STH Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: The Golden Book with a Single Page

When it came to speed, the golden haired young woman of the demon race was undoubtedly the fastest of the experts. Her wings flapped and the sky seemed to have two golden flashes of lightning that streaked across as she became the first to reach the ancient palace, stretching forth her wings to push open the multi-coloured jade door.


However, contrary to their expectations, a five coloured divine glow shot out and sent her flying. Even an expert great demon like her was also sent tumbling five six times through the air. The others had a sharp intake of breath as they became wary and took out their weapons, continuing forward in a bid to open the tomb of the demon emperor.

The entire ancient palace was formed from multi-coloured divine jade and seemed to have been transported here from ancient times, giving one a feeling of the weight of time as well as historic vibes. The translucent and sparkling ancient palace had many ancient words engraved on its foundations. The dragon-shaped wordings were forceful, phoenix-shaped ones graceful, black tortoise ones were steady and the qilin ones vibrant. Like dragons and phoenixes, tortoises and qilins, they were like iron hooks with silver strokes of writing, simply majestic and forceful. This was the writings of the demon race emperor from the ancient times.

[T/N: Qilin is a Chinese mythological animal]

These writings seemed to have a mysterious energy and the few times the group rushed forth they were knocked away by the five coloured divine glow, making it difficult to even get close and attempt to close the big doors of the ancient palace.


The few great demons together with the experts from Ling Xu sanctuary cooperated to launch an attack, violet coloured copper furnace, golden sword, eight trigrams mirror, curling dragon’s scale blade and so on all struck towards the ancient palace’s main door, finally managing to shake it up and with a rumbling noise, managed to open up a small crack.

An ancient aura was emitted and strong fluctuations filled with life like the vastness of the ocean surging violently, sent the all the people present flying backwards.


That oppressive and forceful sound resounded again and the faces of the people in the surroundings changed as they felt an acute pain in their hearts. After stabilising themselves, nobody stopped but rather continued rushing towards the magnificent ancient palace.

“Shmm, Shmm, Shmm”

Lights flashed and a myriad of different weapons flashed with divine lights, constantly exchanging attacks giving off loud rings as the experts from both the demon race as well as human cultivators began to battle in front of the five coloured ancient palace. Nobody wanted the other side to enter first and each wanted to be the first to enter.

Before the majestic ancient palace, the lights were dazzling and demonic qi filled the air. Both sides were fully engaged in the battle, life and death hinged in the balance and everyone was using their full abilities, the burial mound of the demon emperor was simply too important.

Blazing lights flashed and the entire sky seemed to be shaking as various weapons continued to spew forth divine lights, weaving about to attack, an aura of death pierced the skies as the mystical forces rushed forth. The area around the ancient palace was flaring up.

The big battle was extremely intense and thirty seconds had barely passed before a grand elder was beaten back as he could no longer hold on and had his chest subsequently pierced through by a great demon, a severed heart could be seen beating in his hands, fresh blood pumping out and splashing onto the great demon’s body making him seem even more savage.

The sect leader’s countenance grew colder and his hands seemed to move in a strange trajectory in the air, causing the violet copper furnace to tremble and release endless amounts of purple mist, causing two great demons to be sucked into the copper furnace in no time at all.


A purple divine fire could be seen bellowing towards the sky and heart wrenching cries could be heard from the copper furnace, the two great demons had been burnt alive and only two wisps of smoke could be seen floating out.

Far away, Ye Fan was feeling apprehensive, this level of desperate killing was simply terrifying and being a modern man he found it hard to accept. He started to seriously contemplate whether there was any meaning in becoming a cultivator and was it worth it to do so.

At this point, the few beasts and birds as well as the Ling Xu sanctuary elders also began to battle ferociously. A beast that had a human form with a broad mouth and long fangs, covered in fur that was roughly half an inch thick, seemingly extremely vicious, ripped an elder into two halves causing blood to fly everywhere and his dismembered body fell, it was a spectacle too horrible to endure. By the side, an elder from the Ling Xu sanctuary chopped down with a demon cleaving blade and severed a ferocious bird in two, over ten metres were covered in cold light as the glow from the chopping blade shot forth, fresh blood stained the ground and the smell of blood permeated the area.

Amongst the ten over extraordinary beasts and birds, the Lightning Bird was the most fearsome. It was extremely fast as it rushed to the sky, using its golden claws to rend an elder’s divine drums apart as hundreds of lightning and thunder seemed to accompany it, numerous and densely packed as thunder resounded and lightning flashed as though several ten metre long blades of light were hurtling forward.


The elder attempted to dodge by riding a mystical rainbow but simply could not evade the hundreds of lightning that rained on him, burning his body black as he trembled before falling into the volcano crater and was engulfed by the surging magma.

This battle was bloody, filled with injuries and deaths as humans and demons alike pitted their lives in an attempt to be the first to enter the demon emperor burial mound.

“Is this the life of a cultivator……” Ye Fan muttered, his heart was restless as the scene in front of him was totally in conflict with his thoughts of a carefree life, journeying through the world and riding a mystical rainbow.

“It’s possible that different cultivators will have different roads they traverse.” Having said this, his vision seemed to clear and his gaze became firm: “Since I’ve already chosen my path, I should walk on it step by step. My fate should not be placed into another’s hands, I need to become strong……”

Suddenly, a soft sound knocking sound broke Ye Fan out of his reverie. A green mist was shrouding Pang Bo’s body and there seemed to be a green glow that was slowly getting brighter from within his body.

“Chi Chi Chi”

Streak after streak of light came shooting from within Pang Bo’s body, those were the Dao writings that elder Wu Qing Feng had used to seal Pang Bo but the energy had all rushed out and the seal was no longer effective!

At the same time, a faint green light was released from Pang Bo’s sea of bitterness, his body began to tremble as his eyes opened and two green lights could be seen, it extremely demonic.

Besides this, symbols also began to appear on Pang Bo’s forehead and face, some seemed to be meaningless stripes while others seemed like words.

The symbols that were akin to words seemed like dragons or phoenixes or perhaps the black tortoise, sometimes it looked like a snaking flying dragon serpent

Ye Fan was stunned, although he could not understand the meaning of the symbols, he had heard the description of these symbols and they were clearly similar to the demon
race’s writing.

There was a dim green light within Pang Bo’s eyes as he rigidly sat up then soundlessly stood up, coldly glaring at Ye Fan as though he wanted to attack. Pang Bo slowly raised his fist but it was trembling, as though it did not want to listen to his order.

“Pang Bo!” Ye Fan loudly called, he realised that Pang Bo’s consciousness was not completely asleep and was clearly fighting whatever was controlling his body.

Hearing this shout, the body began to sway as the demon writings on Pang Bo’s forehead and face began to dim. However, a low pitched growl was emitted and Pang Bo’s entire body began to tremble violently as the green glow expanded, his forehead and face was filled with demonic writings before everything became calm once again.
This time, he did not even look towards Ye Fan but rather turned to face the volcano and a hoarse voice could be heard: “It was only that I intentionally let you guys seal me……”

Ye Fan was shocked, it seemed that this unknown entity that controlled Pang Bo’s body was very frightening.

At this point, the battle before the ancient palace was even more intense and the palace doors had already been shoved open. Both sides were in an extreme struggle and the Ling Xu sect elder as well as two great demons already had one foot inside the palace.

Suddenly, Pang Bo turned to look at Ye Fan before flying into the air, turning into a green light and rushing towards the ancient palace in the volcanic crater.

The intense fight in front of the ancient palace seemed to be deadlocked as both sides had injuries and casualties. It was now that Pang Bo suddenly appeared shocking the Ling Xu elders and the few great demons that saw the demon writings on his face were filled with bewilderment.

Under the current circumstances, no one could extricate themselves from the battle to care about him. As the Ling Xu sect leader and two great demons entered into the ancient palace, Pang Bo left a mirage in the air as he closely rushed in after the three experts.

The sky was dazzling as the remaining two grand elders as well as great demons rushed into the palace one after another. Below, the Lightning Bird as well as other extraordinary beasts and birds together with the normal elders all flew into the air as they also rushed towards the ancient palace.


At this moment, an oppressive sound resounded from within the palace and it was by far the most violent and powerful.


Two elders from the Ling Xu sanctuary immediately spat out two big mouthfuls of blood as they staggered and stumbled backwards. The body of a silver centipede that was as thick as an arm began to crack and finally the body that seemed to be cast from silver began to fully break down before the ancient palace.

The ferocious beast who was like a small mountain, towering over ten metres with the body of a bull and head of a lion whose entire body was covered in green scales, was flying towards the ancient palace when the sound resounded and he spit forth a large mouthful of blood together with a shattered heart.

“Dong!”, “Dong!”, “Dong!”

The oppressive sound continued to resound and the extraordinary birds and beasts as well as elders who had first entered the ancient palace all began to retreat, their seven orifices were leaking blood and bodies were badly hurt. The few people and birds and beasts that were weaker had died on the spot inside as their chests split open and fresh blood gurgled forth without any chance for them to retreat.

In the distance, Ye Fan was petrified. This burial mound of the demonic emperor seemed to contain some energy that was incredibly frightening. Although he was far away, he could still feel the growing strength of the energy and he felt as though he would not be able to endure the oppressive sound much longer.

The majestic ancient palace swayed as the people inside began to battle fiercely, the few great demons were excoriating while the sect elder as well as grand elders were constantly shouting.


There was a flash of green light as Pang Bo’s figure could once again be seen before the door of the ancient palace, as though he had charged out by killing. His face was pale as he caused the several corpses on the ground to violently fly into the sky, filled with untold amounts of strength as they all flew towards the mountain that Ye Fan was on before heavily landing on the ground.

Ye Fan felt shivers as he saw Pang Bo’s face which had green mist swirling around it sweep a gaze over before letting out an angry howl and rushed into the ancient palace again.

Ye Fan carefully turned the corpses over and began to carefully scrutinise and found a strange occurrence on one of the bodies of the fierce beasts. There seemed to be very faint wisps of golden light that were flowing out from their wounds, without closely inspecting it would be simply impossible for one to notice.

“What’s going on……” Ye Fan stretched forth his fingers to inspect the wound and felt something as he used his fingers to pinch it out.

Immediately, streaks of dazzling light burst out and Ye Fan could not even open his eyes. This was a golden piece of paper and an endless divine glow was flowing on its surface, it was brilliant and dazzling.

This golden page was heavier than gold and there were numerous densely packed ancient words engraved on it, so small that they were nearly illegible as each ancient word seemed to be a star that was flashing, bright and resplendent.

Ye Fan’s heart began to beat faster and he felt that his mouth was dry, he was dazzled by the divine glow from the golden page and his eyes were squinted as he stared.

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