STH Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: The land of Fengshan Sacrifice

In the vastness of space, nine dragon corpses floated with a bronze coffin, the bronze coffin gave off a feeling of agelessness as though it were as old as space itself.

Many days had gone by but the people on Earth were still unable to decipher the mysterious signals. They were also unable to find a safe way to send it to Earth.

“It’s moving!”

“Differing from usual trajectory, it’s descending!”

At this moment the elites in the International Space station had their pupils constricted. The nine dragon corpses were actually descending.

Mount Tai was tall and magnificent, of the five mountains it was ranked as number one.

Since ancient times Mount Tai had always been a sacred symbol. Mount Tai was located in the most eastern part of the Central Plains, surrounded by the Yellow River and Wen Shui River , in ancient times it was regarded as the place where the sun gave birth to all living things.

Since the beginning the mountain had always been there huge and ancient.

Mount Tai had a very colourful history surrounding it, as it was there since the Three Kings and Five Emperor period and was viewed as the place nearest to heaven.

“The heavens are beyond our scope however if we practice the Fengshan sacrifice on Mount Tai we will be nearer to god.”

The Qin emperor who conquered China as well as the great Han Dynasty all came to Mount Tai to hold the Fengshan sacrifice.

Even before them there were 72 emperors who also went to Mount Tai to perform the Fengshan sacrifice.

In the Pre-Qin period classics it records: ”In the past, Huai Shi, Fu Xi ,Sheng Nong, Yellow Emperor, Yao and Yu conducted the Fengshan sacrifice on Mount Tai.”

[ T/N* Complicated ancient chinese text that mentions the ancient emperors who conducted the ritual]

Back in the ancient era, ancient emperors all chose to perform their Fengshan sacrifice on Mount Tai, this caused Mount Tai to be shrouded in an aura of mystery.

In the Spring and Autumn Period*, Kong Sheng also visited Mount Tai to look for traces of past Fengshan sacrifice however did not manage to find any clues.

[ T/N* A period of time during the Eastern Zhou reign over China ]

Only in future generations did someone manage to find some clues to Fengshan sacrifice.

20th Year Min Calendar, General Ma Hong Kui led his troops to take position on Mount Tai and inadvertently discovered a five coloured altar that contained two jade scrolls which were sealed with golden prayer beads and buried underground.

Why did the emperors of ancient Qin practice Fengshan sacrifice on Mount Tai, this is still a mystery even today.


After a night of rest at their hotel, Ye Fan and his classmates began their ascent of Mount Tai.

For most of the classmates it would be their first time climbing Mount Tai and only by personally climbing it could one feel the majesty and magnificence of the mountain.

Mount Tai’s geological structure has three grand fracture layers. There are also places such as the Heaven Stairway platform, from north to south the mountain’s foot to zenith was about ten kilometers long.

When looking at Mount Tai closely or from afar, one would still feel the enormity of the mountain. This caused the classmates to be excited at the prospects of climbing it.

In front of the vast Mount Tai, people get the impression that they were like little ants and even the stars and moon in the sky seemed insignificant in comparison.

This was a kind of feeling that shocked one’s soul.

Humans are always curious about mysteries as well as the unknown and when the tour guide mentioned the Fengshan sacrifices held on the summit, the classmates begun to contemplate.

Li Xiao Man and Carter walked side by side as she patiently explained all that was said about Mount Tai and its mysteries. Carter was very interested and continually asked questions.

Liu Yun Zhi was gloating as he looked at Li Xiao Man and Carter and then looked at Ye Fan, however, Ye Fan appeared to have noticed his expression but had no reaction and this left him feeling disappointed.

In actuality, Ye Fan had not noticed Liu Yun Zhi’s expression and was thus calm.

Ye Fan had already finished reading and thought back to what was written about the emperors’ of old performing their Fengshan sacrifice. He suddenly had a weird thought: if what was said in the books were true then could there possibly be a vanished ancient civilization there? Mount Tai was always viewed as a sacred ground in that period.

Ye Fan immediately shook his head and felt that he must have been too bored recently to have come up with such a ridiculous idea.

Mount Tai had lush trees and flowing rivers that created a majestic scenery. This coupled with the layer of clouds that surrounded the place created an atmosphere of profoundness and mystery.

The route to the summit was filled with countless attractions which made one sigh in admiration.

From the foot of the mountain passing by the Dai Temple to the summit at the Jade Emperor Peak was a journey of ten kilometers that could be said to link one from the mortal realm to the heavenly realm.

It was evening and they had finally climbed to the peak of Mount Tai. Looking down at the scenery below and the long winding Yellow River allowed them to more clearly understand what Confucius meant when he said “Climbing Mount Tai makes the world seem small.”

Regarding Mount Tai, the great poets also left behind the masterpiece “On top of Mount Tai all other mountains are like hills!”

At this moment the sun was setting and the clouds were coated with a golden lustre, faintly glowing like jewels.

Everyone was fully immersed in the moving scene in front of them.

Suddenly a few black spots appeared in the sky which gradually grew larger and the sound of thunder could be heard.

Nine huge bodies were falling down from the sky and all the people on Mount Tai had rigid expressions as they looked at each other in shock.

There were actually nine dragon corpses pulling a bronze coffin heading straight for the peak of Mount Tai.

The mythical existence of dragons, similar to the existence of gods, something that circumvents the laws of nature. With the constant development of Science who would actually believe that dragons existed?*

[T/N* This may seem familiar as the author used the exact same words in an earlier chapter]

The tourists at the peak of Mount Tai were all breathless and there was only silence all around.

After that brief silence, Mount Tai became a buzz of activity. People started to run haphazardly in all directions seeking to run away from those dragon corpses.

This was such a shocking scene; under the faint glow from the setting sun nine dragon corpses and a bronze coffin were falling towards Mount Tai!

Frightened screams and helpless cries filled the night as everybody tried to escape.

The nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin fell at a slow pace but when it eventually crashed onto Mount Tai the mountain trembled.


The impact of the nine huge bodies on Mount Tai caused the Jade Emperor’s Peak to immediately break and form multiple fractures with rock and mud flying everywhere.

The bronze coffin landed with a “Bang!” causing the entire mountain to shake as though an earthquake was occurring. Several rocks were rolling down the mountain and the sounds were like cavalry charging into the battlefield.

Several people were affected by the aftershocks and some were hit by the falling stones crying as they were pitifully thrown off the mountain.

The shaking had stopped and the mountain was in a state of deathly silence. Many people had fallen in their attempt to escape and there was chaos all around. Several people were bleeding from their heads as they ran frantically to the foot of the mountain.

Nine dragon corpses were on top of Mount Tai with a large portion of their bodies at the peak whilst a small portion of it was overhanging off the edges. This scene looked like black steel walls on top of Mount Tai and made people feel shocked.

The Jade Emperor Peak had been split asunder and there were many fissures on the ground.

The twenty metre simplistic bronze coffin with engravings on it was giving off a mysterious aura.

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