STH Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Elder Han

Green lights flashed as the twelve green wooden swords seemed to be alive as they sucked at the blood essence within the snake blood. The bodies of the green wooden swords became lustrous, simple and unadorned. The swords had a layer moist and seemingly became actual jade swords. The green light that was emitted seemed to be rather evil, a ghostly fire that was a faint jade colour. Finally with a “Shua Shua Shua” sound, it swiftly flew back into elder Han’s skinny frame.

He held a green wooden ruler as he walked forward into the blood soaked area and gently knocked, causing the jade horn to fall. Thereafter, he searched the corpse of the snake and retrieved an enormous gallbladder that was dripping in fresh blood. His fingers were like claws as his tore the gallbladder apart, dripping the juices into his mouth before placing the entire gallbladder into his mouth, chewing for awhile before swallowing.

“Ai, although it’s rather bitter it really is such great nourishment for my body which has lost most of its vitality. The gallbladder of a spiritual snake is afterall quite rare.” His words were faint and sounded sinister, even Li Lin and Li Yun felt their hair stand on end.

Thereafter, he began to refine the snake’s blood and poison with great familiarity without any waste and finally kept all the materials in a flash of green light which disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“The few of you are simply too daring actually venturing to these depths.” Elder Han’s face was currently covered by his disheveled hair but his current forlorn look could be imagined. He coldly said: “Let’s not talk about you few, even those experts with a gurgling spring of divine energy would not easily enter into the depths of the ruins.”

“Granduncle, I recognise the error in my ways.” Han Fei Yu was looking down and did not dare to refute in the slightest, seemingly very afraid of elder Han. Li Lin and Li Yun were also looking down, afraid to look directly at the elder.

“Although the few of you are rather quick-witted wanting to take the chance while most of the beasts and birds have escaped from the depths of the ruins, you’re forgetting something, for everything in this world one needs power. Unless you’re an unparalleled expert, no matter how intricate your plans are they’ll still be useless.” Having said this, elder Han’s tone became calmer: “There has been a drastic change within the depths of the ruins, even if it were me I’d have to carefully progress, otherwise my life would be in danger. Alright, the few of you can immediately leave, make sure you don’t come back.”


Although the three people agreed, they did not immediately leave but rather looked in Ye Fan and Pang Bo’s direction, killing intent clearly written on their faces.

“Why haven’t you left!” Although elder Han’s face was covered by his disheveled hair, two sharp rays of light seemed to shoot forth making the three fill the chills and they did not dare to tarry any longer as they hurriedly ran towards the outskirts.

Elder Han began walking towards Ye Fan and Pang Bo. His body was crinkled like dried wood, his black clothes seemed to be hanging on a short bamboo pole with disheveled white hair on top painting a very eerie picture. He was like a spirit and moved without any sound, his feet did not touch the ground as he floated over and the smell of death hung in the air.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo immediately began to feel nervous, this bone-thin old man was simply too eerie and made one’s hair stand on end. At this moment they were not within the Ling Xu sanctuary and if the other party wanted to refine them into medicine neither shouting to heaven or earth would help.

Elder Han continued forward with his feet never touching the ground, there was a cold laughter that could be heard which sounded like the wails of an owl, making one simply feel the shivers, this was not a sound that a living person could possibly emit.

“Able to escape from the Jade Horned Snake’s jaws and also snatching it’s Jade Snake Orchid, not bad!” He continually nodded as he stared at Ye Fan and Pang Bo, two tyrannical lights could been seen shooting forth from behind his white hair as he scrutinised the two.

Being praised by elder Han made their bodies feel extremely uncomfortable especially when he said “Not bad”, it felt as though he were commenting about their bodies rather than their performance. Ye Fan and Pang Bo were filled with trepidation, this elder Han was like a ghost and he was currently already knocking on death’s door, he wanted to find a way to refine a Yang Returning Pill and as he stared at them, they simply felt the shivers.

“Greetings Elder Han.”

The two went forward to pay their respects, under the current circumstances they simply had no way to get away, the other side could ride on mystical rainbows to travel and would catch up to them in an instant.

“You two seem to be rather afraid of me, don’t be like that, I’m actually quite fond of young people especially those who are filled with vigor and vitality.” Elder Han’s voice was low and hoarse as he walked forward, looking at Pang Bo then sweeping his gaze to Ye Fan, his eyes seemed to be blazing as though he were measuring up the value of his own items.

Under the pressure, Ye Fan and Pang Bo nearly attacked but at this moment Elder Han lightly patted Ye Fan’s shoulder before floating away like a ghost, leaving just like that.

“I look well on the two of you, from today onwards… cultivate well.” The words were meek and filled with death, in the blink of an eye he had disappeared from view as he flew towards the depths of the ruins.

“What are the intentions of this old fogey?” Pang Bo had an expression of befuddlement, he actually thought that elder Han would attack them but contrary to expectations he just left like that.

“This old fogey……” Ye Fan’s face was currently very gloomy as he cursed: “That undisguised lust in his eyes without any scruples, as though we were his personal effects, damn, I curse him to die within the depths of the ruins!”

Pang Bo suggested: “Let’s hurry and leave this place while that old fogey hasn’t attacked, the further the better.”

“Running away or not it’ll be the same. The only reason why he didn’t immediately attack is surely because of elder Wu Qing Feng. Seeing his attitude, it seems as though he feels that everything is within the palm of his hand. I really can’t imagine what he plans to do……”

In the distant forest, Han Fei Yu was puzzled. He initially thought that his granduncle would immediately capture Ye Fan to refine medicine and could not understand why he had only stopped for a brief moment before floating away. Li Lin and Li Yun were gritting their teeth as they saw elder Han leaving the area, they silently discussed as though they wanted to go over and kill Ye Fan and Pang Bo.

“Pang Bo is a celestial sprout, it’s likely that his body has an imprint from elder Wu Qing Feng. If we kill them, I’m afraid that it will only take a while before they discover that we were the culprits.” Finally the three people grudgingly left as they reined in their killing intent.

At this moment, a mystical rainbow streaked through the air and headed to the depths of the ruins.

“It’s Elder Wu Qing Feng.” Ye Fan and Pang Bo glanced at each other with expressions of delight.

Currently, the depths of the ruins were undoubtedly very dangerous but Ye Fan and Pang Bo did not back away and chose to continue going forward.

“Without entering the innermost depths of the ruins to scour the area at least once would be such a waste. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to find something as valuable as the Jade Snake Orchid.” The two people felt that although danger was present in the depths of the ruins and drastic changes were occurring there, the other areas should be considered relatively safe.

The forest was calm and serene and walking forward for over ten miles, the two saw several rubble and debris and even the vegetation could not completely cover the traces of these ruins.

During this process, they confirmed that it was not all the bird and beasts that had ran away. Within several areas they spotted some fearsome creatures that were even stronger than the Jade Horned Snake hiding in their lairs fretfully.


The oppressive sound once again resounded from the depths of the ruins. The two felt their hearts tremble as though something had grabbed onto it and there was an intense pain. The two people had physiques that far exceeded those of normal people but still felt extreme discomfort as they backed away several steps before stabilising their bodies. Their faces were pale and filled with alarm.

“What exactly is that thing……”

“Do you notice that the interval between each sound is getting shorter and shorter.”

Besides this, the two also felt that there was an indescribably boundless amount of life force that seemed to originate from the depths of the ruins.

“What are your thoughts on the matter?” Pang Bo questioned.

Ye Fan shook his head: “I have a ridiculous hypothesis, I feel that there is some peerless creature that has been sleeping for untold years and is currently slowly waking up.”

Pang Bo had a stunned expression: “You can’t be saying that the oppressive sound is actually his heartbeat right?”

At this point, a sound pierced through the air that continued to linger on as over ten mystical rainbows streaked through the air rushing towards the depths of the ruins.

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