STH Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Lady of Perfection

Qilins were a legendary existence that was on the same level of dragons. It has always been written and talked about through word of mouth, since ancient times no one has ever seen them before. Like the dragons of legends, only impure lineages of them lived in the mortal world and were often mistaken as real dragons, for example the river dragon. Qilins were also like this and their real bodies were not existent within the mortal world, only the lineages that were impure lived on from ancient times and only looked similar but were not real Qilin, thus addressed as Qilin beasts.

Although the divine blood within this ancient beast of an impure blood lineage had long become thin, it was still extremely strong and its might could be compared to that of a great demon. The personage that was coming had a nine Qilin beasts pulling his carriage, such an ostentatious entrance simply left one stunned.

“Chi Chi Chi”

Tens of mystical rainbows opened a path while the nine Qilin beasts galloped and finally stopped before the demon emperor’s burial mound. The jade carriage was bright and resplendent, simply propitious as mystical red clouds drifted about. This was nothing short of ordinary.

The elder from Twinkling Brilliance Sacred ground said in a small voice: “There is a powerful figure within the Ji family that rides on a carriage pulled by nine river dragons, by comparison it is clear that the person within the carriage certainly has an extraordinary status.”

An expert of the Ji family heard this and bitterly laughed: “The person who rides on a car pulled by nine river dragons is the uncle of our family head. This person has such an ostentatious entourage that even if he weren’t the family head of an ancient aristocratic family, he would certainly be of similar status.”

The cultivators of Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and the Ji family were all apprehensive and did not dare to go forward to give their greetings as they were all stupefied by this mysterious powerful figure that they knew nothing of. The few ladies from the Jade Lake Sacred Ground were softly discussing but had not figured out who the powerful figure was.

The nine Qilin beasts came to a complete halt but there was no movement from within the jade carriage. The powerful figure from within the carriage did not come out as though he were quietly waiting for something. On the other side, the mystical boat that was made of divine jade hovered in the air without coming closer as though it were afraid of the jade carriage.

It was clear that this was just the forward party and more of the sect would follow. It was obvious that before the morning comes, this area would already be packed with close to a thousand people and when the news thoroughly spreads, this place would be bubbling with activity as the demon emperor’s burial mound would attract the attention of all the cultivators in the eastern badlands.

“The tomb of a great demon emperor emerging, this is simply too important and even those Sacred Grounds that are far away would surely have their sects lay down ‘Dao Inscriptions’ to gather ‘Heavenly Might’ and establish the ‘Ancient Pathway’ and travel through space to arrive in the state of Yan.

As the lights from the demon emperor’s burial mound shot to the sky, there were more and more people in the surrounding area with the sounds of soft discussion everywhere. Although they knew that they had no chance of obtaining any precious treasures, they had rushed here to witness such a big event.

Ye Fan did not turn back after leaving as there was nothing here for him to pine for. After a long period of time had passed, Pang Bo did not return and thus Ye Fan simply could not wait any longer.

“Please let Pang Bo be alright…….”

Ye Fan scaled mountains and crossed ridges with a blazing speed and speedily left the lands of the ancient ground behind. He continued to run but even till the sun came up he did not have any findings.

This piece of primitive ancient land continually had mystical rainbows streaking through the sky as cultivators continued to fly over from all directions, it was clear that they were headed towards the tomb of the demon emperor.

“Where could he have gone? Could it be that I’m searching in the wrong direction…….” Ye Fan continued to search but did find any clues. He did not relent but continued to search till the afternoon when he suddenly felt a strange fluctuation.

“It’s……. the beating of the demon emperor’s heart! I’ve finally found the right direction!” Ye Fan sped up and barely an hour later he found that he had arrived at the exact same location as though he had not moved.

Up ahead, five large mountains stood side by side, up then down and steep like the fingers on a human’s hand.

“What’s going on……” Ye Fan was confused but he did not think too much as he assumed that he had merely lost his bearings earlier. He stood there and carefully analysed the direction before once again chasing, he believed that this time he would not circle back here. However, an hour later he was speechless as he found himself back where he started.

“How could it be like this?” Arriving back where he started, Ye Fan knew that something unusual was going on and this field was hundreds of miles away from the tomb of the demon emperor. This was still within the area of the ancient land and seemed to have some sort strange phenomenon.

Initially, he did not pay much attention to the surroundings of this area but upon closer inspection, Ye Fan was shocked to realise that the five mountains that were lined up seemed to be the divine hand of god, five mountains erected there like five fingers.

“Could it be that this mountainous region has ‘Dao Inscriptions’ carved on it creating a mysterious ‘influence’ that interfered with one’s five senses……” Ye Fan muttered as he came to such a conclusion. He shut his eyes as he followed his instinct while walking forward, using his heart to feel the strong beats of the demon emperor’s heart and after an unknown period of time he suddenly felt a spiritual qi bearing down on him.

Ye Fan opened his eyes and realised that he had entered into a world with the fragrance of flowers and the chirping of birds. This was like the sacred pure land of legends, a poetic and picturesque landscape, simply beautiful.

At this moment, he could truly feel the beating of the demon emperor’s heart, it made his heart feel a stinging pain and it originated from the depths of this pure land, to be more accurate the sound was coming from the back of those beautiful mountains.

A celestial mist was faintly discernible and some pavilions and palaces could be seen in the depths of the mountains occasionally as Ye Fan hastily moved forward. Suddenly, he discovered a slender figure that was standing atop the cliff ahead, the surrounding mist swirled and the lady was dressed in white, pristine like snow as she floated in the wind like a fairy that was riding on the wind.

This was an exquisitely beautiful lady, like a graceful orchid with a valley*, extremely otherworldly with a kind of tranquil beauty that blended as one with the beautiful scenery, as though she was part of this beautiful heaven and earth.

[Idiom*: Metaphor for elegance and looks]

Ye Fan had never believed that there was perfection in the world but the lady atop the cliff gave him such a feeling, not only were her looks capable of overturning and ruining states, even her presence was so transcendental and free from vulgarities. As though she was above the common populace, causing a perception of feeling ashamed of one’s inferiority. It was as if everything beautiful in this world would pale in comparison to her.

This lady with exceptional good looks appeared to be about eighteen or nineteen years old. Black hair that gently dances about, trembling long eyelashes, eyes that appeared misty, red lips and jade teeth sparkling with luster. Her neckline was delicate and elegant, skin that was clean and smooth, exquisite facial features, perfect complexion with a jade body that outlines her faint curves. One would get the feeling of perfection from her.

Ye Fan was a firm and self confident person and had never been affected by much, after losing his senses for a while he quickly calmed down and took big strides forward.

At this moment, the lady atop the cliff gazed over and softly smiled, like the petals of a celestial flower blossoming, extremely captivating, even causing even the sun in the sky to lose some of its colour.

Ye Fan was simply stupefied by this beauty as a strange feeling welled up from within his heart, this lady was simply too surreal like a dream or an illusion, faultless without any imperfections, beautiful to the point that it could be called evil.

“Please don’t take another step forward otherwise you will lose your life.” A sound that was like the sound of nature transmitted over and it was very captivating but it gave Ye Fan a feeling of coldness as he felt that this perfect lady was certainly not joking.

“Chi Chi Chi”

The sound of the air being traversed could be heard and not long after a few of the great demons that had disappeared rushed out from the depths of the mountains to appear by the lady’s side. The golden haired woman with two wings, the old river dragon, the muscular man whose arms were covered with scales all respectfully stood there as they gazed at Ye Fan with killing intent.

“Let him…… leave!”

At this moment, from the back of the cliff where clouds and mists were swirling, came the voice of Pang Bo, he seemed to be in extreme agony as he grit his teeth and spat out those four words.

“Kill him and all our problems will be solved!” At this instant the old river dragon began to draw closer.


Suddenly, a demonic aura filled the air surging violently like a vast ocean. In an instant, the sky had one more figure and it was Pang Bo with his black hair flying wildly, his entire person seemed like a profound ocean as he gave one the feeling of an endless immense pressure, as though ten thousand large mountains were pressing down, making it difficult to even breathe.

Currently, not all was the face and forehead of Pang Bo filled with demonic writings, even his bare chest and arms will filled with dense dragon and phoenix symbols as his entire body was covered in ancient characters, the green aura swirled and his eyes shot forth green lights that extended several tens of metres.

“I SAID, LET HIM GO!” His expression was cold as he stared at the old river dragon.

The old river dragon as well as the other great demons simultaneously looked over at the near perfect lady atop the cliff as though they were waiting for her orders. This perfect lady lightly laughed: “Don’t harm him, send him away from here.”

“Pang Bo!” Ye Fan loudly shouted as he gazed at that figure whose demonic aura filled the heavens and whose presence was like a mountain. He continued to shout that name but the current Pang Bo was familiar yet distant with a cold expression as he looked at Ye Fan without speaking. Thereafter with a “Shuaaa” he disappeared from the sky and in the blink of an eye no trace of him could be found. The demonic aura that was like a vast ocean also receded like the tide.

Thereafter, Ye Fan felt his body become light as that beautiful golden haired woman with a pair of golden wings used a beam of light to bind him before flying off into the sky.

Ye Fan continually shouted: “Pang Bo!”

The rushing air entered his mouth and impeded his shouting as the golden haired woman flew swiftly, the sky was filled with indignant ‘Wu Wu’ sounds as he was speedily brought away.


It did not take long before the golden haired woman brought Ye Fan to the ground and after releasing him she looked deeply into his eyes and said: “You better take care of yourself and leave as soon as possible.” Having said this, she transformed into a golden light as she flew into the sky.

Ye Fan loudly shouted to the heavens: “Let Pang Bo come back!” But there was no one there to respond to him and the streaks of golden light disappeared in an instant.

His current location was only several miles away from the demon emperor’s burial mound and one could clearly see the dazzling lights from that direction. An ancient palace was floating in the sky and many cultivators were gathered there. Ye Fan had been transported back to the primitive ruins.

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