Yu had a look of disbelief as he said: “If he really is a celestial sprout, why would he need to come before the Ling Xu cliff to learn mystical arts?”

“That is because elder Wu Qing Feng did not want him to consider himself special and above the rest. In reality, elder Wu Qing Feng had already spent the past few months personally teaching him and already passed on the <Dao Scripture> to him.” Wang Jing replied.

When he heard that elder Wu Qing Feng personally passed on the <Dao Scripture>, Han Fei Yu’s face turned green as he knew that there was no question that Pang Bo was a celestial sprout.

Li Fei continued: “Elder Wu Qing Feng has always been paying close attention to them and personally witnessed the events that occurred earlier. He thus felt that there was a need to officially declare that Pang Bo is a celestial sprout so that in future you will not continue your reckless ways.”

Han Fei Yu’s expression was extremely dark and with a flick of his sleeves he turned and left.

Pang Bo was in a daze and only when Han Fei Yu left did he come to his senses. He had a weird expression as he asked Li Fei and Wang Jing: “Does this mean that in the future I won’t need to be concerned about him?

Wang Jing thought that Pang Bo was feeling consternation and fear as she consoled: “Don’t worry, let’s say that he isn’t the grandson of an elder, even if he is the offspring of our sect leader he would not dare to touch you.”

“Then I can certainly rest easy…….” Having said this, he hurried forward with big steps. It was clear that he did not feel fear or consternation and clearly wanted to continue beating up Han Fei Yu.

Li Fei and Wang Jing were stunned and were left speechless.

Han Fei Yu’s face was scrunched up and he felt as though he had eaten a dead child, bottling up all his anger as he speedily squeezed through the crowd and disappeared.

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