STH Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Yang Tomb and Yin Grave

Ye Fan had a limited understanding of ‘Dao Inscriptions’ and had only heard Elder Wu Qing Feng brushed through on the subject, really strong weapons would have ‘Dao Inscriptions’ carved on them and they could be said to be the life and spirit of the weapon.

Of course the usage of ‘Dao Inscriptions’ was certainly not limited to this, being used on weapons was only one aspect, it also had a myriad of endless uses in other aspects. For example: It could be carved into a mountain’s ley lines, forming various different ‘Influence’ gathering mysterious energies to allow the area to become a mysterious ‘Domain’.

The profound ‘Dao Inscriptions’ are truly extraordinary, containing unimaginable energy, after engraving it, it can change the characteristics and type of the item, reconciling life and death. To the point where after some strange divine ‘Dao Inscriptions’ are carved, it can even affect the flow of time within a fixed area, really achieving the concept of ‘Seizing time is but a thought away’.

Then there are those abstruse ‘Dao Inscriptions’ which can only be carved onto rare ingredients, after going through a series of intricate and zero-margin for error arrangement, it can provide a strong divine energy which enables one to travel through the world, crossing the void and appearing from one place to another in an instant.

There are also those numerous and complication ‘Dao Inscriptions’ which can form ‘Heavenly Influences’, containing an unimaginable amount of energy and transformation within them.

Needless to say, many of the strong ‘Dao Inscriptions’ were not passed on through the world but rather in the hands of the Sacred Grounds or ancient aristocratic family, withholding this information, outsiders simply do not have an inkling on how powerful they are and can only guess from some rumours and legends.

In reality, the profundity of ‘Dao Inscriptions’ covers a very large area. It is rumoured that ‘Dao Inscriptions were formed from almighty individuals in ancient times, after understanding heaven and earth, copying it down and passing it to the world, forming the current ‘Dao Inscriptions’.

The normal cultivator would simply have no chance to come in contact with domains, only when their strength reached a certain level would they be able to practice ‘Dao Inscriptions’. From a certain perspective, ‘Dao Inscriptions’ are the understandings of heaven and earth that the almighty individuals of ancient times copied down, the stronger the cultivator the more he would be keen to research these ‘Dao Inscriptions’ that have been spread through the world.

The surface of the mysterious aurichalcite did not have any ‘Dao Inscriptions’, only the broken off part showed numerous and densely packed Dao Inscriptions, very complicated and profound, simply impossible for a normal person to understand. Although it was so profound, it had a natural aura of the Dao and one look at it made one’s emotions deeply stir up.

“It seems like something that was formed naturally……” Ye Fan muttered. Elder Wu Qing Feng had once said that there were some precious treasures that had naturally occurring ‘Dao Inscriptions’ within them, not carved by humans and extraordinary, simply impossible to copy and is the basis for it being so formidable.

“Could it really be naturally occurring Dao Inscriptions……” Ye Fan was unsure as his understanding of Dao Inscriptions was limited, he only had some faint suspicions.

Suddenly, Ye Fan felt a strange fluctuation, he noticed that the road in front of him had been cut off, misty without end, as wisps of strange mist shrouded the entire front area.

At the same time, he could hear the roaring of an azure dragon that was shaking the sky, The important figure from the ancient aristocratic Ji family was sitting on a gold war vehicle as he rushed by, an austere atmosphere filled this entire mountainous region.

“Temporarily seal up the ruins, no one is allowed to leave!” Nine river dragons were dragging a car, blocking the forward path, the important figure of the Ji family was leaving endless amounts of Dao Inscriptions on the mountain’s ley lines, blocking the forward path.

In another direction, nine Qilin beasts were pulling a jade carriage, soaring on clouds, riding on mist, divine might overflowing to the sky as they blocked off the east side. At the same time, in the other directions, there were the sounds of similar exclamations as the few important figures sealed the entire ruins, preventing anyone from leaving.

Ye Fan’s heart was in shock, he felt that something was amiss as he hurriedly stopped. Stopping his circulating of the mystical arts recorded in the Dao Scripture as his golden sea of bitterness regained its calm before disappearing.

The entire ruins was in a clamor as many of the cultivators did not know what was happening and actually imagined that the important figures were planning to massacre all of them.

“What’s going on?”

“Why aren’t we allowed to leave?”

Many of the loose cultivators were nervous, only the cultivators of the larger sects were calm, without expressions of panic.

“The most valuable treasure of the eastern badland’s human race has not shown itself, the few important figures are panicking!”

“That’s right, they’re blocking the path out in fear that someone might bring it away.”

“These five important figures were unable to find the most valuable treasure of the eastern badland’s human race, is it possible for others to obtain it?”

The cultivators were all in a heated discussion, when they realised that they were trapped here because of the most valuable treasure, a majority of them calmed down as they never held any hopes of obtaining it.

The five important figures carved Dao Inscriptions onto the mountain’s ley lines, sealing the four directions before returning to the devastated tomb of the demon emperor as they began to thoroughly search anew.

“How can there be no sign whatsoever of the most valuable treasure of the eastern badland’s human race? After the destruction of the demon emperor’s tomb it should explode forth with an earth-shattering pressure.”

The five important figures spoke softly but did not hide their words, they simply did not have a reason to do so.

“Where could the Desolate Pagoda possibly be, why hasn’t it appeared yet……”
“Missing for over ten thousand years, the Desolate Pagoda should see the light of day once more, why isn’t there a single trace of it.”

In the distance, many cultivators were apprehensive, the few important figures clearly wanted to get the most valuable treasure at all costs, if they did not find it, who knew how long they would be trapped here.

Ye Fan was surprised, it was only now that he realised the most valuable treasure was actually called ‘Desolate Pagoda’, just the name alone made one feel that it would certainly be extraordinary.

Several cultivators from the larger sects were in discussion, discussing the past of this most valuable treasure.

“It’s rumoured that the Desolate Pagoda has existed for countless years, exactly which era it was handed down is simply impossible to fathom.”

“It’s rumoured that it existed the same instance where the Eastern badlands came to be, when this vast and endless land gained spiritual sense, the Desolate Pagoda was there.”

“What exactly does the Desolate Pagoda look like?” Many cultivators were not clear on this.

“As the name implies, clearly it is a Pagoda, the nine layered Desolate pagoda possesses a boundless amount of might that none can measure since time immemorial. It is able to suppress all the strong cultivators in the world!”

“Is it that frightening?”

“Even if you were a peerless existence that could look down on all existences within the eastern badlands, you cannot block the suppression of the Desolate Pagoda, otherwise how would it have come to be the most valuable treasure of the eastern badland’s human race.”

“Since ancient times, it is unknown how many peerless experts bear a grudge against the Desolate Pagoda, no one can possibly block its suppression.”

The front path was blocked and Ye Fan had no way to leave, returning to the depths of the ruins, he heard the discussions of the cultivators and was fascinated, the Desolate Pagoda was simply heaven-defying, arousing one’s desire.

At this moment, the unscrupulous cultivator Duan De appeared as he speedily rushed over to where Ye Fan was. His entire being seemed to be blazing as his speed was phenomenal, in a blink he had appeared before him with an excited expression as he asked: “Where’s that piece of useless aurichalcite?”

“I threw it into the pond already.”

“What?!” The unscrupulous cultivator had shock written all over his face followed by panic as he grabbed Ye Fan’s shoulders and shook him: “Where is the pond, hurry bring me there!”

Ye Fan’s heart was moved, could it be that the aurichalcite had some great background? Initially he had thought that it had something to do with the most precious treasure, when he found out that the Desolate Pagoda was in the form of a nine storey pagoda, he immediately understoof that the aurichalcite could not possibly be the most valuable treasure, it was totally different from that of a pagoda.

“The ruins is so big, dense forest and mountains everywhere, I’ve long lost my sense of direction and forgotten where I’ve been to.”

“No! You must remember!” The face of the unscrupulous cultivator was fearsome, both his eyes were red as he grabbed onto Ye Fan tightly.

“Isn’t it just a piece of useless aurichalcite? You tossed and turned it for a full fifteen minutes before throwing it to the ground, why are you looking for it now. Could that useless piece of aurichalcite actually have some background?”

“Even if I say it you won’t understand, now hurry and find it for me!” The unscrupulous cultivator did not smile and had a stern face as he dragged Ye Fan along.

Ye Fan immediately understood that the mysterious aurichalcite was certainly extraordinary and seemed to be very important.

“God dammit, this humble Daoist actually threw away something that I had already obtained…..” The fat cultivators face was pale as he was filled with frustration and regret, totally different from his earlier expression of mirth and happiness.

Ye Fan was apprehensive, he could feel that the unscrupulous cultivator seemed to be willing to kill and he did not want to bang himself onto the knife’s edge as he earnestly walked forward.

“Young friend, you must carefully think, if we are able to find that piece of aurichalcite, whatever you want I will hand it over to you!” The fat cultivators face was stern as he emphasised: “You must carefully recall!”

“What exactly is that thing?”

“Stop asking questions, if you ask anymore questions, this humble Daoist will become angry!” The fat cultivator viciously slapped his right hand as he said: “How could I be so muddle headed, a lifetime of looking for treasures but in the end still failed to see it when it was right in front of me.” It could be seen that he was very regretful and blamed himself to the point where he wanted to cut off that hand of his.

“Our paths diverged from here, thereafter I saw you running towards the distance……” The fat cultivator had brought Ye Fan to the mountain where they had split paths.

“That’s right, it’s here. Let me think which direction did I take off in……” Ye Fan walked at a normal pace towards the bottom of the mountain, the unscrupulous cultivator followed close, not rushing him as he wanted him to slowly recall.

Ye Fan walked very slowly as he thought about how to get rid of the fat cultivator. Unknowingly, the two had already walked past three mountains and when climbing the fourth one, Ye Fan had an expression of glee as he said: “It’s here.”

Seeing where his finger was pointed, the fat cultivator’s face became ugly, atop this mountain ridge was a dark and deep naturally occurring pool, silent like a rock without any waves, emitting a cold air that made one’s heart shiver.

“Don’t tell me that you threw it into this deep pool!” A demonic light seemed to be flashing from the fat cultivator’s eyes which immediately made Ye Fan panic, he could faintly feel that something was amiss, as though the fat cultivator could see through his intentions.
At this moment, Ye Fan was extremely nervous as he hurriedly gathered his wits about him as he worked hard to reenact a scene of him standing by the dark deep pool and throwing the piece of useless aurichalcite in.

The fat cultivator’s eyes returned to normal as he grit his teeth and said: “You wastrel! I…… I am of a mind to throw you in as well!”

“Isn’t it just a piece of useless metal?” Ye Fan’s face seemed to be indifferent.


The fat cultivator abruptly leapt into the deep pool, initially a divine glow could be seen flashing beneath the surface of the water however after a while it became dull, without light as the dark waters of the deep pool regained calm.

Ye Fan waited for a full two minutes but the unscrupulous cultivator had not come back as he muttered: “This fatty who is so lacking in morals couldn’t have gotten his just desserts inside right?”

Another minute passed and the surface of the water broke as the fat cultivator rushed out, his entire body covered in a thick layer of black ice.


Within the back mystical ice, lights continually flashed and ten breaths worth of time passed before the divine lights from the unscrupulous cultivator finally broke through the ice, causing the ground to be littered with pieces of ice. His face was currently very pale as his lips were even shivering.

“God dammit, almost freezed this humble Daoist to death.” His entire body was trembling, quivering and shaking uncontrollably as his body continually released a divine glow expel the cold air, black wisps could be seen emitting from his body as the surrounding vegetation was immediately frozen by the black mist, thereafter turning into dust.

In the distance, Ye Fan took a sharp intake of cold air, he had chosen this dark pool as he felt that it was deep enough. He never expected it to be this frightening. Those sturdy ice pieces that fell to the ground caused the area of over ten metres around it to be frozen as many boulders shattered, even Ye Fan who was far away could feel the bone piercing cold.

“Daoist have you managed to find it?”

“I actually went down several thousand metres and saw a broken plaque along the way, there were two words ‘Deep Pool’ carved on it, unfathomably deep, I have no idea how deep this dark pool is!”

“Daoist why did you toss it away initially, you’re regretting it now right……”

“Don’t talk about it anymore!”

Seeing the flustered and exasperated expression on the fat cultivator’s face, Ye Fan almost laughed, he was feeling tremendously good but an expression of nervousness was on his face as he said: “Could it really have been a treasure?”

The fat cultivator’s face was pale as he angrily walked to and fro: “I don’t have a common language with you!”

Ye Fan tactfully walked to the side as he plucked two wild fruits and began to feast.

Seeing his indifference as he even had the mood to eat wild fruits, the fat cultivator had a gloomy expression as he said: “You damned wastrel! You actually tossed it into the deep pool, I…… I really want to kill you!”

“Old Daoist, you were the one who threw it away, why are you blaming me now? Didn’t you also treat it like garbage initially……”

“I…… I hate myself!” The unscrupulous cultivator really wanted to slap himself as he once again jumped into the deep pool.

This time, he went for over two hours before finally breaking the surface, he was already a big block of ice as black lights flashed with a piercing cold that chilled the bone.

Ye Fan hid far away, the unscrupulous cultivator took a full minute before finally breaking through the ice, his entire body was black and purple, all the pores on his body were releasing a black mist as the entire region atop the mountain became covered with black ice, vegetation withered and many boulders were frozen and shattered.

After a long period of time, the unscrupulous cultivator finally recovered as he disappointedly walked out of the icy region, sitting on the ground with his buttocks he muttered: “I really hate myself……”

By the side, Ye Fan was secretly feeling schadenfreude, seeing the crestfallen expression on the fatty who was lacking in morals made him feel an indescribable sense of pleasure.

Suddenly, the unscrupulous cultivator seemed to think of something as he suddenly jumped up and looked to the distant volcano before gazing back at the black deep pool as he exclaimed: “I understand! The demon emperor has two burial mounds, one is a Yang tomb while the other is a Ying grave!”

Ye Fan was shocked by his actions as he questioned: “Daoist what are you saying?”

The fat cultivator ignored him as he earnestly began carving on the ground. The active volcano and the dark deep pool was marked out on the ground. Afterwards, he continued to mark down the topography of the surrounding area in scale.

“God dammit, it’s really like that! One Yang and one Ying, forming a Tai Chi symbol, the heart which is the source of the divine spring of energy is buried in the Yang tomb while the real icy cold corpse is buried in the Ying grave.” The fat cultivator’s face seemed to glow in comprehension.

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