STH Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Ancient Route Among the Stars

Everyone had fallen on top of the large altar and a stack of jade and stone tablets were knocked down causing the scene to be a mess.

The ancient bronze coffin was lying by the side and although it was covered mostly with rust, it was still possible to see the bronze engravings depicting the pictures of ancient gods.

Being this close made everyone fill with anxiety, their backs were soaked with cold sweat.

This five coloured stone altar that had seen countless ages was created by their ancient ancestors for performing the Fengshan sacrifice, could it be that the emperors of old were really able to summon stuff with it?

At this moment everyone was experiencing a flood of emotions as they felt the atmosphere circulate a desolate and old energy.

The nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin that were lying in front of them, could it be that the five coloured stone altar had attracted them?

According to legend, before the period of the Qin emperor and the Han dynasty, during the period of the Three Kings and Five Emperor and Seventy Two Emperors all performed the Fengshan sacrifice here. What did they manage to attract?

The five colours were glowing and the jade and stone tablets on the large altar became transparent as the engravings on them started to glow, filling the entire area with a soft layer of light.


Sounds of cracking resounded, the stacks of jade and stone tablets started to break apart, rays of light were emitted; the ancient characters that were on the tablets seemed to suddenly come alive as they all floated in the sky.

“Shmm! Shmm! Shmm!”

The ancient words gradually filled the air until finally all the jade and stone tablets disintegrated. All the ancient characters floated in the sky, emitting a faint golden glow.

Above the bronze coffin and crater were thousands of ancient characters that looked as though they had been cast from iron, giving off a metallic sheen.


The sounds of cracking once again filled the air and ancient characters also started to glow and float out from the smaller altars.

The surroundings of the bronze coffin were littered with glowing lights like stars glittering in the sky. Coupled with the setting sun this was a very moving scene.

There were other people on the Jade Emperor Peak however on seeing Ye Fan and his group fall into the giant crater and seeing the mysterious glowing lights they were filled with fear and ran down the mountain.

In the midst of the mayhem people were falling down and cries of pain and helplessness filled the air.

While this was happening, the ancient characters in the air started to merge together forming a large figure of the eight trigrams that emitted a mysterious aura.

The scene in front of them was mesmerizing, the ancient characters had merged to form the picture of the eight trigrams and floated above the area, giving off a feeling of refined gold that had been smelted many times.

“I want to leave this place!” Someone in the giant crater shouted tearfully.

“I can’t move my body……” Though their hearts were filled with fear and trepidation, they were unable to do anything.

“That is……”

At this moment in the centre of the picture of the eight trigrams emerged a Tai Chi symbol depicting the Yin and the Yang.

Although it was the era of science and modern technology, the old picture of the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams had many mysteries surrounding it. Somebody once studied the relations between the stars and the eight trigrams and using astronomical calculations managed to discover the orbital velocity of the stars. The person who created the binary computer also did so after studying the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams and after a moment of inspiration managed to create the computer.

The ancient Tai Chi Eight Trigrams has always been a mystery even for the modern man. Exactly who created it and for what purpose? Even now there are rumours abound however nothing conclusive has been found.

At this moment Ye Fan and his classmates witnessed a usage of the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams that no one knew about: It could affect Time and Space.

At the area around the large Tai Chi Eight trigrams, space started to distort and blurry lights started to form the words, Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen and Kun. The corresponding symbols began to emit light mysteriously while exuding an aura of an ancient code.

[T/N* The 8 words have various meanings, such as the elements, directions etc.]

In the centre of the Tai Chi symbol the Yin and Yang fishes were like two doors as they continually trembled slowly opening a gap to an unknown plane.

The eight symbols on the eight trigrams were continually flashing in an intricate pattern before finally glowing in unison, emitting a bright radiance.


With the sombre sound of quaking, the Yin Yang fishes in the middle of the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams began to open. During this process, there were stars radiating light and even depicted an ancient path of starry skies.

In the end, the Yin Yang fishes were like gatekeepers that opened a doorway. revealing a mystical huge portal, no one knows where it may lead to as it appeared to be pitch black inside.

At this moment, on the peak of Mount Tai, the Nine Enormous Dragon corpses started to shuddered while the copper coffin produced a deafening “Klang!” and shook intensely.

Ye Fan and his classmates were in close proximity with the coffin and many people started to scream and shout to the extent that some girls even started to cry hysterically.

“What should we do?”

“Somebody save us……”

In the circumstances that they were stuck in, everyone felt helpless and the sounds of the girls crying hysterically worsened the atmosphere.

Some people who were mentally stronger stared in alarm at the giant bronze coffin. The lid of the coffin had moved from it’s initial position and from the crack a strange aura was emitted.


As the copper coffin shook again, the lid fell off and a bizarre invisible force started to beckon people over. In the next moment, everybody felt dizzy and groggy. Darkness was all around them as they realised that they had already entered into the bronze coffin.


“Save me!”

Several people started to break down, the cries of terror filled the night.


The lid of the coffin abruptly shut and the nine dragon corpses that were overhanging started to tremble.

Soon after, the nine dragon corpses started to rise into the air. Although there was no presence of life on them, they continued to pull the bronze coffin slowly towards the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams going through the mystical portal into the unknown.

The entire Mount Tai shook vigorously as if the sky was about to plummet. The Jade Emperor Peak emanated a five coloured celestial light that bridged the heavens and the earth.

Thereafter, the sun had finally set and Mount Tai was shrouded in darkness. The portal in the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams had completely shut and it slowly disappeared.

The nine dragons and bronze coffin had disappeared!

The jade and stone tablets on the large altar had all turned to dust and as a breeze blew by the dust scattered with the wind.

The events that had transpired on Mount Tai was sure to create a storm of activity that would further increase Mount Tai’s notoriety but all this no longer concerned Ye Fan and his schoolmates.

It was icy cold within the confines of the pitch black bronze coffin, several female students were filled with helplessness and fear but they were too afraid to bawl loudly and suppressed their voices leaving only little sobbing noises in the background.

“What should we do? Who will save us?”

“Are we really within the bronze coffin?”

“How can this be? Isn’t there any way to get out of here?”

There were people constantly dialing their mobile phones but there was no connection and no way to communicate with the outside word, this served to only raise their fears.

“Everybody let’s stay calm, even though we are currently unable to contact the outside world with such a huge event occurring on Mount Tai it will be in no time at all before the rescue workers arrive.” Zhou Yi said convincingly. His confident words made the flustered hearts of the students calm down.

“Zhou Yi is correct, everyone do not panic, we need to remain calm, I believe everything will be alright.” Wang Zi Wen’s calm voice further mellowed the emotions of the classmates.
“That is correct, everyone do not fret, since this situation has already come to pass it would be useless for us to worry needlessly. Let’s work together to think of a way out of this precarious situation.” Lin Jia was a person with a staunch personality and was not flustered like the other girls.

Ye Fan sat quietly without speaking as the image of the Tai Chi Eight Trigrams constituting of darkness and the mystical portal materialized in front of his eyes. Are we still on Jade Emperor Peak? Ye Fan’s heart contained an ominous feeling.

Expressions of fear could be seen from the faint light emitted from the cellphones and many people’s faces were pale and some were even shivering.

Li Xiao Man was seated with her hands hugging her knees and although her face was rather pale she was relatively poised. At her side was Carter and they were conversing in low tones using English.

Li Yun Zhi was firmly grasping his hands to the extent that his nails were white; it was evident that he was extremely nervous however he maintained a collection expression.

It could be seen that the people were still restless even with the words spoken earlier as they were still stuck within the bronze coffin.

“Did everybody fall into the copper coffin? Let’s do a headcount for confirmation”

“1,2,3……28,29,30!” When the number 30 was called and no one else spoke, the person in charge of the head count trembled and said: “How can this be…… 30 people?!”

During this Mount Tai trip, three classmates managed to come but five other students were held up, in total twenty eight people should be here. After adding Li Xiao Man’s American classmate Carter, there should only be twenty nine.

At this moment how could there be thirty people? In the cold and dark coffin everyone felt their goosebumps stand on end and their backs were drenched with cold sweat.

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