STH Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Emotionally Moved

A mystical rainbow suddenly streaked through the sky from within the cluster of ancient constructions, dazzling as it lit up the night sky and flew towards the mountain that Ye Fan was currently perched on. This made him shocked as he thought that the expert had spotted him, he held his breath and hid motionlessly behind a large boulder.


The mystical rainbow streaked through the sky and landed atop the mountain. Elder Wu Qing Feng placed Pang Bo in a hidden area before dashing off and rejoining the others to advance towards the top of the volcano.

Ye Fan quickly ran out from behind the large boulder and hastily moved forward. At this moment Pang Bo was already sealed by the few elders from Ling Xu sanctuary and his eyes were shut, body rigid as he lay there motionless. His body seemed to be shrouded in a light green aura and the colour of his face looked abnormal, the faint green glow seemed to be gently swirling around his body.

“Exactly what thing has entered into his body?” Ye Fan did not dare to carelessly touch Pang Bo’s body, it had been sealed by several of the elders and divine energy was undulating.

At this moment, the atmosphere at the mouth of the volcano was very tense, human cultivators faced the demon race and both sides seemed to be on a knife’s edge, neither giving an inch as though a big battle could ensue at any time.

The body of the old river dragon that was covered in scarlet red scales stood tall like a blood coloured great wall there, giving one immense pressure as he loudly shouted: “The people from Ling Xu sanctuary, do you really want to break the peace of several hundred years and start a war with us?”

The sect elder argued strongly without giving an inch: “The most valuable treasure of the human race of eastern badlands has to be retrieved no matter what. How can it remain it hands of the demon race. As for the most important part of the immortal canon: Dao Scripture, it should once again see the light of day. It has already been lost for tens of thousands of years and should naturally be in the hands of the human race once again.”

The young woman that had a pair of golden wings was beautiful and moving, her voice was sultry and seductive but filled with strength and killing intent as she said: “This is the burial mound of the great demon emperor but you humans claim that the human race’s most valuable treasure as well as the Dao Scripture is located here. It’s clear that you guys are merely finding an excuse to raid the tomb. If you people really want a fight, please go ahead!”

The Ling Xu sect leader was not the least bit guilty and firmly said: “Whether it is or isn’t, once we open the ancient palace we will know. If there isn’t the eastern badlands human race’s most valuable treasure or the Dao Scripture, we are willing to immediately admit our mistake and face any consequences. However, if the two items are really there we should be able to leave with them. How’s that? In this way we can avoid a war and both sides would stand to gain.”

The large man with two horns on his head spoke with a rumbling voice like that of a large bell: “If there isn’t the precious treasure or the Dao Scripture, I’m sure the few of you will definitely not be able to control yourselves and take some of the items left behind by the demon emperor while claiming that they are the items. I understand you humans the best, saying a deer is a horse, confusing right and wrong, even black can become white, these are the strengths of your humans. The burial mound of the great demon emperor should not be profaned by the likes of you!”

The atmosphere became more and more intense with neither side giving an inch, it seemed as though this fight was unavoidable.

“The few of you great demons are too overbearing, no matter what we will be retrieving the sacred object of our eastern badlands human race.” The sect leader had a firm attitude as he once again moved towards the ancient palace.

“You have forced our hand!” The beautiful young woman with a head full of golden hair expanded her wings and thousands upon thousands of golden divine feathers seemed like golden divine arrows as they shot towards the sect leader.

The Ling Xu sect leader’s robes were fluttering as a purple aura emanated out, thereafter it seemed as though an angry sea were surging violently blocking the endless rain of divine feathers.

“Kill!” The young woman of the demon race said in a cold voice, a divine glow shrouded her body as more divine feathers covered the sky, numerous and densely packed, bright and resplendent as they appeared to form one body like a giant golden web that covered everything. It forced its way through the purple mist and enveloped the sect leader.

From within the Ling Xu Sanctuary sect leader’s body, a purple copper furnace appeared as a purple qi filled the air, its splendor radiated all around and the purple glow shot forth and shattered all the divine feathers. Finally, with a “Bang!” it formed into a golden light that blazed in the sky that was simply piercing to the eye.

The golden haired young woman was cold as her wings spread and a pair of golden divine swords shot forth, sparkling and translucent, dazzling and brilliant swirling with a divine glow just like the sun as they flew towards the sect leader with killing intent.

The Ling Xu sect leader lightly pointed his finger and the purple copper furnace by his side shot to the sky, spewing forth endless amounts of purple flame and enveloped the divine swords, blazing with an intense heat attempting to melt the swords.


Two divine swords were like two flashes of lightning, flying through the purple coloured sky and trembling with such power that even the sky seemed to shake.


“Block them!”

At this moment the few great demons all acted in unison, demonic qi filled the air and killing intent abounded as the demonic energy surged like a roaring sea, raging waves that continually surged engulfing the sky.

At the same time, the four honoured elders of Ling Xu sanctuary also moved forward and the spring of divine energy within their sea of bitterness flared as divine lights shone and lit the entire sky, dispersing the demonic qi as the four experts acted together.

The place was brimming with demonic qi as the mysterious splendor filled the air. Several Great Demons and humans experts continued to wage war as red lights were being radiated all over. All kinds of weapons filled the skies, causing the night sky to light up as if it was daytime.

Mystical Drums, Immortal Lamps, Copper Furnaces, Golden Swords, Eight Trigrams Mirror, Blood Blades, Curling Dragon’s Scale Blade and so on. It was as if they were living things, they were taking in and sending out large amounts of divine lights, crowding together and colliding unceasingly. The resounding sound continued to linger on and with every collision of divine energy, the skies trembled.

At this moment, the Lightning Bird with it’s golden glittering body with sparks of electricity flickering about, a silver centipede that was flowing like molten silver and other outstanding terrifying and vicious beasts have all arrived at the volcanic crater.

In the distance, Ye Fan could not calm down as he looked from afar, the big battle at the volcanic crater left him dazed and filled him with endless yearning.

If one were to say that Ye Fan had no thoughts about the burial mound of the great demon emperor, that would be impossible. It was simply that he did not have the strength to do so. He really wanted to obtain that section of the Dao Scripture, its name resounded across the eastern badlands and was the most important section that even the great demon emperor viewed it with great importance. It would certainly be exceptional and was something that he really needed as he lacked a cultivation mystical art to progress with.

As for the most valuable treasure of the human race of eastern badlands, Ye Fan did not know what it was and thus did not have much desire for it. As a result the Dao Scripture section created an incomparable longing within Ye Fan.

Although he had obtained an ancient scripture from within the bronze coffin, the engravings within his heart did not seem like a cultivation art but rather a summary of something that he currently had no way to comprehend.

The Dao Scripture was known throughout the heavens and was an immortal canon of legends. In the tens of thousands of years within the vast eastern badlands, few ancient scriptures could match up to it and none of them could surpass it. It recorded many mystifying and mysterious cultivation arts and from the cultivating of the wheel of life as well as establishing of the sea of bitterness, it was what Ye Fan desperately needed.

“Dong!”, “Dong!”, “Dong!”

At this moment, the oppressive sound continually resounded like a heart that was beating violently, five coloured lights shot to the heavens from the mouth of the volcano and all the demonic qi as well as divine energy in the area was dispersed.

The lava that was scarlet red like fresh blood began to flare as it continually flowed from the mouth of the volcano dyeing the entire sky in red. The majestic ancient palace bobbed within the lava, bright and resplendent, sparkling and translucent and filled with an aura of timeless age.


There was a final rumbling noise as the ancient palace slowly floated from within the lava, lines of complicated demonic writing flashed but they could no longer seal the ancient palace as it continued to float upwards.

“Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!”

The volcano trembled as the majestic ancient palace rushed out of the volcanic crater, dazzling lights lit the entire area as though it were daytime, the stars in the sky seemed dim in contrast as the five coloured divine light swirled.

The few great demons as well as the experts from Ling Xu sanctuary stopped fighting as they all rushed towards the ancient palace, all wanting to be the first to open the palace doors and enter to obtain the great demon emperor’s inheritance as well as any other hidden treasures.

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