STH Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: The Mysterious Aurichalcite

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

Sounds of streaking could be heard as divine lights continued to rush towards the stone mountain, as though there were a meteor shower passing by.

Earlier, the treasure gathering pot lithely appeared before disappearing into the distance, it had released endless amounts of light that attracted all the nearby spiritual weapons.

“Karma, just karma!” The fat cultivator had a big smile on his face as he threw Ye Fan while nimbly rushing towards that rain of light.

At the same time, streaks of mystical rainbows could be seen as all the cultivators in this region rushed to gather spiritual weapons from the rain of light.


However, this was not a bountiful feast as the swiftly flying spiritual weapons were simply vicious, causing tens of people to be pierced as they went by, leaving behind a bloody trail of over ten corpses.

The fat cultivator shrieked miserably as he scuttled and bounced backwards, a golden short sword pierced into his buttocks and his hands were firmly grasping a blood red shield.

Although he was grimacing in pain, there were no wounds on his body. After pulling the sword out from his buttocks, there was no blood flowing and he talked as though nothing had happened: “Weapons that gained spiritual awareness, if they don’t stop on their own, they are really hard to capture.”

In comparison to the other cultivators, he was considered lucky as many people were pierced to death by the rain of light.


The fat cultivator once again chased forward, the other cultivators also rode on mystical rainbows as they closely chased, unwilling to give up the chance of obtaining more treasures.

At this moment, even more lights flashed over, of which many landed near the mountain peak, there were several lights that landed where Ye Fan was. However, when he saw what these things were, he immediately lost all interest, most of it were just rubble from the destroyed demon emperor’s tomb.

Several cultivators rushed over to search the mountaintop as they took measure of Ye Fan with their eyes.


At this moment, an object fell from the sky and heavily smashed into the ground. Ye Fan had just picked it up when he was surrounded by several cultivators. This made him feel exasperated, it seemed that he would not have any other gains today, even if he was lucky to obtain one hundred spiritual weapons, he would not have the ability to retain them.

“Whoever wants it, please go ahead.” He immediately threw the item on the ground.

“A lump of aurichalcite, who would want that!”

“I was wondering what treasure it was, it’s only a piece of useless aurichalcite.”

Although the cultivators said this, they still picked up the aurichalcite to carefully inspect it before tossing it at Ye Fan.

“I think it’s better if you keep it for yourself.”

“Which family’s child is this, so young yet running around already. Simply tired of living.”

The few cultivators were disappointed as they left, rushing towards the other mountains.

Ye Fan picked up the aurichalcite chunk that was the size of a palm as he carefully inspected it, it was very heavy and seemed to have been broken off from some weapon.

“Shuaaa, Shuaaa, Shuaaa”

Another group of over ten cultivators landed as they carefully inspected every corner of the mountain before requesting for the useless aurichalcite in Ye Fan’s hand, using their divine sense to inspect it before tossing it back to him and leaving.

In this manner, several tens of cultivators continually appeared on the mountain as they all inspected the useless aurichalcite within his possession before throwing it back to him. Ye Fan was speechless, this group of people must be itching to dig deep into the ground for treasures as they thoroughly inspected the aurichalcite, if he wanted to obtain a spiritual weapon today it would be harder than ascending to heaven.

Finally, the fat cultivator flew over with a wide smile on his face as he laughed, it seemed that he had made quite a bit of gains.

“Ai, young lad what are you hiding, don’t run and let this humble Daoist see it. Could there be some demon that is harassing you, let this humble Daoist help you subdue it.”

The treasure this time around, no matter what I won’t give it to you.” Ye Fan put on an act as he hugged the useless aurichalcite within his bosom.

Hearing this, the fat cultivator laughed: “Humble Daoist really has affinity with young friend, I’m able to help you subdue a fourth demon.”

“Don’t try that on me again! If you want this treasure it isn’t impossible but you must take something to exchange for it.” Ye Fan stretched a hand out in demand, he felt that although this fat cultivator was very unscrupulous and hateable, he was not violent or evil, it was unlikely that he would just suddenly kill him and that was why Ye Fan was not that afraid of him.

“You and I have repeatedly come across each other, it seems we really have an affinity to meet, alright, I’ll give you a piece of the legendary most precious treasure.” Having said this, the fat cultivator fished something out of his bosom.

“Who has affinity with you, we better not meet again within this lifetime.” Seeing the jade pendant that the fat cultivator passed over, Ye Fan felt even more indignant, this piece of jade was dim without light, calling it a piece of jade was too much. It was similar to a broken rock and even more frustrating was that a corner of it was also missing.

Ye Fan wanted to immediately throw it away but was stopped by the fat cultivator as he forced it into his bosom: “Keep it, this is something good. It may be enough to save your life when the time comes.” Having said this, the fat cultivator very nimbly took the useless aurichalcite over.

“God dammit, this is the treasure that you were speaking about, isn’t it just a piece of useless aurichalcite!” The fat cultivator glanced over at Ye Fan but did not have the slightest amount of sloppiness as he kept turning it around constantly as he earnestly and carefully looked at it for a full fifteen minutes before finally using his divine sense to inspect it again.


In the end, the fat cultivator threw the aurichalcite piece onto the ground, his face filled with disappointment as he said: “It seems that I’ve thought too much, you can keep this treasure of yours.”

Ye Fan looked down on this unscrupulous cultivator, he had never seen someone so greedy, even a piece of aurichalcite chunk that had rust on it, he had inspected it for so long.

“Pearls covered in dust are not recognised by people, since it’s like this I’ll keep it for myself.” Ye Fan picked up the aurichalcite piece, so many cultivators had inspected this useless aurichalcite and he did not think that this was some treasure, he only did this to spite the fat cultivator.

At this point, he no longer had any mood to stay within this ruins and wanted to leave.

The unscrupulous cultivator did not stop him as he constantly muttered: “The most precious treasure of the human race of the eastern badlands, where could it be……” His hands were clasped behind his back as he walked to and fro atop the mountain.

In no time at all, Ye Fan had already left the region far behind, there were no cultivators in the surroundings as he circulated the mystical arts recorded within the Dao Scripture, speedily flying out of the ruins.

Wisps of golden light were emitted from his golden sea of bitterness, flowing through his entire body, nourishing his organs and bones, making him feel full of energy as he speedily advanced.

At this moment, Ye Fan looked down and was shocked to see that the useless aurichalcite had gone through a mysterious change, losing the layer of rust on it as it suddenly exuded an ancient and imposing atmosphere.

At a glance the aurichalcite did seem ordinary as though it were the broken fragment of some weapon however on close inspection, it was currently releasing an implicit charm, giving one a feeling of endless ancientness and an imposing feeling.

Circulating the mystical arts within the Dao Scripture, wisps of gold shot forth from his fingertips towards the aurichalcite piece. Even so, no matter how much golden energy he transmitted to the aurichalcite, it remained the same, ancient and silent.

“This item doesn’t seem ordinary……”

Ye Fan placed the aurichalcite back within his bosom as he continued running, the golden sea of bitterness continually emitted golden wisps which provided him with endless spiritual qi, allowing him to run faster and faster.


Suddenly, Ye Fan was shocked as he felt that there was a cold just below his navel, thereafter his sea of bitterness seemed to have something additional within it. He hurriedly stopped as he found that the aurichalcite within his bosom had disappeared as he immediately thought of something as he inspected within.

“This……” The aurichalcite had actually appeared within his sea of bitterness, quietly sitting there without any movement, like a boulder from ancient times, steady and imposing.

The soybean sized gold sea of bitterness was like a brilliant moon in the darkness, besides the page of the extremely small golden book, there was now an ancient aurichalcite within, it was located in the centre and actually pushed the page of golden book to the side.

Although the golden paper was circulating streaks of divine radiance, dazzling and bright, it simply could not affect the aurichalcite as it was pushed aside.
“What exactly is this aurichalcite…..” Ye Fan felt shock within his heart as he carefully observed his golden sea of bitterness, finally noticing that there were many mysterious ‘Dao Inscriptions’ that had appeared on the aurichalcite.

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