STH Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Seething in Anger

Since the beginning of the world, the coalescing of qi within the universe formed all living things. This made the era which endless cultivators yearned for to have no way of returning and Ye Fan could only sigh and lament.

This night, his gains were immense and his sea of bitterness had expanded to the size of a pigeon egg, most importantly were the nineteen divine symbols now found within the golden sea of bitterness, he now had exceptional battle prowess and could be considered a real ‘sea of bitterness’ cultivator, removing the ‘barely’ part of it.

At this moment, the sky was already bright and Ye Fan had hunted another two mountain chickens and a wild rabbit, he also picked a few wild fruits before heading back to the small town.

Returning to the small store, the old man had already prepared breakfast and Ting Ting was constantly knocking on his door, urging him to get up causing Ye Fan to smile.

Seeing him return from outside, Ting Ting was shocked and old uncle Jiang seemed like he wanted to say something but was hesitant, he had lived for so long and knew that the fire probably had something to do with Ye Fan.

“This afternoon we have additional food, roasted wild rabbit, leaf wrapped fragrant chicken pieces. Come, have a taste whether these wild fruits are good or not.” Ye Fan handed some bright red fruits over to the little girl.

“Ohh ohh ohh, so delicious.” Ting Ting was super happy.

Finishing the breakfast, Ye Fan returned to his room and continued to study the Dao Scripture, he felt that each time he studied it he would gain different insights into it.


Ye Fan was shocked, it seemed that the tens of lines at the start of the golden book were gradually becoming blurry and fading, as though they would disappear soon.

“It’s fortunate that I’ve already memorised it all otherwise it would really be problematic.” He did not understand why this was happening.

It was only in the afternoon when Ye Fan was roused by a clamour.

“Old fogey, stop talking nonsense. Hurry and prepare some dishes otherwise I will wreck this shop of yours!”

“Accumulated eight generations worth of bad luck, that big fire was too fierce, that damned bastard, he’s caused us so much trouble!”

“supervisor Liu, in the future what are we going to do? We have been beaten out of the Li family, it’s really easy to say yet bad to hear.”

“You’re asking me? Then who am I going to ask? Let’s take things one step at a time. Old man Jiang, what are you staring there dumbly for, hurry and prepare a table of food and wine to help us relieve our stress, otherwise, you better prepare to sleep forever!”

It was precisely the yellow-skinned middle aged man and his bunch of cronies, they were wrapped up in bandages, some had been previously burnt by the fire while others had been beaten up by the Li family and kicked out.

Ting Ting stood on before the table and timidly said: “Don’t shout at grandpa, we aren’t opening a food store anymore, go somewhere else to eat.”


Supervisor Liu heavily slapped the table with his palm as his eyes widened: “Old man Jiang you better stop dilly dallying, if you don’t start preparing the dishes I will throw your granddaughter into the well.”

“Little girl go off to a corner, there’s nothing here of concern for you!” A fierce looking man whose left arm was wrapped in bandages pushed Ting Ting with his right hand, nearly sending her tumbling away.

Old uncle Jiang hastily held onto Ting Ting as he hid her behind his back and said: “We really aren’t doing business anymore, this store can no longer open for business. You people are better off going somewhere else.”

“You’ve already forgotten yesterday’s lesson? Our mood is so bad today but you actually dare to stand up against us?!” Supervisor Liu had a cold smile and his yellow face seemed even more waxy, appearing very sinister.

He stood up fiercely as he grabbed old uncle Jiang’s collar and coldly said: “You old fogey, these two days you’ve been growing some backbone. The few of us have become unlucky and you still dare to confront us. If you really make us angry we’ll burn down your dog hole and let you and that little animal become beggars!”

“Don’t beat my grandpa……” Ting Ting began to cry, she was barely five and too short, barely even reaching the height of supervisor Liu’s arm. She could only hug his leg as she pleaded: “I beg you, let my grandpa go. He’s already seventy over years in age…..”

Supervisor Liu grabbed old uncle Jiang’s collar tightly, although he had been burnt, old uncle Jiang was simply too old to be a match for him and his throat seemed to already have some slight bruising from the tight grasp. His wrinkled face was already red as he started to violently cough.

Ting Ting’s eyes were filled with tears as she hugged supervisor Liu’s leg while frantically and pitifully crying: “Please, let my grandpa go, he’s already gasping for air……”

“Wu wu……. My grandpa is already in his seventies, don’t strangle him….. hurry let him go.” Ting Ting attempted to use force to shake supervisor Liu’s leg but she only had so much strength and it was simply in vain.

“Little brat, go off to the side!” supervisor Liu used strength to lift his leg and immediately sent Ting Ting sprawling to the ground, thereafter he raised his leg again and wanted to kick.

By the time Ye Fan rushed over from the backyard to the small store, he witnessed this scene. He immediately grabbed the teapot that was on top of the table and hurled it heavily, smashing towards supervisor Liu’s leg which was raising up and rushed forward to pull Ting Ting to safety.

“Big brother……” Ting Ting’s mouth was whimpering as she timidly shouted out, her large eyes were red and her face was stained with tears, the new clothes on her body were already covered in dust.

Ye Fan was seething in anger and felt as though a fire had been lit within his body, he knocked aside supervisor Liu’s hand and brought old uncle Jiang to safety before angrily saying:” Such a lonely old man and his granddaughter, how can you bear to act against them. Are you still human?!”

“Where did this little bastard come from? Look at how he’s speaking?” The few people by the side were feeling indignant as they all stood up and stared at Ye Fan with ill intentions.

Supervisor Liu’s yellow face was gloomier than ever, looking down from his high horse, he looked disdainfully at Ye Fan and shouted: “Little bastard so young yet trying to learn from the adults and upholding justice, I’ll toss you into the well later and see if you still dare to talk so loudly!”

Old uncle Jiang’s neck was bruised and his face was red, he crouched on the ground as he coughed for a long while before finally recovering and standing up. Ting Ting was extremely nervous and sobbed spasmodically while lightly massaging the old man’s back: “Grandpa, you’re alright right? Don’t scare Ting Ting, Ting Ting is very scared and concerned……”

Seeing this, the fire within Ye Fan grew larger but his countenance grew colder as he stared at supervisor Liu: “You’re already so big, have all those years been wasted on living a dog’s life?!”

“F***, where did this wild child come from, actually daring to speak like that to supervisor Liu, beat him to death!”

The yellow faced middle aged man had not expressed his feelings yet, but the fierce looking fellow by his side had already rushed forward and threw a slap towards Ye Fan’s face.

“Aaaahh!” Contrary to expectations, this person began to scream miserably instead. Ye Fan had acted first and twisted the arm that was wrapped in bandages, the people in the surroundings did not know how much strength Ye Fan had and thought that the fellow was only screaming so wildly because his wound had been hit by Ye Fan.

Supervisor Liu had been kicked out of the Li family and all this was within Ye Fan’s expectations. He never imagined that this Liu fellow would be so bossy and actually come to cause a nuisance even though he had already fallen to this state.

“Little bastard, your courage isn’t small.” Supervisor Liu had a cold smile as he stretched forth his hand and slapped, his movements were slow as he intended to shame Ye Fan.


Ye Fan’s palm went forth and with a ‘Pa!’ slapped supervisor Liu and sent him flying through the air, knocking the eight sided table behind him. He spat out a mouthful of blood that flew three to four metres in the air and as he struggled to climb up, he spat out seven to eight teeth from his mouth.

“F***, kill the little bastard!” Supervisor Liu was incensed and his yellow face was contorted, fire seemed like it would shoot out from his eyes.

These people did not realise how different Ye Fan was from normal people as they surrounded him. Ye Fan’s gaze was cold as he began to strike at their bandaged areas causing miserable shrieks to sound out.

“Pa!” “Pa!” “Pa!”

In close succession, ten over slaps had been continuously thrown out and Ye Fan used his left and right hand to slap each of their faces viciously.

“You animals, even a lonely elder with his lovely grandchild, yet you can act on them, you lot really deserve to be killed.” Ye Fan’s strength was immense and if it were not for him controlling it, he would have already sent these heads flying.

Even so, molar teeths were flying as these people with bandages all over them had been slapped to the point their mouths and noses bled, their teeths fell out as they rolled on the ground.


“Young bastard, you dare to hit us?”

“Aaahhhh it’s so painful, my wound……”

These people had been slapped by Ye Fan and were rolling on the ground as miserable cries filled the air.

“Sorry old uncle Jiang, I forgot that this is within a small store. Later I’ll have to trouble you to clean up for hygiene sake. I’ll throw them out immediately.” Having said this, he grabbed them one by one as he began to toss them out.

Old uncle Jiang’s emotions were riled as all the pent up frustration of two years seemed to have been settled in an instant. His body was shivering as he covered Ting Ting’s eyes, not allowing her to see this scene in fear of shocking her too much.

Ting Ting was extremely nervous as she cried and questioned: “Grandpa, how’s big brother? Are those bad people bullying him too?!”

“Ting Ting don’t worry, your big brother is fine. Those bad people have all been hit to the floor by him.”

Ye Fan threw these people out by the street but had no intention of letting them go just like this. He began to kick them around like soccer balls and their cries of pain filled the sky, as though they were being skinned alive, releasing shrill cries of pain as though they were pigs at the slaughterhouse.

Supervisor Liu was Ye Fan’s main point of interest and his face was already swollen after enduring multiple slaps to the face, all the teeth in his mouth had already been sent flying.


“There’s a murderer……”

Their screams were endless as they shouted loudly for help attracting several spectators but no one stepped forward to aid them, there were even some who seemed eager to give something a try, as though they wanted to also kick a few times.

Ye Fan noticed this and immediately loudly spoke: “Townsmen, what are you waiting for? When these people were the dogs of the Li family weren’t they very boisterous and arrogant? They’ve already been kicked out of the Li family, there’s already nothing to be afraid off. Come, let’s teach them a good lesson!”

These words had barely left his mouth when the effect immediately shone through. Exceeding Ye Fan’s expectations, all the people surrounding acted, old, young, male or female tore and punched, attacking the people on the ground in a crazed manner.

“I’ve heard this morning that they’ve all been beaten and kicked out of the Li family because the goods they were charged with had been burnt, it seems that it’s true.”

“No wonder this kid could viciously beat them up, they were already injured to begin with and had endured a beating from the Li family already. Otherwise, this youth would surely have to pay bitterly for his actions.”

“Hit them, kill these animals!”

The crowd was enraged as they fought to go forward and vent their anger on the few people. It was not difficult to imagine how much pent up frustration was within the group as their fires all exploded forth.

The few people on the ground constantly rolled about as their cries no longer sounded human. Their voices were hoarse as they screamed for their fathers and mothers, they even lost control of their bowels as a stench filled the air.

Ye Fan had originally planned to take advantage of the mess to break their bones and make them suffer for a year or more, looking at the scene before him he no longer needed to do so.

These townsfolk were vicious as they raged, the few men had their arms and legs broken, it seemed that they would be cripples from now on and it could be imagined the ire they had incited in the townsfolk.

“Please let us go, we won’t dare to do this anymore!”

“Aaaahhhh, somebody save us! There are murderers here……”

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