STH Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Heart of the Demon Emperor

It was a majestic and overwhelming scene as thirty six mystical rainbows flew in the lead while twenty seven expert cultivators rode on twenty seven ferocious beasts in the back. Although there were only tens of people it seemed as though an army of thousands of man and horses were galloping, the sky was trembling as though an untold number of celestial troops were attacking.

The sky was filled with the shouts of men and roars of beasts, the clouds roiled violently, killing intent surged through the sky like a vast body of water surging up. Ye Fan was stunned, there were so many experts and the numbers exceeded those of Ling Xu sanctuary by almost double.

“Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, is that the nearest Sacred Ground that Ling Xu sanctuary is dependent on?” Ye Fan muttered. Whether it be back in ancient china or in this part of the universe on the other side of the stars, the words Twinkling Brilliance had a very deep meaning.

“The Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground is indeed impressive!” At this moment, from a different direction a cold voice could be heard, the sky there was transmitting rumbling noises as eighteen ancient war vehicles were charging over, killing intent filled the sky and the repressed firmament seemed to be shuddering from all the rumbling.

“An ancient aristocratic family that has lived since ancient times, the Ji Clan!” When the people from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground saw the eighteen ancient war vehicles, their eyes narrowed as they prepared to engage, killing intent surged and they seemed even more imposing.

Both sides stopped as they each occupied a region of the sky, staring in confrontation from a distance.

“Each and every person shall seize based on their own strength!”

Both sides seemed to come to an agreement as the confrontation ended without any battle and they rushed towards the mouth of the volcano where the majestic ancient palace was situated.

Ye Fan’s heart was trembling, an aristocratic family and a sacred grounds from legends had rushed over, it seemed that the burial mound of a demon emperor was instead earth shattering news and once the two powerful entities caught wind of the news they had immediately rushed over to Yan State and gotten involved.

“The Ji family, an ancient aristocratic family that has been around since ancient times……” Ye Fan had a contemplative expression, the surname Ji could be considered one of the oldest surnames in china and had a long history, spanning multiple legends in ancient china. It was inconceivable that one the other side of the stars, the same surname would be an existence as powerful as a sacred grounds.

“Rumble, Rumble, Rumble……”

The sky seemed to be filled with the sounds of rushing rapids as the two powerhouses Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Ji family rushed over to the majestic ancient palace.

In the surrounding area, all the birds and beasts hastily retreated. Although they could not turn into human form, they had long since gained spiritual sense and felt a sense of danger, thus retreating instantly.

On the other side, the Ling Xu sanctuary elders had ugly expressions, although they had ties with the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, the appearance of the demon emperor’s burial mound was too sudden and they did not inform them before coming. At this moment seeing them here, they were certainly left unsettled. Also, the Ji family which was the closest ancient aristocratic family to the Yan state had also gotten wind of the news and rushed over. With the advent of these two superpowers, the people from Ling Xu sanctuary had bitter expressions. They knew that it would now be difficult to obtain anything of worth.

The majestic ancient palace was trembling constantly as the few great demons and grand elders from Ling Xu sanctuary were engaged in fierce conflict, the oppressive sound from the interior grew gradually louder and even at a distance one would feel acute pain in their heart.

The people from Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground were fast and had surrounded the ancient palace in no time at all. The tens of ferocious beasts nodded their heads and wagged their tails* as they spat forth a mist that bore down on the skies, causing the surrounding area to shudder repeatedly. The people of the Ji family did not back down as the eighteen ancient war vehicles formed into a battle formation, sealing up the sky as they faced Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground in confrontation while preventing the demon emperor’s burial mound from suddenly rushing to the sky.

[idiom: To be well pleased with one’s self]

At this moment, eight to nine elders from the group that came from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground started to walk through the skies and with a flash, disappeared into the ancient palace.


The demon emperor’s burial mound began to tremble more violently as the battle within intensified, rays of divine light that were released from weapons could be seen shooting forth from the palace.

The participation of the ancient aristocratic family seemed to break the impasse and many seals were broken as multicoloured light could occasionally be seen streaking out.

The people in the surrounding area began to move as they rode on mystical rainbows, fighting to reach the lights that were shooting forth. On close inspection, those lights were actually weapons with lights shrouding them and it was clear that they were extraordinary.


Suddenly there was a loud trembling noise as the faces of the people surrounding the ancient palace turned pale, explosively retreating as a vast unknown energy rushed out from the ancient palace, like an angry ocean that was violently hissing as it sent the eighteen war vehicles of the Ji family flying and the cultivators riding on beasts tumbling away.

A blazing light was emitted from within the demon emperor’s burial mound, blindingly dazzling as a vast unknown energy surged violently as though it could topple mountains and overturn seas. A small crystal coffin of barely one Chinese foot long shot forth, a powerful energy as well as dazzling light were being emitted from it.

[Chinese Foot = ⅓ of a meter]

“Thump!”, “Thump!”, “Thump!”……

It gently trembled as though a heart were beating, with a steady cadence that was filled with a boundless aura of life as the vast energy flooded out in all directions.

“Block it!”

Nervous shouting could be heard from within the burial mound as over ten people rushed out with Pang Bo in the lead. At this moment a green energy was circulating over his entire body as the dragon and phoenix markings on his face seemed even more dense. Even his hands had the black tortoise as well as qilin shaped words appearing on them as both his eyes shot forth several metre long stream of light. His demonic aura engulfed the area and it was even stronger than the great demons behind him. At this instant, there was nothing else in his line of sight as he stared at the one chinese foot long crystal coffin and chased it.

The experts from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground as well as Ji family had ugly expressions since the crystal coffin rushed out and they loudly commanded the surrounding people to block the crystal coffin. The sect leader as well as grand elders of Ling Xu sanctuary had finally rushed out and although there were so many people around, they did not wish to give up and wanted to compete for it, otherwise all their efforts would have been for naught.

As for the few great demons, they were incensed as unwillingness was written all over their faces. However, faced with so many experts from the human race, they had the heart but not the strength as they rushed out of the encirclement and prepared themselves for any opportunity to act.

The eighteen ancient war vehicles of the Ji family were in a battle formation blocking the sky as they sealed the area and blocked the advancement of the crystal coffin. As for the cultivators of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, they also acted swiftly and rode on beasts or mystical rainbows as they rushed over.

The crystal coffin that was nary a chinese foot long was trapped and the experts that had rushed out of the burial mound had all reached as they stretched forth their hands almost simultaneously in an attempt to grab it.


Over ten pairs of hands shot forth and grabbed the crystal coffin, these hands were coalesced from light and not the real hands of any member of the group. They were all engaged in battle as they struggled to obtain the crystal coffin.

The eighteen war vehicles of the Ji family surrounded the area as the people from Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground also rushed in headlong. At this moment the sect leader as well as the two fortunate grand elders that managed to retain their lives had unsightly expressions, although they were very strong individually, faced with so many people their power seemed insignificant.

Pang Bo was also alone but he did not give up as his demonic aura surged, the green lights that shot forth from his eyes were already tens of metres long and his aura seemed even stronger.

“Crack, Crack”

The crystal coffin could not bear the force from so many experts as it slowly began to crack and finally broke apart with a loud bang.


A demonic power seemed to cover the skies as it exploded forth sending everyone flying, no one could withstand the violent energy that was emitted.

As for the ancient war vehicles of the Ji family, the four that were blocking the front immediately disintegrated and the twelve cultivators atop it seemed to be made of sand as they were reduced to fine powder.

The casualties from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground were also heavy as over ten people were
pulverized by the demonic power that shrouded the sky, both man and beast turned into a bloody mist, dying in a violent manner.

The sect leader as well as two gran elders of the Ling Xu sanctuary were knocked several hundred metres away before finally stabilising themselves. Even they who were so powerful had almost suffered injuries.

In the distance, Ye Fan’s heart constricted as he feared that something untoward might have happened to Pang Bo. Although the unknown entity was in control of the body, it was still that of Pang Bo’s.
A demonic aura surged through the skies as Pang Bo was completely unharmed. He had retreated further than anyone else as though he had long anticipated such an outcome.

At this moment, the aura of life that exploded from the crystal coffin could be compared to a vast body of water as even the added life energies of all the people present seemed inferior to it.

At the birth of the endless demonic power was a fresh red heart that was only the size of a palm, sparkling and translucent like a carnelian, an intense vigorous blood coloured divine glow shrouded it and the endless demonic power as well as a strong life aura were emitted from it.

“Thump!”, “Thump!”, “Thump!”……

The sound of heart beats was transmitted as it pumped with each beat, it was a heart that was alive and filled with a strong energy of life!

At this moment, no one could get near as the translucent and fresh red heart continued to beat, making the surrounding people feel their blood vessels swell and their veins seemed like they could explode. Everybody felt an acute pain in their hearts and many people spat out mouthfuls of blood as they found it difficult to bear and hastily retreated.

A frightening heart that people found difficult to bear simply with its beating!

“The heart of a great emperor…… It’s the sacred heart of a great emperor from our demonic race!” The few great demons that were in the sky were stunned as they exclaimed.

The translucent heart of the demon emperor continued to beat as it suddenly rushed into the sky and turned into a blood red divine glow as it rushed into the distance.

“Block it! Don’t let it leave no matter what!” An elder from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground loudly shouted with a face filled with anxiety.

“Stop it at all costs! Confine it!”An expert from the Ji family shouted: “That’s the heart of a great emperor from the demon race, it’s the origin of all his power. If any great demon were to obtain it, it would likely result in another great emperor within the demon race!”

While they were giving out orders, the few great demons had already rushed forth however there was a shadow that had moved faster than them and it was Pang Bo. He seemed to be one with heaven and earth as he transformed into a green light, disappearing in the blink of an eye as he followed the heart of the demon race’s great emperor into the distance.

The Ji family sent forth eight war vehicles to chase while the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground sent half their forces to hastily give chase. Each of them had left half their forces here to continue surrounding the burial mound of the demon emperor.

“If we knew that this was the resurgence of the demonic emperor’s burial mound we would have already reported this matter to the higher ups. In our rush to come here our strength is simply insufficient!” An elder from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground sighed.

“Thinking it was just an ordinary cave dwelling but who knew that it would actually be the tomb of the great demon emperor! This is simply too inconceivable and this news will shake the entire eastern badlands!” An expert of the Ji family was also regretful that they had not reported this matter to their higher ups and instead immediately rushed over.

In the distance, Ye Fan was stupefied. Amongst these people, there were at least ten people who were not weaker than the Ling Xu sect leader however from their words it was easy to understand that there were not the true experts of Twinkling Brilliance Sacred ground or the Ji family. This was simply too unsettling.

The few Sacred Grounds as well as ancient aristocratic families were certainly colossal figures!

“Sect leader Li, have you people already obtained the volume of the Dao Scripture from legends?” An elder from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground questioned the sect leader. Ever since they realised that this was the demon emperor’s burial mound, they immediately understood what important sacred objects were buried here.

Besides the demon race treasures that the great demon emperor had used while he was alive, there should be three other hidden divine treasures: the Dao Scripture, the most precious treasure of the human race of eastern badlands and the remains of the great demon emperor.

Amongst them, the origin of the demonic power of the great demon emperor, his heart, had already streaked away and it was difficult to say if it could be caught. Tossing aside the precious treasures of the great demon emperor, the other other sacred objects of the human race of eastern badlands were something that the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred ground as well as the Ji family simply had to get their hands on.

The Ling Xu sect leader was feeling bitter, although he had not given an early notification to the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, he had still returned empty handed. If he had known earlier, he would have done a big favor for them instead. He hurriedly tried to explain: “The first hidden divine treasure ‘Dao Scripture’ flew away leaving behind an empty case and no one had the time to see the actual text. After accidentally opening the third hidden divine treasure, the heart of the demon emperor took flight and flew away. Now only the second hidden divine treasure remains and currently half the seal has been broken. I think the most precious treasure of the human race of the eastern badlands should still be there. Besides this, there should still be a few of the precious treasures that were once used by the great demon emperor.

“That volume of the Dao Scripture actually flew away on its own, how could this be?!” The expert from Twinkling Brilliance Sacred ground as well the people from the Ji family stared unblinkingly at the Ling Xu sect leader as though they could not believe him.

The Ling Xu sect leader felt sour, there were several other ancient scriptures that were comparable to the Dao scripture and they were in the hands of the Sacred Ground as well as ancient aristocratic families. They had immortal canons that were not inferior to the Dao Scripture yet still wanted to snatch this volume of the ancient scripture. The Ling Xu sect leader could only sigh in his heart as he helplessly shook his head: “We really did not manage to see it……”

At this moment, far away in the horizon came the melodious sounds of heavenly music as over ten ladies flew over as they passed over Ye Fan leaving him in shock.

These ten over ladies were dressed entirely in white and although they could not be considered peerless beauties they each seemed to be elegant and otherworldly without being contaminated by the aura of the mortal world. They were lithe and graceful as they flew through the air like beautiful fairies yet also like dancing sprites that were not part of the mortal world and transcendental.

There were people who played bamboo flutes, the sounds were soft and rang out. It was very pleasant to listen to. There were also others who were smiling lightly, causing one to feel the springtime wind. These ladies that had features akin to drawings were all like exiled immortals, each of them were emanating auras that were free from the constraints of the earth.

Ye Fan was amazed and felt that these were what he had imagined cultivators to be, seemingly free and graceful, riding on rainbows to traverse, otherworldly, free and unfettered within heaven and earth.

“It’s hard to believe that even the Jade Lake Sacred Ground that hasn’t been around for long has been tipped off. It’s easy to guess that it won’t be long before the other sects within the eastern badlands also come to contest.”

“The Jade Lake Sacred Ground has always stayed away from worldly affairs, could it be that this time you’re actually here to vie for the inheritance of the great demon emperor?”

The people of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground as well as the Ji family spoke up at the same time as they seemed to be greeting the ten over elegant ladies while also trying to sound them out.

“The few of us were only passing by and found that the demonic power here was vast like the ocean, thus resulting in us coming over to investigate but we did not expect to meet all of you.” A lady dressed in white had a soft smile as she then took on a serious expression: “Who would have thought that the tomb of the great demon emperor would once again see the light of day. In the next few days this news will surely shake up the entire eastern badlands and endless sects will send their people over.”

Far away, Ye Fan was stunned. Twinkling Brilliance, the Ji clan as well as Jade Lake, these names were not simple especially Jade Lake, in the legends of ancient china it had a vast history and it was shocking to see that on the other side of the stars they had such a big influence as well.

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