STH Chapter 63

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Chapter 63 Unscrupulous Dao Practitioner

A gold light spilled from Ye Fan’s fingers as he sliced the cliff face open. A greenish light could be seen immediately as half a knife was exposed as he grabbed it and pulled, a green glow promptly shrouded the area, causing him to squint his eyes.


This was a azure coloured dagger, when pulled out it made a clear ringing metallic noise, green mist swirled as it was incomparably sharp. It was merely half a Chinese foot long and resembled a pond of green jade water, translucent and sparkling with wisps of cold air being emanated.

Ye Fan knew that this was certainly no ordinary item and if it had been collected by the great demon emperor as a weapon, it would certainly be extraordinary.

“Ha Ha……” At this moment, a fat cultivator who seemed to be enveloped in red light rode over on a mystical rainbow, although his body was obese, his actions were very nimble like a leaf that made no sound as it fell. He laughed: “Quite lucky, never did i expect to really chase down and find a spiritual weapon.” Having said this, he reached forth his big hands towards the dagger in the Ye Fan’s hands as he had a benevolent smile on his face: “Kid, this is a vicious weapon. You won’t be able to subdue it. Come, let grandpa force it to yield.”

Ye Fan really wanted to punch that smiling fat face which was shrouded in red light, this fat cultivator was simply too fake and really thought that he was naive like a child. He then dodged by retreating backwards. The fat cultivator was very nimble as his fat hands moved with a “Shuaaa” and actually grabbed the dagger. He laughed loudly: “Kid, I’ll remember this favour. It’s a small world, the next time we meet, grandpa will properly return the favour.”

Having said these words, he immediately left with a “Chi!” sound and rode a mystical rainbow to the sky.

“Damned fatty, I’ll remember you!” Ye Fan cursed softly as he punched a fist into the air. A spiritual weapon had been stolen from him and this made him feel indignant.

“Your grandpa isn’t that fat, just a bit stout.” The fat cultivator who was over thirty years of age had very sensitive ears and although he had already flown several hundred metres away he still managed to hear Ye Fan’s soft mutterings. He looked back and exposed a mouth full of pristine white teeth as he laughed full of mirth: “The next time we meet, grandpa will give you good fortune.”

Ye Fan seeing his alertness and keenness, did not dare to utter a sound as he rolled his eyes and watched the fat cultivator saunter away into the distance.

The demonic emperor’s burial mound, many spiritual weapons had flown out with multicoloured lights flying in all directions. Many cultivators rode on mystical rainbows as they continually chased, the sky of the primitive ruins was filled with countless flashing lights.


Barely half a minute had passed and another mystical rainbow came shooting towards Ye Fan’s direction, shocking him as he hurriedly dodged. A scarlet cloud that seemed to be a hot cloud of volcanic ash coalesced together speedily rushed over and impaled itself into the cliff face in front.

Ye Fan’s heart jumped, he felt that he was simply too lucky as he felt excitement fill his heart. Earlier the fat cultivator had snatched the dagger from him but there was actually another weapon that appeared before his eyes. He cautiously eyed his surroundings and saw that no one was nearby as a light once again flashed from his fingers as he cut the stone cliff and dug a scarlet red pearl out, as streaks of scarlet multicoloured lights shot in all directions.

“Ha Ha Ha…….” A loud laughter could be heard as a fat cultivator had a wide grin on his face and rode a mystical rainbow as he rushed over.

“Damn!” Ye Fan cursed in his heart as he grabbed the pearl that had scarlet light swirling around it and turned to run.

“This humble Daoist really has some fate with this young friend, I didn’t expect to meet you so soon.” The fat cultivator chuckled in his happiness with a “Shuaaa” as he appeared before Ye Fan, blocking his path. Reaching forth his big hands, he laughed and said: “This treasure and humble Daoist is brought together by fate, young friend lend it to me.”

“Daoist priest you’re simply bullying.” Ye Fen was indignant and gripped the pearl as he backed away: “You’ve already taken a spiritual weapon from me, I can’t hand this over to you.”

“A demon transformed into this pill, young friend you won’t be able to subdue it. Humble Daoist is doing this for your own good and came here just to subdue it.” The fat cultivator was all smiles and he laughed and stretched his fat hands, there was a “Shuaaa” as the red pearl was taken away.

Ye Fan was indignant to the point that the back of his teeth were ticklish: “Daoist priest, didn’t you say that if we met again you would bring me good luck. You also mentioned that you would return the favour. Why are you snatching my stuff? You’ve already obtained the dagger, give the pearl back to me.”

“That sort of saying is not right, young friend don’t you understand?” The fat cultivator had a happy smile on his face, boasting shamelessly with spirited expression as he said: “It’s precisely because of the favour that you did for me during the first meeting that during our second meeting, I immediately rushed over to subdue this pearl that a demon had transformed into, helping you to avoid a tragedy. This is the fortune that you gained from the favour that you gave on our first meeting.”

“@#$*&^” Ye Fan felt the impulse to hit him and really wanted to leave a shoe print on his face but thinking of the unfathomable cultivation level of this fat cultivator, he could only resist this urge.

“The Gods are unfathomable, young friend if it is fated we’ll meet again. This humble Daoist will be going!” The fat cultivator twisted his butt as he rode on a mystical rainbow and rushed to the sky. “Schhwaff” and he was already gone.

“Damned fatty! I hope we don’t meet within this lifetime!” Ye Fan was incensed and he felt burning resentment. This cultivator was simply too unscrupulous and lacking in morals.


In the distance, the five important figures once again acted together as they used the mighty weapons within their hands to strike, managing to destroy another corner of the demonic emperor’s tomb as multicoloured sunlight shot forth in all directions again, even more spiritual weapons had rushed out. Although the five great experts were mighty and peerless, they could not stop all the multicoloured lights that were shooting to the sky and many of the weapons managed to escape their grasp. The surrounding cultivators had expressions of glee as they rode on mystical rainbows, flying in all directions as they followed the multicoloured lights.

Ye Fan was moodily sitting atop the stone mountain as he watched the multicoloured lights shoot in all directions once again. He was helpless as he muttered: “That damned fatty, really unscrupulous and evil. I curse him to have his stuff snatched and not even his personal bag will be left behind for him!”


In the distant sky, a purple coloured light rushed over, like a falling star it hastily impaled itself into the cliff face before him. Ye Fan’s eyes were wide in disbelief, there was actually a third spiritual weapon that deposited itself here. This was certainly very strange.

“This place……” He could sense that there was something special about this stone cliff face and there must certainly be something extraordinary here. There could not be such a miraculous coincidence that two to three spiritual weapons all embedded themselves into the same cliff face.

This time, Ye Fan did not act rashly but rather chose to wait for a very long period of time. He saw that no other person passed by the area and slowly made his way over as he mumbled: “That damned fatty won’t appear this time right……”

He carefully dug into the cliff face again, immediately streaks of intoxicating purple light shot forth, shining on his hand and making it seem sparkling and translucent. The purple qi pervaded the air and made one feel extremely comfortable, it was actually a purple thumb ring, streaks of purple light could be seen like numerous brightly coloured strips, one look and immediately one would fall in love with it.

“That damned endlessly greedy fatty, snatching my two precious treasures otherwise I would already have collected three of them.” Ye Fan was still indignant as he said: “This time I finally managed to avoid his notice.”

“Humble Daoist is here!” Ye Fan had barely finished muttering to himself when a fat figure appeared once again, his face was filled with a mirthful expression and wrinkles could be seen on his forehead. His mouth was currently in a wide green as even his molars could be seen as he loudly laughed: “I really do have some affinity with you young friend.”

“My *(#!@&*(#!@&*!……” Ye Fan’s face was red, he had never imagined that this fat cultivator would be as sticky as a dogskin plaster* that stuck to him as he angrily said: “Only a ghost would have affinity with you!”

[Idiom*: used in TCM and also known as quack medicine or sham goods]

“You and I really fated to meet.” The fat cultivators face was calm and had a honourable expression as he seemed to count his fingers: “Look, in such a short period of time, we have already met thrice. How can you say that we don’t have any affinity. This is heaven’s will!”

“Heaven’s will your grandfather!” Ye Fan stood up on both legs and really wanted to stomp on his fat buttocks but after considering the difference in his strength, he finally managed to swallow his anger as he walked to the side rushing away as he shouted: “Spiritual weapon……”

He used all his strength to throw the thumb ring away, even if he let others steal it, he did not want this endlessly greedy cultivator to obtain it. Otherwise, he would be angry to the point of spitting out blood, a purple glow streaked through the sky.

The reaction speed of the fat cultivator was in complete contrast to his build and with a “Woosh” he had already rushed forth and the purple thumb ring had flown for barely hundred metres before it had already been caught. Thereafter he laughed happily as he landed and said: “Heaven’s will! This is definitely heaven’s will!”

Ye Fan really felt that he might spit out blood at any moment, this fatso was really to despicable and thick-skinned, purposefully antagonising people.

“Daoist priest, don’t you think you’re going too far?” Veins could be seen bulging on Ye Fan’s forehead as he continued: “Monks should have some strength of character, as humans we shouldn’t be too greedy.”

“This humble Daoist has always been self-disciplined, worldly objects seldom move my heart. Constantly brushing away all desires, my heart is still like the divine moon which shines down on us.”

”Seeing his spirited expression, Ye Fan’s face was dark as he said: “Since you are so self-disciplined, return that item to me!”

“A monk embraces mercy. Because you and I have fate, humble Daoist will not fear exhaustion and help you to avert three disasters, tackling this difficult task and using my own mortal flesh to subdue these three great demons.” The fat cultivator had a merciful expression on his face, seemingly very honest and straightforward as he read line after line of scriptures as though he were an accomplished monk.

“You damned exuberant….. I denounce you!” Ye Fan grit his teeth as he said: “Daoist priest what’s your name?”

“Knowing my name is for free, surnamed Duan named De, my name is Duan De.

“No wonder you’re so lacking in morals, Duan De, broken morals*, clearly you’ve broken all your moral integrity!”

[T/N* Author does a play on words, 段德 is his name while 断德 means broken morals. Both words sound the same when read.]

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  1. You’d think Ye Hans super strength would at least allow him to hold on to at least one of those items instead of having them so easily snatched out of his hands. Even if he doesn’t have super strength, all he has to do is put on the ring and curl his finger… the fatty would have to chop off his finger to get it.

    • I highly doubt that. Even if he’s super strong there’s still a fundamental difference between him and an experienced cultivator. Keep in mind that even some noob-stage brat with a lowest-level magic symbol that he couldn’t even use properly was enough to overpower both Ye Fan AND Pang Bo. Now sure, Ye Fan has had some small success in cultivating since then and would probably whoop that kids ass if they ever fought again, but he’s still nowhere near a level to avoid or defend something from a real expert.

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