STH Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Golden Sea of Bitterness

Within this day, Ye Fan drank thirteen bottles of the hundred plants extract. In addition to the seven bottles that had been drunk in the last two days, the amount he had drank reached twenty bottles. Besides the qi essence within his meridians surging and flaring up, he still did not feel any discomfort.

Seeing the way he drank, Pang Bo also felt scared as he said: “Let’s temporarily stop first, my heart is currently jumping all over the place and my eyes are constantly twitching. I’m afraid that you might suddenly explode with a “Bang!” and I’ll never be able to see you again……”

“Don’t be a jinx! What nonsense are you talking about……” Ye Fan scrutinised the situation of his sea of bitterness and said: “I seem to be feeling something special.”

“What? Could it be that it was actually effective?” Pang Bo had an expression of glee as he said: “I’ll find venerated elder Wu Qing Feng to help guide you.”

Ye Fan stopped him and said: “Don’t go, I want to slowly progress by myself.”

Elder Wu Qing Feng had mentioned before that with Ye Fan’s physique, he could only rely on himself and outsiders had no way to help guide him. Elder Wu Qing Feng said that if the wheel of life within normal people was soil, Ye Fan’s wheel of life would be divine metal. After planting seeds into soil, with care and proper nourishment the seed would germinate and fill with life. As for divine metal, no matter how much care and nourishment you give it would still be difficult for that seed to grow. Under such circumstances, only when the divine metal had changes that came from within would there be a sliver of chance at creating life. No matter how fantastic the external conditions were this was something that could not be changed.

Ye Fan’s emotions were stirred as he had a unique feeling within his body. His physique was known as the divine body since ancient times and although it was currently considered a crippled body , his heart was unreconciled and with the unique feeling he currently experienced he naturally felt excitement.

At this moment, Pang Bo’s eyes were wide as he stared at Ye Fan drinking the hundred plants extract like water, downing one bottle after another. His heart was simply stuck in his throat*.

[T/N* Idiom: flabbergasted]

“I think…… we should be more careful, look at the way you’re going! I’m seriously getting frightened. Let’s save the remainder for tomorrow okay? I’m really spooked right now……” As Pang Bo said these words there was already a heap of empty jade bottles on the floor and Ye Fan had already drank forty bottles of hundred plants extract.

“Don’t worry, I’m currently feeling wonderful and the surging of qi essence within my meridians has calmed down. The area where the wheel of life is situated is actually vibrating intensely!”

Once Ye Fan was done speaking he continued to drink the hundred plants extract and finally finished all the bottles. Besides the seven that were drunk by Pang Bo the remaining fifty nine bottles were all drunk by Ye Fan!

“How are you feeling?” Pang Bo asked nervously.

“I can finally feel the existence of the wheel of life and the spring of divine energy is actually gurgling……” Ye Fan kept quiet thereafter and started to execute the mystical arts recorded within the Dao Scripture to assail the sea of bitterness.

By the side, Pang Bo was stunned as he muttered: “The spring of divine energy within the wheel of life gurgling…… why is it I have not experienced such a feeling before?”

The thatched cottage became deathly silent and Ye Fan was like a stone statue as he quietly sat there with Pang Bo nervously waiting by the side.

After a long period of time, the thatched cottage was suddenly filled with bright dazzling light and the sound of a tsunami burst out. From within Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness innumerable amounts of divine splendour spewed forth, bright and resplendent, accompanied by lighting flashing and thunder roaring.

Pang Bo was wide eyed and speechless as he dazedly stared at the scene before him.

From within Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness, thousands of rays of divine light shone forth, brilliant like the rainbow. There were actually golden waves surging violently and this was accompanied by flashing lightning and roaring thunder, there was a violent tsunami and the waves reached the heavens!

Such a phenomenal scene occurring within the sea of bitterness was simply unheard of and Pang Bo was shocked to the extreme. He felt that the scene before him was simply too unbelievable as he muttered: “What is going on here……”

The thatched hut was filled with the deafening sounds of the howling sea, as though a magnificent army of thousands of man and horses were surging forward. Pang Bo forcefully slapped himself to ensure that he was not in a dream.

“Tsunamis that reach the sky with a thunderous sound and a great number of raging waves ……” Pang Bo felt his mouth and tongue going dry*, this was like a dream as the rumbling waves sounded like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses that was surging forward. At this moment, they did not seem to be in the thatched hut but instead they appeared to have arrived at the coast of the sea and were currently facing the undulating vast expanse of the sea.

[Idiom*: to talk too much]

Ye Fan was absolutely silent as he sat there motionlessly, his sea of bitterness was releasing a divine glow that was dazzling to the eye and the sound of waves was unending, golden lights flashed, thunder and lightning were striking down and there were dreadful foamy billows.

“That vast body of water that is golden in colour….. could it really be his sea of bitterness? Why does its splendour diffuse out such that even outsiders can see it?” Pang Bo was still shocked as he stared at Ye Fan. His sea of bitterness was glowing and glittering, waves were unceasingly surging.

He was sure that the sounds of the howling ocean originated from Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness. This was simply astonishing and the sea of bitterness which was supposed to be hidden within the body actually made endless noises that were akin to an actual sea.

Pang Bo stood there like a stone statue, the rumbling sounds came from in front of him,and the golden waves seemed as though they could rush out at any time, giving one immense pressure.

“Why is it golden in colour?” After the initial shock from the sounds of the howling sea had passed, Pang Bo gradually calmed down.

If that golden body of water was Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness, that would simply be too extraordinary, Pang Bo was feeling floored. He could already view the sea of bitterness within his own body, it was black like ink and had a lifeless atmosphere. Elder Wu Qing Feng had mentioned that without connecting to the wheel of life within the sea of bitterness, the essence of life could only linger above the sea of bitterness. As for the sea of bitterness, it would be deathly still and silent without a single fluctuation of life, and the colour would appear to be a dark deep green or pitch-black.

Contrary to expectations, Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness was simply too inexplicably different from their understanding and absolutely did not fit into elder Wu Qing Feng’s description.


Above the roiling golden sea of bitterness, lightning and thunder abounded and combined with howling sea, making the entire area seem to be blazing, sea and sky were connected and resplendent golden rays could be seen everywhere, dazzling and spectacular.

Pang Bo nervously watched filled with the fear that something might go wrong. Throughout this process, Ye Fan did not seem to be aware as he sat there in absolute silence continuing to execute the mystical arts recorded within the Dao Scripture .

Several hours passed, the golden light finally rescinded and the sound of the howling sea was gradually growing softer. Another hour passed and the thatched cottage was finally silent, Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness had regained its former calm, the brilliance was stored within and the sound of waves had vanished.

Not long after, Ye Fan opened his eyes and there seemed to be divine light deep within his eyes. When he stood up, he seemed more agile and had an aura of a Dao practitioner.

“What exactly happened earlier? How do you feel now?” Pang Bo impatiently asked.

“Earlier I finally managed to feel the wheel of life and saw the gurgling spring of divine energy. Thereafter I assailed the sea of bitterness and actually saw a golden body of water. Even now I’m not sure if that was just an illusion.”

Hearing Ye Fan’s description, Pang Bo was shocked with his mouth wide open as he nodded vigorously: “It isn’t an illusion, because…… I also saw it.”

“You also saw it?” Ye Fan had an expression of surprise.

“That’s right, earlier you have no idea how loud the noise in this area was, the sound of the howling sea, thousands of divine light brilliant and resplendent, the entire thatched cottage was trembling. It’s fortunate that the area we live in is rather isolated, otherwise, it would certainly have caused a ruckus.

Ye Fan carefully listen to Pang Bo’s description of the events and finally believed that the golden body of water and howling sea he saw were not an illusion.

Pang Bo asked in concern: “How do you feel? I saw that in the end the golden sea of bitterness disappeared. Could it be that you failed?”

“I’m not sure if it can be considered a success……” Having said this, Ye Fan once again executed the mystical arts recorded within the Dao Scripture, a miniscule little dot of golden light was emitted from the area where his sea of bitterness was location, about as large as a sesame seed but dazzling to the eye.

“Although the sea of bitterness seems to be rather small, there’s no problem. As long as you continue to cultivate surely it will gradually grow bigger.” Pang Bo excitedly continued: “I’m absolutely sure that your sea of bitterness is exceptional, it is actually golden in colour totally different from the average person. The golden lights that are released can actually be diffused outwards……”

Although only a “sea the size of a dot” had been cultivated, Ye Fan was ecstatic, he had finally gotten through the initial barrier and established a sea of bitterness that belonged to him.

“Why do I feel that your sesame-sized sea of bitterness seems to have bits of divine energy fluctuating within, could it be concentrated essence?……” Pang Bo had a puzzled expression.

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