STH Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Clouds come from all directions

The State of Yan was merely in the corner of an area and within the eastern badlands it was just a drop in the ocean. If the news of this were to spread, this area of ruins would surely be drowning with cultivators.

At this moment, the most disappointed would surely be the Ling Xu sect leader. With the appearance of the Sacred Grounds as well as an ancient aristocratic family, he knew that it would be difficult to obtain anything as there was simply no way to vie with such colossal figures.

An ancient war vehicle of the Ji family could be seen rumbling away into the distance. The faces of the people of Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground changed upon seeing this and an elder hurriedly ordered the two cultivators by his side: “Hurry and go back to the Sacred Ground to inform them of this news and get help from our experts!”

The emergence of the demon emperor burial mound could no longer be buried and this would surely shock the entirety of the vast eastern badlands, in no time at all there would be more and more sects gathering here. Amongst them would likely be powerhouses that could stand toe to toe with them and they had no choice but to seek for assistance.

“The few of us should work together to break the seal on the demon emperor’s burial mound and retrieve all the precious treasure from within. What do you think?” An elder from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground looked towards the experts from the Ji family before looking towards the ladies from Jade Lake and finally the Ling Xu sect leader.

“Alright, we should have done this right from the start.” The expert atop an ancient war vehicle immediately nodded his head in agreement.

The few ladies from the Jade Lake Sacred Ground were lithe and free as each appeared otherworldly, they seemed to not want to participate in the struggle as they started to back away and the lady that was in the forefront gently said: “The few of us are merely passing through and we do not wish to vie for the inheritance of the great demon emperor.”

“Since that’s the case the few of us will not pressure you to do so. Our two families can work together to break the tomb of the great demon emperor.” The people of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Ji family were eagerly waiting for the people from Jade Lake to back away. Although there were many precious treasures within the demon emperor’s burial mound, no one would complain about receiving too many treasures and the fewer who participated the better.

“Sect leader Li, you can also bring you people over.” An elder from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground coolly swept his gaze over.

The Ling Xu sect leader was bitter as he said: “We will definitely do our utmost.”

The elder from Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground nodded and continued: “The few of you from Ling Xu sanctuary have already contributed plenty, when we open the demon emperor’s burial mound we will definitely give you a satisfactory compensation.”

Twenty over experts then proceeded to enter the demon emperor’s burial mound as they wanted to open up this ancient tomb completely.


The ancient palace made of five coloured jade continued to shake uncontrollably as streaks of dazzling lights were released causing the entire sky to tremble.

“It seems like something is wrong……” The ladies of Jake Lake Sacred Ground were looking over from a distance and there were strange expressions on their faces.

“The demonic writings on the ancient palace seem to be getting brighter and brighter.”

“Those ancient words seem to be alive as they tremble, as though they could come out from the walls at any time.”

The demonic writings on the ancient palace were all emitting various colours, the dragon-like words were like little dragons twisting, phoenix-like words were expanding their wings to fly out, black tortoise-like writings seemed to be endlessly rolling……

There was a mysterious aura that was emitted from the demon emperor’s burial mound as a strong demonic energy began to slowly gather, shrouding the ancient tomb in a layer of blurry mist.

“Not good, the tomb of the great demon emperor seems to be out of sorts……”

The ladies from Jade Lake Sacred Ground had expressions of shock on their faces. They could feel the growing demonic power and it felt like a vast body of water that was gradually surging up.

Not everyone from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Ji family entered the tomb, the few people who were guarding the exterior felt the changes as their faces fell and immediately rushed forward shouting: “Not good! There are changes occurring to the tomb! Hurry and retreat!”

The people inside were already frantic even without the shouting as the people who were walking in the forefront suddenly turned into a bloody mist, everything happened so fast that it was simply incomprehensible.

“Shuaaa Shuaaa Shuaaa”

Everyone hastily retreated as they turned into mystical rainbows and rushed out.


The demon emperor’s burial mound suddenly released endless streaks of light that immediately ignited the stragglers and after a ferocious struggle they all turned to ash.

“Hurry up and leave!”

The Ling Xu sect leader as well as two grand elders managed to barely make it out, while four to five people respectively from Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and the Ji family also made it out. The rest of the people were all sealed within.

At this moment, the large doors of the ancient palace were slowly closing and one could see past the ajar doors to witness the scenes within. Brilliant and resplendent, the people within seemed to be motionless as their bodies became transparent and their blood was burning, five viscera and six bowels were all burnt as their flesh and bone also turned to dust in an instant.

Their terrified expressions as they died left everyone feeling petrified, especially those who had barely made it out felt their hearts shiver as they thought about how they had come so close to meeting such an end.

“How could it be like this? What has happened to suddenly make the tomb become so fearsome……” An elder from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground was pale-faced as he said this with an ugly expression. They had not obtained any precious treasures but already lost so many people, this was clearly a bad omen.

“This is likely something that was left behind by the great demon emperor, if there are no great demons present, this ancient palace is a place occupied by sinister forces that would kill any human cultivators!” An expert of the Ji family hypothesized.

The group thought about it and felt that this was a reasonable conjecture. Earlier when the few great demons were present, nothing strange happened and only when they left did the ancient palace suddenly become mysterious and frightening.

“It could very likely be as you said. The great demon emperor would certainly not wish for the experts of the human race to attain his inheritance.”

“What should we do then? Should we go capture some great demons and bring them over? By then it would simply be too late. Many of the other sects must already be on their way here.”

The people from Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and the Ji family began to discuss fervently as they decided to forcefully open the ancient palace from the outside, otherwise, no one knew who would attain the precious treasures when the other sects arrived.

“We must grab the opportunity to open it first!”

When the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Ji family worked together, they were sufficient to handle most sects. Only if a really powerful large sect, other Sacred Grounds or ancient aristocratic families arrived would there be trouble, those people would be able to contest without fear of any consequences.

The eastern badlands was simply too vast and there was simply an innumerable amount of expert cultivators, even the number of countries within was an impossibly large number and not one Sacred Ground could shake up the entire eastern badlands.

“Chi Chi Chi”

All sorts of weapons were shrouded in glows as they attacked the tomb, exploding with violent energy. Even so, what made them shocked was that the tomb was completely unharmed and the demonic writings atop the tomb became even more resplendent.

“Those demonic writings are squirming about!”

At this moment, all the cultivators were stunned. Small dragons were snaking their way upwards from the foundations of the tomb, phoenixes were spreading their wings and soaring, black tortoises were slowly climbing…….

The demonic writings were all moving upwards from the foundations of the ancient palace, densely packed and numerous as they covered the entire ancient palace, as though it were engraved with countless runes, seemingly extremely mysterious as demonic energy circulated.

The few forceful attacks from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground as well as the Ji family were all unsuccessful and two ancient war vehicles as well as seven to eight beasts were lost. The writings on the tomb had a mysterious energy that continually shot forth divine light and pierced anything it touched.

“It’s over, those are the emperor’s writing of the demonic race. It must have been left behind by the final great demon emperor!” The elder of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground was pale as he tightly clenched his fist to the extent that even his fingernails had turned white as he said: “The few of us simply don’t have the ability to open it up, we can only wait for the experts of our Sacred Ground to arrive. By then who knows how many sects would have rushed over.”

The experts of the Ji family were on their ancient war vehicles with ugly expressions, the demon emperor’s burial mound was so nefariously strange that they could only patiently wait for their experts to arrive and help.

“Chi Chi Chi”

Sounds of air being traversed continually resounded as tens of rainbows could be seen from the horizon, the first batch of cultivators since the leaking of the news had arrived. However, when they saw that it was only the people from the five other immortal sanctuaries of the Yan state, the people in the area all let out a sigh of relief that it was not any supreme large sect.

“Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!”

Far away cloud and mist roiled as divine lights shot forth, a mystical boat made from divine jade streaked through the air as it speedily neared. The people of Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and the Ji family had ugly expressions as what they most feared had arrived, a supreme large sect had rushed over.

However, what made them shocked was something that occurred thereafter. At this moment, there was the sound of a tsunami that carried frightening fluctuations as it was transmitted over from afar.

In another direction, tens of divine mystical rainbows were opening a pathway, nine ancient ferocious beasts whose forms seemed to be that of a qilin were pulling a jade carriage that had divine red mist swirling around it, soaring through the clouds and riding on mist as it let out loud thunderous noises and speedily neared.

The experts of Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and the Ji family all turned pale, this was definitely an extremely fearsome character otherwise there would not be such an ostentatious entrance.

“A personage of this status actually personally rushed here…..”

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