STH Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Demon Emperor’s Burial Mound

The few elders from Ling Xu sanctuary began to work on Pang Bo as one of the elder’s shot forth a red light that became a scarlet web, each strand was sparkling, translucent and was flashing with a fresh red glow, it was like a carnelian being refined as it flew towards Pang Bo, enveloping him.

The current Pang Bo was lifeless and had a dazed expression, only his pair of eyes were flickering with green rays of light. As he stretched out both hands, his gestures made him appear to be entrusted by the heavens as he raised his hands up to open up the large red web and tear it apart.

Another elder was emitting rays of purple light as he held a violet eight trigrams mirror in his hand and directed it towards Pang Bo, mists of purple could be seen, resplendent and dazzling as it shrouded Pang Bo, keeping him in place as the dense purple aura circulated.


The red web successfully landed and trapped Pang Bo securely. Elder Wu Qing Feng stepped forward and his finger was like a sword as lights shot forth, divine energy sealed Pang Bo making him unable to move a single finger.

Ye Fan was most concerned about Pang Bo and seeing the few elders act in this way together with their expressions when doing so, he had a smiling expression as he let loose a sigh of relief. It seemed that things would be alright.


An oppressive sound was once again transmitted from within the volcano and Ye Fan had long anticipated this as he executed the mystical arts recorded within the Dao Scripture. The golden coloured dot within his sea of bitterness immediately released wisps of divine light that flowed towards his heart, instantly making him feel more comfortable unlike the previous times where there was the acute pain.

Ye Fan carefully scrutinised and realised that the supreme birds and beasts could not help but tremble and even the ten odd elders from Ling Xu sanctuary shuddered, all affected by the sound. This made him surprised, having eaten the divine fruit and drinking from the divine spring really allowed one to shed their mortal body and exchange the bones. When comparing only their physiques, it seemed that he was not much worse off compared to the elders.

“Dong!”, “Dong!”, “Dong!”

Three successive sounds rang out in a very short interval, the lava within the volcano surged up as streaks of blazing light rushed towards the sky, night had seemingly turned to day.

The lava was gurgling as it flowed from the volcano, the bright and dazzling ancient palace floated upwards and released a strong aura of life.

Atop the volcano, the Ling Xu sect leader as well as the four grand elders released golden light that shrouded their bodies as they steadily advanced closer. On the other side, the great demons that had turned to human form also advanced, unafraid of the flowing lava as they stared unblinkingly at the ancient palace. Only when they were right before the opening of the volcano did their eyes sweep over to look at the few human cultivators.

Amongst them, the man whose arms were covered in scales shouted: “Humans, you are all simply too much! The primitive ruins have already been split into two and you people already have the Ling Xu immortal sanctuary, now you actually have the cheek to enter our territory to contest for the immortal depository, could it be that you want to create a conflict between us?”

Not far away, the huge man that had bull horns and was almost three metres tall shouted in a deep voice: “If you want to fight, go ahead and try taking a piece of the pie of this ancient palace!”

The sect leader of the Ling Xu sanctuary and the four grand elders were not afraid as one amongst them stood forth and said: “This piece of ruins is something inherited from our human ancestors, now that a precious treasure has emerged us coming here to look for an opportunity is well justified. What seems to be wrong about this?”

“This primitive ruins is precisely where we live in and we naturally cannot tolerate you coming here to steal our treasure!” The young woman with wings in place of hands and a head full of golden hair shouted: “If you people really want a piece of the pie, don’t blame us for being discourteous!”

“This area is an inheritance left behind by our human ancestors, the few of you have merely borrowed the area to stay in. How can you claim it as your territory?” The sect leader of Ling Xu sanctuary was unperturbed as he calmly spoke, but at the same time he exuded an intimidating and imposing presence.

“The last words left behind from my river dragon ancestors was that this place is not the native homeland of you humans, rather, it was the imperial capital of the demon race back in their golden age and has no connection to your people whatsoever.” The river dragon whose head had a solitary horn and claws under his belly spoke human words although he had not transformed into a human. His strength was clearly not weaker than the others but it is just that he was not adept at transforming from his beast form.

“Impossible, the constructions in this place have all the makings of the human race, how could it possibly have anything to do with the demon race?” A grand elder within the Ling Xu sanctuary questioned. Both sides bickered with neither giving an inch, it seemed they were all really interested in obtaining the ancient palace.


The oppressive sound continued to resound from within the ancient palace and even the few great demons and the group with the Ling Xu sect elder seemed to be unable to bear it as their faces began to turn ugly.

The frothing lava was abnormally red and lascivious as it continued to flow, seemingly like fresh blood. The bright and dazzling ancient palace continued to rise as it gradually seemed to be spilling out from the volcanic crater.

A great demon wanted to stand forth but was held back by the old river dragon: “We have already waited for several days, why can’t we wait for a while longer. We will let it break through the seal from the ancient times on it’s own. Let’s not meddle with it, in the event that anything untoward occurs.”

“Demonic writing, it’s the demonic words from our demon race!” At this moment the big man with two bull horns on his head shouted excitedly: “Quick look! Those are the emperor writings of our demon race and must certainly have been left behind by a demon emperor!”
The entire ancient palace was formed from five coloured divine jade and was sparkling and translucent, its brilliance was dazzling. What was mystical was that there were several ancient words that were carved onto it, some seemed akin to dragons and phoenixes, others were akin to the black turtle or unicorn, it was certainly the demon race’s emperor writing from the ancient times.

“What else do you have to say? Hurry and leave. This is clearly something that was left behind by a great emperor from our demon race and has no connection to any of you.”

At this moment, the ancient palace was emitting a divine glow and a boundless aura that could terrify one’s heart, a five coloured divine glow was swirling clearly extraordinary.

Hearing these words, the sect leader’s face changed as he stared carefully at the ancient palace before he had an agitated expression as though he had remembered something: “I know! This is the burial ground of the last great emperor of the eastern badlands demon race!”

The few great demons heard this and their expressions revealed shock as they all stared at the ancient five coloured palace, earnestly and carefully scrutinised, they were stunned.

The old river dragon stood up tall as it stretched forth the top half of its body, with a serious expression it said in a trembling voice: “It is indeed the tomb of the great emperor of our demon race, exactly as described by our ancestors!”

No one could have imagined that this ancient palace that was formed from five coloured divine jade was the burial mound of the last emperor of the demon race. It was actually hidden deep within the volcano and the seal had only recently loosened causing it to float upwards with the lava, once again seeing the light of day.

“The last great emperor of the demon race from eastern badlands, it’s him, it must be him!” The sect leader of the Ling Xu sanctuary continually muttered as he seemed rather dazed.

The few great demons were very bold and confident with justice on their side as the old river dragon said: “It’s good that you know. This place is the burial mound of the final divine emperor from our demon race and has nothing to do with you humans. Hurry and leave.” The other great demons exploded forth with an immense pressure as the entire area overflowed with demonic qi that seemed to shroud the very stars, permeating the air and resulting in a sombre atmosphere.

The sect elder came back to his senses and seemed more agitated than the few great demons as he said in a trembling voice: “Although this place is the burial mound of a great emperor from your demon race, it contains a precious treasure from our human race. Today is a fitting day for its retrieval.”

“Nonsense! The burial mound of a divine emperor from our demon race, why would it have a precious treasure from your human race? It’s clear that you want to rob the burial mound of the great emperor from our demon race!”

The few great demons were clearly incensed as they moved forward to block the people from Ling Xu sanctuary, seemingly ready to act at any time.

The sect elder regained his calm as he said: “What I said was all truth. Back then the final great emperor of the eastern badlands demon race, had through hard work and serendipity, managed to unite the entire demon race that had been divided for tens of thousands of years and posed a huge threat to the human race of eastern badlands.The most valuable treasure from the eastern badlands of the human race was lost at that time and it was rumoured to have been taken by the demon emperor. The immortal canon that shocked the entire eastern badlands.

The Dao Scripture was also separated by somebody at that time and an important part of it was lost. Later on, there was evidence that this was the doings of the Demon Emperor. Thinking about it, it’s clear that the most valuable treasure of the eastern badlands as well as the most important part of the Dao Scripture are here and should once again see the light of day!”

Once these words were said, the few great demons were in a daze as their eyes were filled with intense desire. Although the demon race could not cultivate the Dao Scripture which was the most profound of the immortal canon of the human race, they had already decided to keep it with them. As for the most valuable treasure of the human race, if it really existed, they were certainly not going to just let it go.

The sect leader of Ling Xu sanctuary had no fear as he strode forward with large strides while he was in a confrontation with the few great demons.

The ancient palace that was formed from five coloured jade once again let out an oppressive sound and the energy of the seal was fast depleting. The ancient palace was nearly level with the mouth of the volcano, the shining red clouds were moving about as multi-coloured divine rays of light were flickering. The burial mound of the final great emperor of the eastern badlands demon race would once again emerge onto the world.

At the base of the volcano, among the cluster of palace ruins, the lightning bird and other exceptional birds and beasts as well as the ten odd elders from the Ling Xu sanctuary could not control themselves any longer as they slowly made their way up the volcano.

In the distance, Ye Fan personally witnessed everything and his heart was palpitating however he did not have to strength to contest and could only silently observe.

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