STH Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Jade Snake Orchid

Upon nearing the region, Ye Fan and Pang Bo got a fright of their lives. Several hundred bucket thick Venomous Dragons were spewing forth their toxic mist, shrouding this entire area causing the vegetation to all wither away. Besides this, from the deep forest low-pitched roars could be heard, an innumerable number of large ferocious beasts were clearly moving around within.

For unknown reasons, they did not attack each other but rather seemed fretful and continually gathered within this region. More and more like an unending tide of water that was rushing towards this area, a majority of this ferocious beasts were simply unknown to them.

There were also large numbers of flying beasts gathered in the sky and they continually glided through the air. Their bodies were all at least several metres big and seemed like a black mass, shrouding the sky and blocking the sun.

“What’s going on?”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo were stunned, the scene unfolding before their eyes was simply stupefying. A veritable sea of ferocious beasts and endless numbers of flying beasts were gathering in this region, all of them seemed fretful and they were akin to a surging wave that was vast and mighty.

Ye Fan observed for a period of time before saying: “I think they should have retreated from the depths of the ruins.”

“Could it be the fighting between the Lightning Bird and Scaled Monkey King that resulted in these ferocious birds and beasts to be frightened and thus escaping outside?”

“It’s difficult to say, even if the king of beasts were fighting, it shouldn’t scare so many exotic beasts and birds out.”

“How are we going over there, there are too many ferocious beasts and birds in our way.”

“Let’s find a way to circumvent them, this is absolutely an opportunity. I’m sure that there’s an empty area within. The innermost parts may have two beast kings fighting or something other change that caused all these beasts and birds to escape to the edges.”

The two people circumvented over ten miles before finally finding a cliff, climbing the vines hanging down and continuing past several cliffs before finally using the old vines to once again climb down arriving at the depths of the forest and avoiding the beasts and birds.

“It’s so quiet here!”

Within this region, ancient trees covered the sky and old vines could be seen intertwined, verdant and lush however there was a deathly silence in the air as though all living things had fled only only this stillness remained.

“I wonder what happened in the depths of the ruins, even if the beast kings were fighting it should not result in this, I think there’s surely some other reason! Otherwise, how could all the beasts and birds run away.” Ye Fan and Pang Bo were bewildered but decided to continue moving forever. Another ten miles in, the ancient trees became even more old and hardy, it was simply an image of primitive times.

“Sssss……” Within the forest and rubble, sounds of hissing could be heard, as though a snake was spewing forth something as a five coloured mist was in the air there and the scent of a fishy stench permeated the air.

“An enormous snake!” Pang Bo let out a low shout.

Between the forest and rubble, an enormous snake that was as thick as a water tank was slithering amongst the rubble, its mouth continually spitting out a five coloured toxic mist, it seemed very restless and worried.

“It isn’t a regular snake, there is a jade horn on its head!”

The whole body of the enormous snake was covered with scales that were about the size of a palm, it was multicolored and unusually bright. The shiny scales seemed to sparkling under the sunshine. The most unique thing about the snake was that it had a horn on its head, continually releasing a glow that seemed to be multi-coloured threads, bright and resplendent and was converging towards its head.

“This snake with a horn has already gained spiritual awareness , it knows how to swallow the energies of the sun and moon. If it grows claws out from its body. It will become the curling dragon from legends.

Their hearts were shaken. It was not all the ferocious beasts that had left, there were still some extraordinary ones left behind. This enormous snake seemed jittery as though it wanted to leave but could not make a decision.

Suddenly, from within the depths of the ruins came a soft sound that seemed to be muffled, like the beating of an enormous drum, coming from an incomparably far distance away.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo upon hearing this muffled sound felt a sense of fear but had no idea why. At this time, the enormous snake with the jade horn started to tremble before suddenly fiercely moving its body speedily into the depths of the rubble forest.

“Snake Hole!”

The rubble forest was its lair, it looked panicky as it crawled into a large black hole, not daring to come out again. The five coloured toxic mist dissipated, the fishy smell gradually dispersed and the everything within the rubble forest could be clearly seen again.

“This should be the Jade Horned Snake described by the elder that taught mystical arts!” Initially the two had not thought about it but now that the toxic mist had dispersed, they saw the black snake hole within the rubble forest and recalled.

“I recall the elder saying that this Jade Horned Snake is an old snake that has been absorbing the energy from the sun and moon for at least one hundred years before evolving, its dwelling has a spiritual medicine that is exceptionally rare ‘Jade Snake Orchid’.

Although the two of them had some recollection, they were not entirely clear. Besides teaching mystical arts, the elder at the stone cliff also enriched them with other knowledge like the different cultivation books, weapons as well as spiritual medicines. Ye Fan and Pang Bo were more keen on cultivation and did not pay much attention when he talked about the other information. For this expedition they had toiled to remember the different medicinal plants so as to be able to recognise them. This was to enable them to quickly recognise medicinal plants if they come across any.

“It really is the ‘Jade Snake Orchid’!”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo were very excited, they could see that at the entrance of the dark snake hole there were three unique plants the height of a palm. The plants were snow white like jade, their entire bodies sparkling and translucent, at a glance one would think that there were three white snakes standing tall there. There were several jade white leaves on them and on top there was a glorious white magnolia.

The three plants were very unique and it was clear they were exceptional. Dots of light could be seen flowing and a faint fragrance could be smelt in the wind.

“There’s no mistaking it, it’s the ‘Jade Snake Orchid’!”

Upon personally seeing the ‘Jade Snake Orchid’, the words the elder mentioned seemed to resound in their minds once more. The two immediately thought of how valuable he mentioned this plant was.

It was rumoured that when the old snake was absorbing the energies of the sun and moon, the spiritual qi surrounding its snake hole would be dense but normal plants would not be able to bear it, even spiritual grass when exposed to it for long periods of time would eventually turn to fine powder. Only a unique kind of plant could continue to live on, it would absorb the energy together with the old snake and after over a hundred years of basking in spiritual qi, it would gather large amounts of sun and moon energy, changing into a figure that would be akin to the old snake. This was why this unique plant was named ‘Jade Snake Orchid’.

Living by the side of the snake hole, it had an extraordinary ability to cure poisons and could cure many different kinds of unique poisons. Besides this, it also swallowed the energies of the sun and moon and had collected large quantities of spiritual essence of life which was something all cultivators longed for.

The two people controlled their impulse as they did not dare to directly rush forward to pick the plant. It was rumoured that the plant was prepared by an old snake for itself and when the ‘Jade Snake Orchid’ had completely turned into the form of the old snake it would swallow it. Whoever wanted to take the ‘Jade Snake Orchid’ would face the full fury of the old snake.

“The old snake has already transformed into a Jade Horned Snake but the three ‘Jade Snake Orchid’ have not fully changed into the form of the old snake, meaning that it has not fully matured.”

“How can we take the plants……”

“I think this old snake was previously terrified as it hurriedly slithered to the depths of its snake hole and temporarily won’t dare to come out. If we stealthily advance we should be able to successfully attain it.”

“There’s still quite a bit of danger, let’s wait awhile. If that oppressive sound resounds from the depths of the ruins again, we’ll rush forward to pick the plants then immediately run away.”

“Okay, let’s patiently wait and see.”

The two people had finished their discussion and hid within the rubble forest. They did not know what was happening in the depths of the ruins but felt that the situation there was likely still continuing and the sound earlier should resound once more.

As expected, barely thirty minutes had passed before that oppressive sound resounded three more times, Ye Fan and Pang Bo felt trepidation in their hearts, they did not understand it but the fear seemed to stem from their souls as they shuddered.

The two people tried to remain composed as they speedily rushed forward, plucking the three ‘Jade Snake Orchid’ and rushing out of the rubble forest.

Only after running for several miles did they finally stop and from their backs a rumbling sound could be heard. There seemed to be tremors coming from that patch of rubble forest, it was clear that the old snake had slithered out.


An oppressive sound could be heard from the depths of the ruin again as Ye Fan and Pang Bo felt their hearts trembling to the extent that they felt an acute pain. The patch of forest where the old snake was located immediately quitened upon the emergence of the sound.

“It’s fortunate that we were successful, I’m afraid if that old snake decide to chase us, with it already having spiritual awareness, even normal experts would not be able to deal with it, let’s not even talk about us!” The two people were sitting on a large limestone rock and wiping the cold sweat from their faces.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo carefully inspected the ‘Jade Snake Orchid’ within their hands. As expected there were leaves and at the top was a snake-like orchid, even the stalk had snake scale patterns. The whole plant was sparkling and translucent and seemed to be sculpted from nephrite jade. A fragrant scent that was able to penetrate deeply into the heart charged forth into one’s five viscera and six bowels.

“It’s a pity it hasn’t fully matured……”

“We should feel satisfied, this is an extraordinary item.”

“It’s rumoured that it contains large amounts of essence of life, I’m not sure what the actual effects are.”

“Let’s find a safe place to ingest it.”

The two people were certainly not going to use the ‘Jade Snake Orchid’ to exchange for hundred plants extract with the Ling Xu sanctuary elders. This item was definitely worth much more than the hundred plants extract and its effect would likely be many folds better.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo grabbed some thick vines and climbed up a cliff, the vegetation here was thick with nary an animal in sight, peacefully silent.

“After ingesting this ‘Jade Snake Orchid, even if we meet any venomous snakes or insects we won’t need to be fretful.”

The two people discussed for awhile before deciding that Ye Fan would ingest one first to see the effects. His physique was special and did not need to fear that the medicinal effects would be too strong and destroy his sea of bitterness.

Ye Fan took a bite of the Jade Snake Orchid and the fragrance immediately pervaded throughout his mouth, he felt as though all the pores on his body had opened. The spiritual qi in the surroundings was dense, the broken half of the Jade Snake Orchid was emitting the qi essence of life as thin strands of multicoloured light could be seen. Ye Fan hurriedly popped the remaining half of the plant into his mouth.

Thereafter, he sat down and began to execute the mystical arts within the Dao scripture as his body was still like a stone statue. A short time passed before Ye Fan’s breathing suddenly became heavy, his face and body were red and his blood vessels swelled as his body seemed to emit specks of brilliance.

Pang Bo was very nervous as he silently watched. He could feel the strong spiritual qi that was currently assailing Ye Fan’s body.

He could clearly hear that Ye Fan’s blood was rumbling like a roaring river as a strong qi essence of life within his body began to circulate, continually assailing his body as brilliance was continually emitted.

An hour later, the sounds of the rumbling finally stopped and his breathing gradually stabilised. His pulse became stable as his whole person appeared to be more agile.


Suddenly, the sea of bitterness within Ye Fan exploded blazing golden light, divine rainbows streaked with their gorgeous brilliance, dazzling to the eyes.

“It’s here!” Pang Bo was excited.

The scene that he had previously witnessed re-emerged as the sea of bitterness within Ye Fan became a vast golden body of water, the howling sounds of the sea rumbled out as though a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses were surging forward, simply deafening.

Angry waves rushed to the sky with dazzling golden light, an endless body of water was undulating as it seemed to swallow the sky, a blazing divine glow seemed to fill the entire sky.


Lightning and thunder abounded as golden lightning streaked through the air, tens of thousands of thunder claps resounded across the heavens, the destructive power seemed to contain endless life qi, as life energy seemed to dance vigorously within the lightning.

The golden body of water, huge waves covering the sky together with the blazing lightning created a strange world filled with endless divine glow.

The deafening sounds of the howling sea continued and although Pang Bo had experienced this before he still felt stunned, that golden sea of bitterness had a seemed to have a unique energy as it continually trembled.

Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness was radiating a golden light which made the surroundings coloured in a divine glow.

Four hours passed before everything gradually calmed down, the golden glow receded, the sounds stopped and Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness was once again silent. He seemed to be more free and unrestrained and even had the aura of an immortal seemingly otherworldly.

Another hour passed before Ye Fan finally opened his eyes which seemed to lightning in them. Divine light was glowing in his eyes as he looked alert and his qi and blood was vigorous.

“How do you feel?”

“I feel very good, the sea of bitterness has become bigger!” Ye Fan began to execute the mystical arts recorded within the Dao Scripture and his sea of bitterness began to release a golden light, the sea of bitterness that was only as big as a sesame seed had become as big as a soybean, as though a divine lamp were hanging there.

“This rate of establishing is simply stunning!” Pang Bo felt delighted for Ye Fan but was extremely shocked at the same time. The size of Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness had multiplied by many times.

Divine energy continued to circulate within the golden sea of bitterness and Ye Fan felt incredibly comfortable as the divine glow emitted from the sea of bitterness seemed to nourish his body. As Ye Fan continued to execute the mystical arts, a streak of golden light came from his sea of bitterness and shot forth from his finger. “Chi!”, it had pierced through an ancient tree not far away.

Pang Bo was stupefied as he said: “You….. can actually execute….. an attack similar to the ‘divine symbol’ already!”

“The Jade Snake Orchid is indeed extraordinary, the qi essence of life contained within it is multiple times stronger than the several tens of bottles of hundred plants extract!” Ye Fan sighed, the establishing of his golden sea of bitterness was finally successful.

Pang Bo excitedly said: “It seems this expedition has not been a waste of our time, we’ve obtained these three spiritual medicines which would certainly be greater than the gains of all the other people added together.”

“Who knows what’s going on deep within the ruins, should we still continue to go deeper?”

“Naturally we’ll have to continue going forward, if we go a bit deeper who knows maybe we’ll be able to get more stuff. The beasts and birds have all ran away and this is a great opportunity. Besides, there may be some shocking changes occurring within the depths of the ruins that may be a huge chance for us.”

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