STH Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Departure

The unscrupulous cultivator sighed several times: “We have no way to enter that yin grave anymore, damn……” He was still pining for the aurichalcite and at this moment his hopes were gone and he was feeling regretful and frustrated.”

The killing formation within the cold pond had already been activated but anyone outside the cold pond was still safe.

At this moment, five dazzling lights flew over as five important figures were all startled into movement, as they arrived swiftly at the mountain top, releasing a vast pressure as though immortals were hovering the the sky.

Ye Fan wanted to observe them but found that he had no way to look through that brilliant divine glow, he could only see five balls of bright divine light but nothing else.

“Demon emperor’s Yin Grave!” Someone amongst them did a sharp intake of cold air as his eyes were like a torch and with a single glance he had immediately understood what was below the cold pond.

“The volcano was the Yang tomb, the cold netherworld deep pond was the Yin tomb, one Yang and one Yin, forming the Tai Chi symbol, stealing the fortune of the world and capable of causing phenomenal changes.” Another figure sighed as he continued: “The demon emperor was certainly exceptional, if we did not happen to notice it by chance, it would simply be impossible to find. He actually designed a Yang and Yin tomb and grave.”

“This matter is quite troublesome, the Yin Grave has already activated its sure-kill formation making it very difficult to enter!”

“The most valuable treasure of the eastern badland’s human race has not made its appearance, it’s highly likely that it rests here within the Yin Grave!”

The emotions of the bigwigs were riled but they were unable to come up with ideas to deal with the formation and did not dare to easily enter the demon emperor’s Yin Grave.

“There should be other ways, tens of thousands of years have already passed, even a set-up as perfect as this would appear gaps. If we carefully advance and thoroughly inspect, we can then make a proper decision.”


Five balls of light then descended as one of the balls of light immediately shrouded the unscrupulous cultivator.

“Earlier I heard someone mention that even if he met the disciple of a Sacred Ground he would still dare to slap the person to death. It seems you aren’t ordinary, this place was first discovered by you, why don’t you join us and head down together.”

The unscrupulous cultivator’s face paled as he frantically replied: “Seniors, I was simply speaking nonsense, don’t drop yourselves down to my level. The Yin Grave has activated its sure-kill formation and based on my cultivation level if I head down I will surely perish.”

“Really not simple, even knowing the Yang Tomb and Yin Grave. It seems that you’re certainly an extraordinary personnel, come with us!”

“No, seniors please spare this young one……” The unscrupulous cultivator gave a miserable cry.


Five streaks of lights flashed as the five supreme experts lifted the pale-faced unscrupulous cultivator and entering the blood coloured cold pond, the unscrupulous cultivator was shrieking miserably like a pig being slaughtered.

Following their entry, the cold pond began to froth as a bloody glow filled the entire sky, the demon generals within had long since disappeared.

“It’s true that evil people will face retribution, damned fatty this is what you get!” Ye Fan stood up as he dusted his bottom before leaving the area, this area was simply too dangerous to remain any longer.


Blood red lights flashed as the entire primitive ruins was shrouded in the blood red glow, the whole area seemed to be dreary, fuzzy and demonic, extremely strange and frightening.

At this moment, everyone felt their hearts start to palpitate, beneath the blood coloured cold pond, there seemed to be an earth shattering change that was occurring!

Ye Fan left that mountain top and hid in the distance.

The ley lines of the mountains in four directions had Dao Inscriptions on them, sealing this piece of ancient land and it was impossible for Ye Fan to break through as he could only wander about within this region. He was waiting for the chance to leave, he had already acquired the single-paged golden book and serendipitously acquired the mysterious aurichalcite, it could be said that he had made a bountiful harvest that would make all the cultivators go into a frenzy, fleeing into the distance was was his best option.

“Hopefully the restriction gets lifted soon……”

With Ye Fan’s current level of cultivation, he simply had no way to compete with the other cultivator’s for spiritual weapons. He understood the circumstances of his own body and had purposefully chosen to go to the more desolate regions.

Ye Fan opened a jade case as a fragrance assailed the nostrils, the Jade Snake Orchid was heavily scented and fragrant, at this moment he was thinking of taking action and using this chance to look for more spiritual medicines. With his acquiring of the single-paged golden book, he had the entire ‘Wheel and Sea Volume’ to guide his progress, if he could find enough medicinal elixirs he would then be able to achieve a small success in a short period of time.

Ye Fan swiftly acted as he headed to the depths of the mountains. The appearance of the demon emperor’s burial mound had caused most of the spiritual beasts to run away and a small amount hid in their dwellings are were too afraid to come out. Searching for spiritual medicines at this time was many times simpler than normal.

When venturing towards the depths of the ruins, Ye Fan remembered going by a swamp and there was a strange beast there that was immensely strong, as though it were protecting something. Back then he had avoided it but he now decided to go there and take a look.

Finding that piece of mountain land, Ye Fan quickly discovered the swamp as he could faintly feel waves of killing intent as he saw huge scales within the swamp, each the size of a palm.

“It seems that there was a big fellow that was hidden here, it’s fortunate that it has already left.”

Ye Fan carefully searched for a long time but did not manage to find anything. Finally, in an area where many of the scales were gathered he noticed something unusual, there was an unknown plant here and although it seemed very ordinary, the strange beast seemed to have carefully skirted around it and never stepped on it before.

He was curious as he crouched down and started to dig through the soil, digging towards the roots of the plant. He had dug for over a metre in depth but did not discover anything special.

Just when Ye Fan was about to give up, a glimmer of golden light caught his attention. Within the soil, at the tip of the main root of the plant was a golden stem, as big as a longan, dazzling and bright.

“This is……”

Ye Fan was startled, he recalled something he had read within the Ling Xu sanctuary’s spiritual medicine compendium, it was said that some vegetation that failed to gain spiritual sense did not totally perish and would often leave behind some of its life essence. Stuck to the roots of some other plants and may possibly be reborned in the future.

“This couldn’t be the essence left behind by an ancient spiritual tree right?” Ye Fan looked at this golden stem and had an expression of glee as he placed it into the jade case.

Thereafter, he continued on to his next destination as he soon arrived before a mountain. At the foot of the mountain was a large black hole and an indistinct fragrance was emitted from within.

With an expression of glee, Ye Fan swiftly entered.

Suddenly, a low-pitched roar could be heard from within the depths of the hole that held a frightening killing intent.

Ye Fan’s body shuddered as he hastily retreated, seeming to fly away as he backed.

Rumbling could be heard as a wild beast exposed half its body from the hole and continued to roar. It was like a panther but its body did not have a single fur, covered in sharp venomous stings, extremely black, appearing extremely dreadful.

It was seven to eight metres long and its bloodthirsty killing aura was heavy, as it howled, black lights continued to glow from its entire body as though a black flame was blazing.

Ye Fan hid far away and with a single glance he knew that this wild beast was not something he could offend. It was much stronger than the Jade Horned Snake and the pressure it released was terrifying.

“The other strange beasts all ran away but it dared to stay, it’s definitely exceptional!”

Finally, Ye Fan did not manage to make any gains here as he continued to go towards other areas to search. After four hours, he found another three spiritual medicines but they were not something rare and paled in comparison to the golden stem.


At this moment, blood red lights covered the sky over the cold pond as multiple figures rushed to the sky, engaged in a fierce battle.

There was actually a monster, its body was jet black and looked like a lion. On close inspection, it was not a lion but rather seemed like a Hou* from legends as it exchanged blows with one of the experts but was not inferior in the slightest.

[T/N*: Also known as DengLong, a Chinese Legendary creature.]

“It’s really inconceivable, the mount of the demon emperor was frozen and sealed here, its body became immortal and became a spiritual corpse, actually become a grave guardian!” The few experts gathered around the monster as they attempted to destroy it.

“The descendant of the Hou of legends, certainly extraordinary, back then the time it spent by the demon emperor’s side was not long but it actually evolved to such an astonishing level.”

The black Hou beast attacked unhindered and there were no signs that it would be defeated as it almost made it back into the cold pond a few times.


The cold pond seemed to be roiling and different kinds of demon general corpses continually rushed forth, controlled by the Hou as they attacked towards the sky.

“Even if we destroy this Hou, we would still be unable to break the Dao Inscriptions that the demon emperor laid down. We would still be unable to truly enter the Yin Grave……”

In the distance, Ye Fan was stunned, it seemed that there were many mysteries below the Yin Grave and currently so many monsters were rushing out.

“Ting! Ting! Ting!”

Suddenly, the sounds of shaking could be heard from all over the ruins, initially it seemed like metals vibrating, thereafter it seemed like the howl of the sea, vast as it undulated, rumbling as streaks of divine light rushed in all directions and endless divine glow drowned the entire area.

The Dao Inscriptions laid down by the five great experts had been forcefully broken by someone!

This left everyone in shock! Everybody knew that peerless experts that had arrived and it was not just a single person, they had shattered the Dao Inscriptions laid down by the five great experts and dispelled the not so perfect ‘Heavenly Influences’.

Thereafter, streaks of divine rainbows rushed through the sky, innumerable cultivators made their way forward, many times more than the previous number of cultivators. The few great experts who had acted from the dark did not appear but it was clear that they had also entered the ruins.

Within the primitive ruins from the cold pond as the centre, a blood mist floated, more and more demonic as uncountable numbers of monsters rushed out while more and more cultivators gathered, no one left and more sects had rushed over.

The restrictions in the four directions had been broken and Ye Fan was elated, he could finally leave.

At this moment, there was the aurichalcite within his golden sea of bitterness and although it was an immensely big fortune, it also brought with it endless danger. If someone discovered it, he would immediately fall from heaven to hell as he decided to immediately leave this ruins far behind.

“Fight, fight till the heavens are torn asunder and the earth shatters, ghosts cry and Gods howl but it would not concern me anymore.”

Ye Fan swiftly rushed forward and right as he was about to exit the ruins, he looked back and said: “I’ll walk my own path and let others continue looking for the most valuable treasure.”

If the unscrupulous cultivator knew the truth and heard the words he was currently saying, he would certainly spit out blood and skin him alive.

Of course, if the other cultivators knew of this, the outcome may be even more gruesome.

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