STH Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: The Start of a Massacre

Within the black and cold pond, ripples continued as dilapidated ancient war vehicles seemed as though they had experienced the baptism of fire and blood, knife scars and sword slashes covered their exteriors as they were covered with black water, riding on the wind and breaking the waves as they came forth.

“It’s really too unorthodox, tens of thousands of years have already gone by but there are still grave guardians for the yin grave, it’s simply too ridiculous and unfathomable!” The fat cultivator frowned.


While he was distracted, a black arrow swiftly shot over, the arrowhead had deathfire blazing on it while the tail of it seemed to emit thick black mist.


The fat cultivator lifted his red shield and immediately blocked the arrow, however, the arrow exploded and the deathfire shot spread out as the black mist surged. The deathfire burned the surrounding floor black, causing even boulders to melt. The bubbling black mist was then frozen, shattering into dust.

These frightening energies had almost reached Ye Fan and the fat cultivator, the arrow contained the elements of fire and ice, extremely frightening. A normal cultivator who was not paying attention could easily lose their lives.

“Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh……”

Sounds of streaking could be heard as black arrows continued to pierce through the black mist and shoot towards them, as though a black torrential rain were pelting towards them.

“Ding, Ding, Dang, Dang”

The red shield had continuously blocked hundreds of arrows, the surroundings were covered in deathfire and endless black mist surged through the area.

“Chi Chi Chi”

A scarlet red light emitted from the shield, like a wave that was surging outwards, it scattered the deathfire and dispersed the black mist, finally blocking off this wave of attack.

Even so, rumbling sounds could suddenly be heard as the dilapidated ancient war vehicles carried yin soldiers forward, they had already come ashore and were pressing closer.

“I’d really like to see what lifeforms you are!” The fat cultivator grit his teeth as he spat forth a green light, this was an inch long small knife that was glowing green, as it floated in the wind it swiftly grew to half a cun long, it resembled a pond of green jade water, translucent and sparkling with wisps of cold air being emanated.

[Cun = One Chinese foot]

Seeing this, Ye Fan grit his teeth, this was the dagger that he had obtained but was snatched by the unscrupulous cultivator, at this moment he was actually using it to fight against the enemy.


The azure coloured dagger became a path of green as it dashed forward, shooting forth dazzling divine light that immediately blocked one of the dilapidated ancient war vehicles.

Thereafter, light was released from the sea of bitterness of the unscrupulous cultivator as a red pearl rushed forth, scarlet red lights shot in all directions, surging with strong divine energy fluctuations as it rushed forth, immediately stopping three of the ancient war vehicles, making it impossible for them to carry on forward.

At the same time, a purple light could be seen flashing from the thumb ring on the unscrupulous cultivator’s thumb, causing his entire palm to seem sparkling and translucent as the purple qi expanded.


The unscrupulous cultivator exclaimed as he lifted his fingers, the purple thumb ring immediately shot forth streaks of sharp purple sword aura.

“Chi Chi Chi”

The sword aura immediately slashed apart two of the ancient war vehicles causing the yin soldiers atop them to be halted.

Seeing all this, Ye Fan cursed, these three spiritual weapons had been found by him but were snatched by the unscrupulous cultivator and were now currently being used to fight the enemy.

“Chi Chi Chi”

At this moment, the green dagger with spiritual sense had already pierced through five yin soldiers and thoroughly chopped through an ancient war vehicle. The scarlet red pearl had also successfully stopped the advancement of three ancient war vehicles.

“Good stuff!” The unscrupulous cultivator exclaimed.

Finally, all the dilapidated ancient war vehicles were all thoroughly chopped apart and all the yin soldiers were pierced, the unscrupulous cultivator swiftly rushed forward as he tore open the jet black metal armour on their bodies to see exactly what was within.

What made him speechless and stunned was that ripping apart several armours from the yin soldiers revealed the same thing, their insides were actually fine sand and not actual lifeforms. Eventually, he did manage to find some yin soldiers that were not made from fine sand and after careful inspection he realised that they were actually the corpses of wild beasts that had been sealed with ice within.

“What’s going on……” The unscrupulous cultivator was amazed: “Could it be that Dao Inscriptions have been supporting them?” He hastily swept away the fine sand as he found that there was indeed a small wooden plaque engraved with complicated Dao Inscriptions there.

“It’s really the case, scattered sand forming into soldiers, assembling corpses to form generals, simply astonishing methods.” Having said this, an elated expression was on the fat cultivator’s face as he said: “These are all Dao Inscriptions from tens of thousands of years ago, who knows what frightening things we can find if we carefully study it.”

He hastily blew away all the fine sand and shattered all the corpses, gathering all the wooden plaques as he formed a large pile of them.


At this moment, from the icy cold depths of the blank pond came a noise, a honoured demon dressed entirely in obsidian gold armour with a single wolf head slowly walked out, releasing a dense aura of death, clearly many times stronger than the yin soldiers.

“This was an honoured demon that had died eons ago, it has also been used but it doesn’t seem like Dao Inscriptions are controlling his corpse.” The unscrupulous cultivator had a contemplative expression.

The honoured demon slowly moved forward as the ground shuddered and the black mist roiled.

“It really isn’t simple.” At this moment, a dazzling green light came shooting forth from the unscrupulous cultivators sea of bitterness, a large patch of green fire surged forward and surrounded the honoured wolf headed demon.


The honoured demon was exceptional as it released a dense death aura causing the green flame to be continually beaten back.

“He’s gone through a corpse transformation, gaining a hazy consciousness, his demon body is immortal thus creating a strong deathly presence that reeks of resentment.” The unscrupulous cultivator was stunned, he felt that this was simply incredible as he asked Ye Fan to back away. He then sent forth his spiritual weapons and used the green flame to assist them.

“There’s actually something strange here.” A cold voice could be heard as a male youth in his twenties arrived at this mountain top: “Very good, all of you can leave……” His gaze locked onto the wooden plaques with Dao Inscriptions carved on them and finally stared at the honoured demon.

The unscrupulous cultivator shot a cold glance at him but immediately had a strange expressions as he saw that the sleeves of the person actually had the markings of Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground.

“I, disciple of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, come with orders from my teacher, ordering the lot of you to swiftly leave.” The youth was very arrogant and seemed to be filled with an inborn loftiness. His gaze swept past Ye Fan and noticed that there were no divine energy fluctuations as he continued: “If you don’t want to die, hurry and get lost from this place!”


At this moment, the honoured demon managed to escape from the fetters of the unscrupulous cultivator as it swiftly entered the black pond, disappearing within.

The unscrupulous cultivator turned his body as he coldly said: “Little thing that doesn’t know the difference between living and dying, putting on airs by wearing a tiger’s skin, I hate your degenerate kind the most. Actually daring to pretend to be a disciple of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, even if you are, this Daoist would still dare to slap you to death!”


The youth saw that his facade was seen through and immediately acted, hundreds to thousands of golden lights shot forth, dense and numerous as though a golden rain were shooting towards the unscrupulous cultivator.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

The unscrupulous cultivator waved his sleeves as green lights flew forward and subdued the entire golden rain, they were actually formed from golden needles.


The unscrupulous cultivator sped forward as he grabbed the neck of the youth before dragging him to the cold pond: “Putting on airs while wearing a tiger’s skin, thinking of fooling this humble Daoist, speak, which family are you from. Otherwise, I will throw you in.”

“I’m really from the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground!” A fearful expression could be seen on the youth’s face.

“Daoist why are you wasting time talking to him, just throw him in and feed him to that honoured demon.” Ye Fan who was by the side constructively suggested, purposefully scaring the youth.

“You’re right, we don’t need to waste our saliva.” The unscrupulous cultivator lightly flung and the youth immediately fell into the cold pond, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

In the distance, Ye Fan was speechless, he did not expect that the unscrupulous cultivator would actually do it. The cultivator lacking in morals suddenly became dangerous in heart, like a person who simply did not care.

“Gurgle Gurgle”

The black pond rolled over and over as over ten honoured demons appeared, covered in obsidian gold armour with only their heads exposed. Their forms were all strange, some were dog heads, others were tiger heads, some were even more monstrous as they all released a dense deathly aura. In their hands was the youth who had been thrown in earlier and with a “Bang!” he was ripped apart, blood splattering in all directions.


At this moment, the cold pond seemed to be boiling as the ink black pond suddenly became blood red, seemingly extremely demonic.

“Not good, things have gotten bad, the demon emperor’s yin grave has been stained with blood and the sure-kill formation has been activated!” The unscrupulous cultivator’s facial expression became very ugly.


At this moment, the world seemed to tremble as a blood red light shot from the cold pond and covered the sky, illuminating the entire area of this ruins in a frigid allurement, causing all the cultivators to be shocked.

“Could it be…… that we’re going to die in this place?!” Ye Fan had terror written on his face.

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