STH Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Most Precious Treasure of the Scheming Demonic Race

Ye Fan turned around and walked to the side as he cursed in a low tone that almost no one would be able to hear: “Damned fatty surnamed Duan, I curse that your future sons will have no ass!”

“Humble Daoist is a monk and will not marry or have kids.”

“You can even hear that?” Ye Fan was really a little frightened of him as he continued: “Old Daoist Duan you better be on your way, stealing three of my spiritual treasures, are you still unsatisfied?”

“I still have some affinity with little friend……” The fat cultivator mirthfully replied.

“Surnamed Duan you spirited fellow, you are bullying intolerably!” Ye Fan’s face was dark as he strode big steps towards the bottom of the mountain. He could not afford to offend this unscrupulous Daoist and could only leave.

“Karma gathers then dissipates, it seems that this humble Daoist and little friend’s karma ends here today. In the future it will be difficult to say, we may have the fortune to meet again.” The fat cultivator laughed and did not leave as he continued: “Now, humble Daoist feels that this stone cliff has some affinity with me and have decided to stay here and explore.”

Ye Fan was shocked, he did not expect the unscrupulous fatty to be so perceptive. He had also realised that the stone cliff was certainly extraordinary, Ye Fan understanding this immediately halted his footsteps.

“Little friend since you’ve decided to stay, I guarantee that you will have some gains. However, spiritual treasures that are too dazzling, my advise would be for you to avoid them. This is really for your benefit, with your current cultivation there is no way for you to protect a spiritual weapon. If found out, the situation would be dire. Not everyone is as merciful as this humble Daoist, many people when snatching spiritual weapons they will also kill, by then even your life would be forfeit.”


At this moment, five experts were launching an earth shattering attack as the vast and immeasurable divine energy was like the galaxy in the highest of the heavens that collapsed and leaked, a vast body of energy that surged like waves and engulfed the sky.

All the cultivators were trembling and many people lost control of their mystical rainbows as they fell from the sky. An indescribable palpitation filled their hearts as they found it difficult to breathe, the boundless pressure was simply impossible to defend against and the souls of many of the cultivators began to tremble involuntarily.

This was the might of the five important figures, when their divine might was used it could shock the world, any living thing would be filled with fear as their hearts quivered.


The final strike from the five peerless experts finally shattered the demon emperor’s burial mound as an explosion of demonic qi filled the sky, wreaking havoc in all directions.

The majestic ancient palace was making rumbling noises as it thoroughly fell apart.

At the same time, endless amounts of multicoloured sunlight shot forth in all directions, All the spiritual weapons that had been buried here had all rushed forth. Amongst them were some streaks of light that were more dazzling than the others, uniquely eye-catching and filled with lustre, illuminating the sky and glaring to the eyes, as though a mini sun were there, one did not need to think to understand that this was the strongest spiritual treasure.

The five peerless experts each executed their remarkable abilities as they stretched forth their big hands and each managed to grab one, glee clearly written on each of their faces. However, there were still a few of the spiritual weapons which were like mini suns that had escaped their grasp as they dashed to the sky, fleeing into the distance.

The few peerless experts did not chase, but rather chose to guard the area, using their powerful divine sense to sweep in all directions as though they were searching for something, allowing the different kinds of spiritual sense weapons to turn into multicoloured lights and escape.

The vast and immeasurable energy wave surged to the distant sky as all the cultivators seemed to become mad, ignoring the danger as they chased within the brilliant light, acquiring the spiritual sense weapons.

The demon emperor’s tomb had thoroughly fallen apart and rubble shot forth in all directions. All that was left was a wave of dazzling energy.

“The most precious treasure of the eastern badlands’ human race, why hasn’t it appeared?”

“The great demon emperor’s weapon, it’s rumoured to not be inferior to our most precious treasure, why hasn’t it appeared either?”

The five peerless experts had puzzled expressions on their faces as their powerful divine sense continued to sweep.


At this moment, from within the ball of dazzling light that had not scattered, a flash of light that could make the sky seem dim in comparison suddenly rushed out.

It was simply too dazzling, as though the sun had suddenly exploded!

Even the five extraordinary experts had difficulty keeping their eyes open as their eyes were pierced to the point of feeling pain. Their reactions were insanely fast as they all immediately stretched forth their large hands.


The divine light streaked through the sky, it had an incomparably strong energy and the entire sky seemed to tremble, the frightening fluctuations were vast and immeasurable as it forced the five experts to retreat, causing even the weapons in their hands to become dull and lose all their glow!

The resplendent divine light streaked through the sky, causing a frightening energy fluctuation that caused many of the cultivators in the surroundings to fall from the sky. It was releasing an incomparably strong demonic energy as though an entire world were combusting and nothing could stop it.

“It’s the weapon previously used by the great demon emperor! Comparable to the most precious treasure of the eastern badlands’ human race!”

The five experts came to their senses as three of them immediately began to chase. Two of them did not leave as they wanted to continue searching for the most precious treasure of legends.

In the distance, Ye Fan was speechless because he noticed that the resplendent light was currently racing towards this stone mountain.

The fat cultivator by the side began to rub his hands together as he laughed uncontrollably: “This humble Daoist really has good luck, the weapon of the great demon emperor that isn’t one whit inferior to the most precious treasure of the human race of the eastern badlands, if it’s obtained by me……”

“Can you catch it?” Ye fan frantically questioned, the demon emperor’s greatest treasure was currently speeding over and if the fat cultivator had no way to catch it, it would grind them into fine powder, that would be too tragic.

“You’re right, this humble Daoist doesn’t have that much good fortune, even if I’m able to catch it, the three peerless experts who are chasing it would definitely kill me, let’s go!” Having said this, he pulled Ye Fan, faster than a rabbit, “whoosh” as he dashed to another mountain.

Tens of thousands of divine lights shot forth from the weapon of the great demon emperor, dazzling and brilliant as nothing could be clearly seen. The blazing light made it difficult for one to keep their eyes open, as though billions of stars were exploding at the same time causing the entire world to violently trembled as it smashed into the stone mountain with a “Boom!”

“It’s over……” The fat cultivator continued to rub his hands: “This complicates matters, there is certainly an extraordinary treasure under the stone mountain however it definitely won’t be able to handle the impact from the most valuable treasure causing it to turn into dust, it’s such a pity.”

The entire area was drowned by the light as it became a vast body of energy, boundless as it undulated, causing all the surrounding cultivators to be flung away, some cultivators that were too near instantly disintegrated, forming into clouds of bloody mist.

At this point, something happened that caused everyone to be shocked. The stone mountain crumbled as an incomparably gentle green light was emitted, streaks of green shot towards the sky.

An extremely gentle and pristine multicoloured light that made one feel calm, indistinct green that was filled with the vigor of life, as though an oasis were floating in the sky.

A large green treasure pot came flying from the ground as it sucked the great demon emperor’s weapon within.

“Limitless, that that that….. That god!” At this moment, the fat cultivator was also at a loss for words as he breathed heavily before calming down as he loudly shouted: “It’s the demonic race’s treasure gathering pot!”

“Someone prepared the treasure gathering pot and hid it there, what great planning to scheme to take the most valuable treasure of the demon emperor!” The fat cultivator immediately understood why so many spiritual sense weapons were attracted to the stone cliff. There was actually a treasure gathering pot of legends there. Although the person had been suppressing the power of the treasure pot, it had still attracted many spiritual weapons here.

The treasure gathering pot seemed to be carved from green agate, astonishingly green, bright and dazzling, pure and holy green light filled the sky that was endlessly gentle and made one feel comfortable all over.

At this moment, a glaring light was flashing from within the treasure gathering pot, it was precisely the most valuable treasure of the demonic race, lights flashed, extremely piercing as it was simply impossible to see exactly how it looked like. It continued to rotate within the treasure pot, as though the stars in the universe were rotating, vast and immeasurable demonic energy often shot out together with blazing divine lights.

Ye Fan’s heart was trembling, standing in front of the treasure gathering pot was a person, a magnificent style unmatched in his or her generation, splendid and above the land under heaven , it was actually the perfect woman whom he had seen earlier.

At this moment, she appeared leisurely and pure. Perfect and without any blemish as before, simply exceptional looks. She put away the treasure gathering bowl hastily and became a flash of light and disappeared in the distance. Only leaving behind echoes of laughter that resembled the sounds of nature: “Many thanks for the aid, seniors. If not even if the descendants of the Demon Emperor had arrived in person, it would be hard to genuinely receive the great emperor’s treasure……”

The three peerless experts who had chased it here had cold expressions on their faces, they had carved several ‘Dao Inscriptions’ outside the demon emperor’s tomb and formed extremely power ‘Heavenly Influences’ and although it had not stopped the most valuable treasure of the demon emperor, it had been of great use in reducing the force that could seemingly overcome any obstacle. In the end, a person had been quietly waiting in the dark like a fisherman and used the treasure gathering pot to obtain the most valuable treasure.

The three peerless experts acted at the same time as they bombarded towards the light that had nearly disappeared into the horizon. This attack was so strong that even deities or demons would find it difficult to block, even if they themselves were faced with it they would find it difficult to bear. An energy fluctuation like a tsunami surged forward and the entire sky seemed to blaze with a blinding light, the surrounding cultivators were all terrified as they hurriedly dodged.

Even so, this strong attack seemed to miss as nothing was hit. Multicoloured lights filled the sky in front and the girl dived in a flash, rushing into the gentle light as she disappeared.

“This little demon girl had long made preparations and carved ‘Dao Inscriptions’ forming ‘Heavenly Influences’, traversing through the void. I’m afraid she already more than several thousand miles away.”

The three peerless experts spoke coldly, there was someone who actually schemed against them, stealing food from the tiger’s mouth as they took away the most valuable treasure of the demon emperor, making it difficult for them to bear.

“It’s easy to open the demonic emperor’s tomb however obstructing the most valuable treasure is simply too difficult. It seems that we actually helped her accomplish her aims……”

Lights flashed as the three peerless experts disappeared as they hastily sped towards the heart of region of the demon emperor’s tomb. The most valuable treasure of the human race of the eastern badlands had not appeared and this was the item that was most sought after.

“Why hasn’t the most valuable treasure of the human race of the eastern badlands appeared…..” The fat cultivator softly muttered.

Ye Fan was also very curious, he had continually heard people speaking of the legendary precious treasure but till now he did not know what the item was. It seemed that even the supreme experts like the important figures were all thirsting for it as they seemed to be willing to use any means to obtain it.

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