STH Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Five Coloured Earthen Altar

Everything had happened so suddenly and the image in front of their eyes was an impossibility!

“This……” Everybody was filled with disbelief.

Nine dragon corpses and the bronze coffin were in front of their eyes and they had no way to refute this fact.

This was something that went against common sense and everybody’s thoughts about what was real were challenged.

When the bodies crashed onto Mount Tai, Ye Fan and his group did not run away haphazardly but stuck together till the Jade Emperor Peak was peaceful again, nobody had suffered any major injuries except for some minor scratches.

At this moment their faces had shock written all over it; this scene would remain in their minds for the rest of their lives.

The Nine dragon corpses laid peacefully together with the bronze coffin. This seemingly peaceful scene was too mysterious and shocking.

Everybody was speechless and their hearts were racing. Each person was experiencing various emotions ranging from fear to shock.

After a long period of time, Lin Jia softly spoke out: “Let’s hurry and head down the mountain.”

Everyone nodded and felt that leaving immediately was the right choice. Nobody was willing to continue staying there as everybody was questioning where did the nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin come from? Why did they land on Mount Tai? Even though the reality was in their faces everybody was still filled with disbelief and unease.

Under the blood red glow of the setting sun, the Jade Emperor Peak was devastated. This was especially so for where the bronze coffin landed; the area had a huge crater and the surroundings had large fissures measuring one to two metres in width that spread out like a spider web in all directions.

One of the fissures was like a winding centipede that extended to the feet of Ye Fan and his group however it was only a palm sized gap due to the distance from the epicenter of the fall.

Just when everybody was prepared to leave, Li Xiao Man pointed in front and said: “What is that?”

The ground that had split apart showed half a piece of a jade tablet that was reflecting sunlight.

Everybody was fearful but still slowly walked forward and looked. In the metre wide fissure there was actually an altar that had half broken pieces of jade on top that looked like jade books.

“How can this be, is it possible that something is actually buried underneath?”

That circular altar was not big, it was ancient looking yet simple, made from five different colours of special dirt filled with ancientness that made one unable to guess how long it had existed.

“Look over there, there’s more!” Wang Zi Wen who was standing at the forefront said and pointed towards the areas with even larger fissures.

In the fissure that extended almost two metres also sat a five coloured earthen altar. It had already been sundered apart and a jade tablet that was inside had fallen out. The jade tablet had many weird words and symbols on it that nobody could recognise.

At this moment everybody showed expressions of shock; this could well be the ancient altar of heaven of old that the emperors used to perform Fengshan sacrifice.

In the five coloured circular altar lies a jade script, it resembles the script which was compiled by Ban Gu during the Eastern Han Dynasty. It states “Gold clay with Silver ropes, roped glowing stones that are sealed in the ground”. While Grand historian Sima Qian’s Shiji also mentions “ as the hero ascends, the gold clay stones records.

[T/N* Both articles refer to the process of Fengshan sacrifices regarding the worship of instruments/objects, have no idea what it means, if anyone has any inkling, do write in the comments]

In a short while, the classmates discovered that the surrounding fissures also had similar five coloured earthen altars and there were more than ten of them!

Every five coloured earthen altar looked as though they had seen countless years and each had either jade pieces or jade tablets that were carved with the mysterious symbols and words.

Everyone had a similar thought: “could the nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin be related to these altars?”

Ye Fan loved reading the “Strange” genre from old texts and knew more about Fengshan sacrifice than all the others combined. He was stupefied at the moment; could it be that the Fengshan sacrifice done during the Three Kings and Five Emperor period and seventy two emperors had taken place here?

Maybe the legends were real otherwise how could there be so many five coloured earthen altars. From the words on the jade pieces a large majority were from the Oracle Bone Script* which coincided with the theory.

[ T/N* Oracle bone script is the set of ancient chinese characters found in Bronze Age China ]

Everyone should have immediately run away but they did not. Although fearful of the nine dragon corpses, being shocked at the 20 metre long bronze coffin and surprised at the many five coloured earthen altars, curiosity got the better of them and they had already walked around the bronze coffin.

“Seems like there isn’t much danger, however these dragon corpses……”

After everyone completed their circle around the area, the fear in their hearts had gradually subsided however they still felt relatively uneasy and decided to head down the mountain.

“Look, the fissure in the centre has a huge altar!”

The bronze coffin had made a giant crater in the ground and now that they were on the other side what they saw shocked them.

In the deep fissure there was a magnificent altar, not made of mud but five different kinds of different coloured boulders. The 20 metre coffin lay on it and the altar was in no way damaged.

This monstrously large five colour stone altar was clearly different from the normal earthen altars. It’s position was also in the centre of the Jade Emperor Peak.

The bronze coffin that fell from the sky had such a tremendous impact however there was not even a scratch on the stone altar making it hard to imagine what sort of rock was used to create it.

Besides the bronze coffin which was on top of the monstrously huge altar, there were also many jade and stone tablets that looked very old.

Be it the jade or the stone tablets, they all had mysterious hieroglyphics and symbols on them that were far more refined than those found from the other altars.

It was surprising that the jade and stone tablets were still lined up orderly on the large altar even though the bronze coffin had landed with such a tremendous force.

“Let’s hurry and leave this place.” Ye Fan and Zhou Yi said at the same instant urging their classmates.

Everyone nodded, as the current situation seemed unsafe and although there were mysteries abound, it was certainly not up to them to check. The nine dragon corpses were unsettling and the bronze coffin made their hearts tremble.

Just as everyone turned to leave, a female classmate let out a scream as a piece of rock she was standing on gave way making her fall towards the centre fissure.

“Careful!” A male classmate had reacted quickly and managed to grab her in time while the classmates by the side also reacted and helped pull her to safety.

The piece of rock was making rumbling noises as it fell towards the crater before crashing into the large altar with a “Bang!”.

The large altar let out a hazy five coloured glow and everyone suddenly felt an immense force acting on their bodies, making them completely unable to move their feet.


The large altar started to tremble violently causing the entire Jade Emperor Peak to tremble as well. The people standing by the sides of the crater lost their balance but were unable to move and started to tumble towards the giant crater.

Fear gripped their hearts as everyone landed onto the large altar!

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