STH Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Copying the engravings of the Dao Inscriptions

“Where did the person who went there to gather medicine and discover the ‘source’ go?” Ye Fan asked.

It was recorded in ancient texts that ‘source lands’ could often have multiple pieces of ‘source’ and if one could find that ancient cave, there may be other discoveries within as well.

Old uncle Jiang sighed: “Once he returned to the town and sold that piece of ‘source’ to the Li family, he disappeared after barely a day. Many people guessed that the Li family was unwilling to pay and secretly committed some bloody atrocities.”

Ye Fan immediately understood, the Li family must have killed to silence him, a ‘source’ was simply too important to a cultivator and they would not allow this person to spread the news.

“It seems this will be slightly problematic……”

“Big brother, what’s the problem? Ting Ting will help you.” Little Ting Ting’s head was tilted and her large blight eyes were blinking as she innocently said.

Ye Fan laughed as he rubbed her nose: “Ting Ting is so obedient…….”

Finishing breakfast, Ye Fan left the small store and walked two rounds around the Li family residence from a distance. The tiles and walls inside were ruined and there were over thirty houses that had been completely burnt down.

At this moment, sounds of beasts roaring could be heard from outside the town and dust was kicked up. A tall mount rushed into the small town, its appearance was like a horse but was covered in green scales, its speed was exceptional and within the blink of an eye it had appeared before the Li family main door.

“Dragon Scaled horse!” Ye Fan was startled, he knew this unique beast, its body was covered in green scales and it was like a horse, its strength was immeasurable and when it galloped its speed was several times that of a horse. In a single day it could easily travel four to five thousand miles easily, not knowing fatigue and needed no rest in between.

A normal person would find it hard to possess such a unique beast and even cultivators at the Sea of Bitterness stage would find it difficult to subdue it. The Dragon Scaled Horse had phenomenal strength and usually only cultivators at the Spring of Life stage would subdue them before giving them over to juniors who could not ride on mystical rainbows.

The green scales of the Dragon Scaled Horse flashed as its tail whipped about and it roared towards the sky, it was simply an amazing spirited horse. on the saddle sat a young man of twenty five to twenty six years of age, his skin was fair, lips thin and his eyes seemed to have a sinister coldness within them.

The people of the Li family were in an uproar as the large door was opened and someone began to shout as he ran inwards: “Young master is back!”

Ye Fan calmed his nerves, this cultivator of the Li family should only be at the Sea of Bitterness stage, otherwise he should have ridden on a mystical rainbow over.

“I’m definitely going to acquire this ‘source’!”

Now was not the time to act and not long after Ye Fan once again entered into the deep forest. Looking at the golden book within his sea of bitterness, he realised that the introductory words were getting more blurry and seemed that they were on the verge of completely disappearing.

“Why is this happening……” Ye Fan constantly contemplated this question as he muttered: “It’s fortunate that I’ve already comprehended the parts that are about to disappear.”

Thereafter, he continued to study the Dao Scripture and each time he would have different insights. It was a long time later before he stopped and began to mold the cauldron above his sea of bitterness.

Nineteen divine symbols melted together, like a lump of divine metal, dazzling and resplendent, no matter how Ye Fan attempted to mold it, it simply did not shape into a cauldron.

Within this timeframe, Ye Fan had attempted to mold it into a flying sword and although it was not perfectly done, it still had the rough shape of a sword and if he continued to mold it, it would certainly be successful one day.

“Why is so difficult to mold a cauldron?”

Ye Fan melted the golden lump that was in the shape of a sword as he began to mold again, each try ended in failure and he could only mold it into a lump without any form, even a rough outline had not been made.

“If it goes on like this how many years would it take before I complete a cauldron that is brimming with Dao aura . If I just waste my time like this, it would really be like attempting to use a wicker basket to draw water, only ending up with nothing.

The process of molding a cauldron not only required the utilisation of the qi essence of life, it also required one to have a high level of concentration and finally Ye Fan was too fatigued and had no choice but to stop.

Above the sea of bitterness, the bean-sized lump of divine metal was bright and dazzling, even a hundred refinements had not caused it to take shape.

“This piece of ‘divine metal’ can already be considered a half crippled ‘artifact’, I wonder if I can control a weapon artifact like the green wooden treasure.”

Ye Fan was feeling regretful that he did not have any treasures, he was unsure if he could create a ‘defensive artifact and would have wanted to test it out if he had one. Suddenly, he saw the golden book that had been squeezed by the aurichalcite to the side of his sea of bitterness as he thought: “I’ll try to control it.”

The bean-sized divine metal lump swiftly entered his sea of bitterness and immediately entered the golden book. With a thought, a blazing golden light shot out from his body and streaked through the air like a bolt of lightning.

The dazzling light flashed by as several of the ancient trees and two large boulders failed to block it. Ye Fan walked forward and gently pushed, an ancient tree immediately fell to the ground, the area where it was severed was extremely smooth and the golden light which had flashed by had caused it to fall with a single touch.

Ye Fan felt astonished, all the ancient trees had become like that and even those two large boulders were instantly separated into two, smoothly cut in half.

The golden book flew over ten metres away and was like a bright and dazzling sun that hung in mid air, with a single thought, the golden light flashed as it came flying back and re-entered his sea of bitterness.

“It’s really so sharp……” Ye Fan was astonished, he was merely testing it out but he did not imagine that when the golden book was sent flying out, it would be so sharp and austere without compare.

“This golden piece of paper not only records the Dao Scripture, could it also be used as a weapon?” Having this thought, he began to test it once again and a golden light flashed like a rainbow, constantly streaking through the air.

Ye Fan discovered that he could only send the golden book flying out ten odd metres and once it went out of that area, he would find it difficult to control.

“The Dao Scripture is one of the eastern badlands most mysterious ancient scripture, this golden paper is certainly extraordinary and I now have an incomparable penetrating weapon when faced with an enemy.” Ye Fan gradually filled with confidence.

“Even a single golden page can be like this, the aurichalcite must be even more frightening. It should be a real weapon, I wonder how powerful is it……” Thinking of this, Ye Fan found it hard to calm down as he immediately thought of controlling the aurichalcite.

Even so, the aurichalcite was calm without any movement within the centre of his golden sea of bitterness, like a boulder that was firmly erected there.

“It feels like I’m trying to push a mountain.” Ye Fan’s head was glistening with sweat and he had already exerted all his energy but could not move the aurichalcite in the slightest. The centre of his sea of bitterness seemed to be shrouded in an aura of great change and simpleness, together, it exuded a pressure that knows no bounds.

“No wonder even the Dao Scripture was forced to the side, this piece of aurichalcite is simply too mysterious and extraordinary, it feels as though I’m facing an endless sea or the ancient galaxies within the sky, vast and endless with pressure akin to the heavens.”

The aurichalcite was not whole and seemed to have been broken off from some sort of weapon. If even a broken off piece was like this, it could only imagined how frightening the whole weapon would be.

“It’s simply impossible to measure, no way to appraise!” Ye Fan’s heart was filled with amazement and the more he thought about it the more he felt astonished and afraid as he mumbled: “I wonder what the whole weapon looks like……”

At this moment, his eyes suddenly lit as he saw the Dao Inscriptions on the aurichalcite, the twisting Dao Veins seemed to have an indescribable aura of the Dao.

“With no way to move the aurichalcite, let me first copy down its Dao Inscriptions!”

The surface of the mysterious aurichalcite did not have any Dao Inscriptions, rather, dense and numerous amounts of it could be seen at the severed point. Dao Inscriptions densely covered and were extremely complex, profound and obscure without any way for a person to comprehend. It felt as though there was a natural law of the Dao, heaven and earth became one and made a person who looked at it feel his emotions deeply rile up.

Ye Fan had not reached the level where he could analyse the Dao Inscriptions, he simply wanted to use that lump of divine metal that he was unable to mold into the cauldron and constantly mold it at the severed part of the aurichalcite, copying the mysterious Dao Inscriptions onto it.

“These dense and numerous, profound and obscure Dao Inscriptions surely have an extraordinary origin and could possibly be those naturally occurring vein lines, unique without match.

Ye Fan rested for a moment before beginning to melt the lump of divine metal, thereafter beginning to mold it on the aurichalcite like a normal human who was forging metal, repeatedly hammering as dense and numerous Dao Veins that were imprinted on it.

He constantly refined and copied to the extent that he had a faint feeling that this lump of divine metal seemed to have an indescribable charm to it. However, when he earnestly felt it out, he felt that it was still ordinary without any changes, the implicit charm was simply non-existent.

“Did i perceive wrongly?” Ye Fan muttered.

In the time that followed, he continued to smelt the lump of divine metal and constantly refined it, inside and outside were all covered with the Dao Inscriptions of the aurichalcite, it could be said that he was going through hard work and numerous revisions.

“It seems to be much more condensed than in the past. Regardless of whether it is a misconception, copying these Dao Inscriptions from the aurichalcite will definitely have benefits without any detriments.”

Finally, Ye Fan began to attempt molding a cauldron as he tested if the lump of divine metal that had Dao Inscriptions engraved on it would have any changes.

Above his sea of bitterness, the lump of divine metal continually changed as it corners of it gradually became rounder, the glow from it had receded significantly and there seemed to be a concise feel to it.

Finally, although even a rough outline had not been formed, Ye Fan was still elated although he could detect some abnormalities during the forging process of the lump of divine metal, he managed to find an abstruse feeling.

“The Dao Inscriptions on the aurichalcite are indeed mysterious, in the future I will constantly smelt and copy. I believe that successfully molding a cauldron will definitely not be a problem.”

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