STH Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Looking for Surnamed Jiang

When Ye Fan saw the old or young disabled and helpless, his heart would often feel sympathy. However, when he met those who oppressed the weak and did all manner of vicious acts, he would become emotionless, absolutely ice cold. It may seem contradictory but this was how it was and an overly compassionate heart existed together with his coldness and emotionlessness, he did not know which side he leaned towards.

For example right now, he was absolutely emotionless without any mercy within him as he stepped on the Li family seventh young master’s face, his voice was cold as he said: “If you don’t want to continue suffering, answer the questions that are asked. Otherwise, you know what’s the outcome.”

“Little bastard……”


Ye Fan sent him flying with a kick, the teeth of the seventh young master all fell out as his delicate and fair face swelled up, blood flowing from his nose and mouth.

“Looking at your soft skin and tender flesh, you’re just perfect material for an eunuch. I see that you still don’t want to talk, let me fulfil your wish and make it a reality.” Ye Fan released his golden book which hovered in the air, its brilliance bright and dazzling.

“You…… What are you planning to do?” The seventh young master was besides himself in fear.

“Allowing you to become an eunuch!”

“No! I’ll talk, I’ll talk about everything!” The seventh young master was so afraid that his face had contorted, to a man this was something that was even harder to bear than death.

“Spineless thing.”

Ye Fan sat not far away on a limestone as he quietly listened to him talk about the past. Ting Ting’s parents had really been killed by the few cultivators of the Li family. They had used all their means to acquire an extremely rare medicine from other cultivators. It could cause extremely strong wild beasts to go crazy as they secretly doused the bodies of Ting Ting’s parents. Thereafter, when they went out to gather spiritual medicine, they had been torn to shreds by the Lightning Bird.

There were also other shady dealings and sinister plots that if heard would make one feel resentment. Ye Fan sighed: “Be it the ordinary realm or the cultivator world, there isn’t much difference. A place with people will always be complicated because a human will bear grudges, even a cultivator is not exempt from this.”

Ye Fan searched and found a wooden case within his bosom, kicking him aside then borrowing the light from the moon and the stars, he slowly opened this slightly heavy sandalwood case.

Inside, there was a faint yellow piece of rock that was about thick as a thumb and as long as a segment of a finger. Although it was a very small piece, it seemed very heavy to hold and Ye Fan could fill it brimming with vigorous life.

“Based on ancient texts, during the era which all living things were formed, the plants and trees were abundant and living things were formidable, spiritual medicines were endless and many ‘sources’ were formed, like sparkling and translucent amber crystals, they contained large amounts of the qi essence of life. Was this the ‘source’?”*

[T/N* This may seem familiar because the author previously used this exact same sentence]

Ye Fan constantly inspected it under the moonlight and discovered that this piece of ‘source’ had many impurities within, the sparkling and translucent portion of it barely covered a third of it. This made him feel a little regretful, this was not a pure ‘source’.

Even so, he was already extremely satisfied. This miraculous amber stone contained an extremely vigorous qi essence of life and something that was like mist and multicoloured lights seemed to be circulating within.

“Good stuff! I wonder how much it can assist me to establish the sea of bitterness!”

“That is mine!” The Li family seventh young master groaned within his pool of blood, he grit his teeth, clearly filled with anger and bitter resentment.

“Wasn’t this piece of ‘source’ found within an ancient cave within the deep mountains? Could it be that there was only such a small piece, nothing else?”

Under Ye Fan’s ministrations, the seventh young master was willing to say anything and hid nothing. There was a cultivator within that died in a seated posture, too many years had passed and even the bones had turned to ash, leaving only this piece of ‘source’ behind.

“It’s too regretful, i thought that I would be able to obtain a few pieces.” Ye Fan felt rather greedy for these ‘sources’.

“I’ve said everything, can you leave a way out for me?” The seventh young master had an expression of hope, he knew that this was having excessive expectations and more likely than not the enemy would not let him off.

“When you were planning to kill Ting Ting’s parents, did you ever have mercy in your heart? When you forced old uncle Jiang and Ting Ting into such bitter states, did you think of leaving them a way out?”

Ye Fan kicked him away as he said: “I’ll give you a chance to kill yourself so you won’t get tortured anymore. I have never killed anyone before and don’t feel like staining my hands.”

“You…… you’ve never killed before…..” As the seventh young master said this his body trembled: “You….. you will be struck by lightning!”

Ye Fan used his feet to kick him before a mountain rock and said: “Knock yourself to death, if you force me to act, I’ll make you an eunuch first before killing you.”

At this moment, the Li family seventh young master was dismayed to the point of going mad, this method of death was simply too stupid and cowardly, the other party could not be bothered to act and wanted him to kill himself.

“Little bastard, you’re really an ass! I…… even if I become a ghost I won’t let you go!” The seventh young master was infuriated to the point of spitting blood out.

Ye Fan sat on a limestone not far away and said: “Don’t talk so much nonsense, hurry and send yourself off. I don’t really have much patience.”

“You….. I……” The seventh young master was dismal to the point of not being able to talk before he finally howled: “You will die a terrible death!”


His head slammed into the mountain rock, immediately dying on the spot.

“You killed yourself by knocking your head, I never killed anyone.” Ye Fan stood up as he began to mop up any traces. He spent a full two hours before wiping away all traces and headed back to the small town.

Although he looked calm, his hands were already drenched in sweat. This was the first time he had killed an enemy and although the seventh young master was guilty of many monstrous crimes and deserved this end, it still made him feel very uncomfortable.

After acquiring the ‘source’, Ye Fan did not immediately cultivate. He knew that the ‘source’ contained a vast amount of qi essence of life and after breaking it, there were would be waves of source energy and if he was not careful it would be noticed by others. Under the current circumstances, it was better to be more prudent.

In the next two days, the town of Qing Feng was extremely peaceful, it was only when the two other cultivators from the Li family rushed back from the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary that an uproar was caused, affecting the entire small town.

“The seventh young master of the Li family has gone missing.”

“How could a person who cultivates just suddenly go missing like that?”

“This is the retribution of the Li family!”

“What retribution, it must have been done by the people of the Wang family. Besides that rival family, who else would dare to do this? Who else would have the strength to do so?”

“That’s right, I heard the servants of the Li family saying that it’s likely a disaster that was brought about by that ‘source’.”


Even the normal people of the town of Qing Feng were discussing this, it could be seen how big a commotion this had caused. The entirety of the Li family was in an uproar but at the same time they felt fear.

Initially, Ye Fan did not mind because the two cultivators of the Li family had not reached the Spring of Life stage and could not ride on mystical rainbows to travel, thus he was not really afraid of them. However, after a few days, things manifested past his expectations and the waves seemed to have gotten much larger.

The people of Yan Xia immortal sanctuary actually came and a few cultivators at the Spring of Life stage actually personally arrived, allowing the people of the Li family to lead the way as they went to the ancient cave where the ‘source’ was discovered. Thereafter, the cultivator of the Wang family also invited the people from his sect and entered the deep mountains to look for that ancient cave, the two groups had almost engaged in a vicious conflict.

“Could it be that this area has a ‘source’ vein?” On this day, over ten people on mounts arrived at the town of Qing Feng, all riding on mystical beasts that were covered in scales, seemingly very grand.

The mount right in the centre was the most exceptional, its entire body was covered in golden scales, a lustrous divine splendour swirled around it like a golden fire that was blazing. Its four hooves did not touch the ground and actually hovered three inches above the ground, it traversed by stepping on the air and it could be imagined how strong and fearsome this beast was.

Sitting on the ‘golden deity’ was a young man who looked to be twenty four to twenty five years of age. He wore white clothing and seemed very cultured, a gentle smile on his face, extremely handsome, a faint glow could be seen around him, his countenance really could make one lose themselves.

By his sides were two other mounts that moved in tandem. The left one was a green beast, its form was that of a liger, its green fur was very long and pristine, like jade as it sparkled, a pure glow circulated, dazzling and bright. Its head had a jade horn that was actually releasing a five coloured divine glow. This five coloured beast was also traversing on air without touching the ground, an exceptional mount. On it was a sixteen to seventeen year old male youth, wearing green clothing, a heroic aura emanated from him but hints of arrogance could be felt, as though this small town was nothing in his eyes.

On the other side, a beast flashed with a silver glow, its form was like a divine deer, its body covered in silver scales. On its forehead was a vertical eye and its body was covered in a pure and holy glow that flashed. It also traversed through the air, not contaminated by any dirt. Atop it was a sixteen to seventeen year old female youth, her skin seemed to be covered in rouge, eyes misty like limpid autumn waters, bright red lips, extremely beautiful but gave one a feeling of being too high to reach, filled with a kind of arrogance.

The ten odd beasts behind these three were also exceptional and each were very rare breeds. Either covered in scales or their body like jade, each flashed with a glow and the ages of the people atop them varied from within the range of twenty to forty. Both males and females carried an austere air and the area around them seemed to be filled with a strong desire for battle.

In the distance, Ye Fan took this all in as he breathed in a gasp of cold air, what was the background of these people? They were definitely not ordinary people!

Not mentioning the three people in the lead, just the ten over riders behind them were not any inferior to the people from the Sacred Grounds or ancient aristocratic families previously at the demon emperor’s burial mound. A strong fighting intent and killing pressure pressed down.

“Are there any families within this town with the surname Jiang?” At this moment, a rider received orders and asked the people of the town.

Ye Fan’s heart was racing, why were they searching for people who were surnamed Jiang?

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