STH Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Ancient Aristocratic Jiang Family

“Why would such a group of experts come to this small town to look for those surnamed Jiang?” Ye Fan found it hard to calm his emotions as he hurriedly made his way over to old uncle Jiang and Ting Ting.

Never had the town of Qing Feng seen so many unique beasts before, over ten mounts with flashing scales, divine splendour swirling around them causing the people by the street to be astonished as they swiftly hid.

A middle-aged horseman of about thirty years of age sat on a beast that was covered in jade scales as he tried to show an amiable expression on his face: “All of you don’t have to be afraid, we don’t come with any ill intentions. We only want to find out if there are any with the surname Jiang within this town.”

Although he tried his best to maintain a gentle expression, these horsemen were clearly men who had seen over a hundred battles and toughened through fighting and bloodshed, they naturally emitted an oppressive aura that made the normal people feel trepidation.

An old peasant pointed towards the west street and said stutteringly with his lips trembling: “That….. That street…… The biggest house……. That’s it.”

“Many thanks.” These people rode their ferocious beasts as they slowly headed towards the west street of the small town.

Not far away, Ye Fan’s heart relaxed. This town actually had other families whose surname was Jiang, he ran swiftly to the east street and rushed into the small store.

“Old uncle Jiang……”

“Child, what’s the matter?” The old man came walking out of the kitchen.

Ting Ting had just finished washing a bright red wild fruit and was obediently carrying it over, her bright wide eyes were blinking and flashed with a curiosity as she asked: “Big brother, what’s the matter?”

“It’s like this……”

Ye Fan told old uncle Jiang about all he had heard and seen before asking: “Old uncle, have you ever interacted with these people before?”

Old uncle Jiang shook his head: “I’ve already lived for over seventy years but almost never left this small town. It’s impossible for me to know these people.”

“Are there really so many unique beasts? I want to see what they look like……” Ting Ting’s watery eyes seemed to flash with many little stars as she ran to the street by the small store to look into the distance.

Ye Fan noticed that Ting Ting had ran out and softly said: “Would it have anything to do with Ting Ting’s parents?”

“It shouldn’t be the case.” Grief could be seen in the old man’s eyes as he continued: “They’ve always been cultivating within the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary and have never travelled far before, all their friends are people from the same sect.”

“So many unique beasts, they actually don’t need to walk on land…..” Ting Ting stood by the door of the small store, her rosy face had astonishment and elation on it as she shouted: “Grandpa come see! They’re coming towards us.”

Ye Fan and the old man rushed over and saw the over ten mounts galloping speedily over without causing any dirt to fly, all the beasts traversed three inches above the ground.

“They’re so fierce.” Ting Ting was a little frightened because all the horsemen besides the three in the centre seemed to be releasing a strong killing intent, filled with an inherent thirst for battle.

Ye Fan hurriedly held onto Ting Ting’s hand as he supported old uncle Jiang, normal people would find it hard to bear such pressure and if they faced it for too long they would be scared witless.

Over ten beasts stopped before the small store, shaking their heads and swaying their tails, their scales flashing and releasing different glows, extremely magnificent. However, the divine glow was insufficient to cover up their bloodthirsty aura, it was clear that each had been through many bloody battles and were not domestic animals that were kept at home.

“Is this the Jiang family?” From the centre of the group, the young man who seemed cultured and handsome asked. He wore white clothing, eyes like water, occasionally releasing divine glow as he rode atop a golden deity* which had an otherworldly aura, totally different from the horsemen who were filled with a killing intent.

[T/N* This is the name of his mount]

Old uncle Jiang whose face was covered in wrinkles had an expression of befuddlement as he asked: “That’s right, is there something we can help you with?”

The old man was already in his seventies and the wear of the years could be seen on his face, creases could be seen etched all over his face and his old eyes were beginning to dull.

Looking at his aged visage which showed the wear of years, the sixteen to seventeen year old youth that sat on the five coloured beast frowned as he said: “This is only a normal village elder who’s at the end of his life, he can’t be the one that we’re looking for.”

The young man atop the golden deity swept his gaze at him and the youth on the five coloured beast seemed to be apprehensive as he cut off the rest of his words, no longer speaking.

“Old uncle, have you always been living within the town of Qing Feng?”

“That’s right, I’ve almost never travelled far before.” The old man stated plainly.

“Did your ancestors originally live here or did they move to this town?” The young man atop the golden deity continued to ask.

“We moved here during my father’s time and I was actually born here. You people…… what exactly are you here for?” Old uncle Jiang had a puzzled expression on his face.

Hearing these words, the young man atop the ‘golden deity immediately jumped down as his white clothing fluttered, even his boots were untainted by a single speck of dust. He seemed exceptionally handsome and could be considered a pretty man, describing him as being able to make people lose themselves really was no exaggeration.

“Old uncle, I’d like to seek your guidance regarding some questions, I hope you can answer them.”

“You flatter me, if I know the answer I’ll definitely answer.” Old uncle Jiang was an ordinary old man and faced with these horsemen with unique beasts, his heart was filled with reverence.

Ting Ting was very nervous as she held tightly onto Ye Fan’s hand, hiding between him and the old man, as she observed the beasts and horsemen with fear and curiosity in her eyes.

“I offer my apologies in advance, I’d like to ask if your parents are still on this earth?” The white clothed young man asked with nervousness.

Old uncle Jiang was puzzled as he answered: “They have already passed away some fifty over years ago.”

“What…….” The white clothed young man seemed stunned as an expression of alarm appeared on his jade like face before he sighed.

“I said so earlier, this is only an ordinary old man in dregs……” The youth atop the five coloured beast had an expression of impatience as though he really wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

“Shut your mouth!” The white clothed young man glared at him before turning back and continued his questioning: “Old man, I apologise for his behaviour, is your father called Jiang Zhe?”

“You….. how did you know?” Old uncle Jiang had an expression of shock on his face.

The female sitting atop the divine deer that was releasing a silver glow had an astonished expression as she said: “It seems that we’ve really found them.” Her figure was slender and her skin was snow white like jade, her complexion was good and extremely beautiful, there seemed to be a sliver of arrogance on her face that made one feel that she was too high to reach.

The youth atop the five coloured beast frowned as he said: “Such an ordinary village elder, how could he have the blood of our Jiang family. If they are really the descendants of grandfather Jiang Zhe, how could they not know how to cultivate, I think it’s just a case of similar name and surnames……”

“Old man can you tell it all to me in detail?” The white clothed young man’s attitude was still gentle and went forward to support old uncle Jiang as he said: “Can we go in for a comprehensive discussion?”

The horsemen all guarded the outer area as the white clothed young man supported old uncle Jiang into the small store. The arrogant youth and the very beautiful girl also followed along.

Ye Fan noticed that the other party did not have any ill intentions and wordlessly pulled Ting Ting to sit by the side.

“Was there a red birthmark on grandfather Jiang Zhe’s left arm?”

“There were five of them, how did you even know this?” Old uncle Jiang had an expression of astonishment on his face.

“Grandfather Jiang Zhe really hid in the Yan state, who knew that he would have passed away fifty over years ago…..” The white clothed young man sighed gently before continuing: “Old man, maybe I should call you great uncle.”

“I wouldn’t dare, wouldn’t dare!” Old uncle Jiang noticed that the other party wanted to bow to him as he hurriedly pulled him up.

“The two of you! Why aren’t you coming over to pay your respects!” The white clothed young man shouted at the two people behind him.

“Greetings great uncle.” The beautiful girl did a full bow as she glanced over at Ye Fan and Ting Ting.

The youth seemed reluctant as he murmured: “Greetings great uncle.” before doing a quick perfunctory bow.

“This is……” Old uncle Jiang had a befuddled expression, he did not understand why they were doing this.

“Big brother, big sister, do you recognise my grandpa?” Ting Ting had a puzzled expression as her long lashes constantly blinked, her clever large eyes were filled with questions.

Seeing her innocent and cute countenance, the white clothed young man dotingly patted her head and said: “We come from the same family.”

“What family?” Ting Ting’s eyes widened in curiosity.

“An ancient aristocratic family that has been around since ancient times, the Jiang family. In the future you will slowly understand how exceptional our family is within the eastern badlands.”

Ye Fan’s heart trembled, an ancient aristocratic family was an existence that could match that of a Sacred Ground, their place within the eastern badlands could not be looked down upon.

Based on what Ye Fan knew, the Jiang and Ji surnames could be traced back to ancient China. Recorded in history books, those surnamed Jiang were the descendants of the Yan emperor and gained their surname because of where the Yan emperor was born, ‘Divine Farmer born by Jiang River, so his descendents are named as such.”*

[T/N* First of legendary Flame emperors in history and creator of agriculture]

Ye Fan was shocked, he did not expect that on the other side of the stars, the Jiang surname would also be so exceptional, exceeding his expectations.

“Grandfather Jiang Zhe was an exceptional talent back in the day, before coming of age his name had already resounded across the heavens. Thereafter his might had astounded the eastern badlands, with each stomp of his foot, the clouds in all directions would move, shaking the entire world. Who would have guessed…… “ The white clothed young man seemed to sigh with regret, he could see that the old man had not lived a very good life and could not imagine how the descendents of a peerless expert could fall into such such a plight.

The girl by the side was also puzzled as she asked: “Back then didn’t grandfather Jiang Zhe teach you cultivation techniques?”

“What cultivation……” Old uncle Jiang was thoroughly confused as he muttered: “I don’t know what you guys are talking about.”

“That year, many things happened and it’s difficult to explain everything at one go. Old man, are you willing to go with us?” The white clothed young man spoke to the old man before looking over at Ye Fan and Ting Ting.

“My surname isn’t Jiang, Ting Ting is the only granddaughter of old uncle Jiang.” Ye Fan hurriedly explained.

“The descendents of the master of our family owe grandfather Jiang Zhe too much, the truth of the past that is covered in dust will eventually come to light, I wish to bring you and Ting Ting back to the Jiang Family.”

The old man was in a stupor and although he had not totally understood, he had a rough understanding and this was difficult for him to accept.

The girl by the side saw that Ting Ting was very cute and smiled at her: “Ting Ting, what desires do you have? Sister will help you to make them a reality.”

“I don’t have any special desires, I only want to be together with grandpa and big brother and I’ll be happy.”

“Do you have any other desires?”

Ting Ting tilted her head as she earnestly thought before replying in a young and tender voice: “Able to eat a full meal each day without anyone bullying me or grandpa.”

Hearing these words, the girl was dazed.

A slight change in the expression of the white clothed young man could be seen as he said in a heavy voice: “Have you been bullied on a normal basis?”

“That’s right, before big brother came there were bad people who bullied us everyday.” Ting Ting’s innocent words made the faces of everyone change.

“Old man, I’ve forgotten to ask, where are Ting Ting’s parents?”

Old uncle Jiang had a hurtful expression as he said: “I gained a son in my later years but still ended up sending him off before I passed.”

“How could it be like this?!” The girl’s eyes widened.

“Even I don’t know if they were killed by people or merely died unfortunate deaths……”

By the side, Ting Ting heard these words and her eyes began to redden.

“Tell me everything in detail!” The white clothed young man seemed to have light shining forth from his eyes.

The old man explained everything simply and the white clothed young man stood up as he said: “Yan Xia immortal sanctuary, I have never heard of it before. Later we’ll go there for a visit, if anyone dares to block our way I won’t mind exterminating their entire sect!”

The beautiful girl by the side also had a cold smile as she said: “They even dare to bully people from our Jiang Family, let’s go to the Li family first before going to the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary!”

The horseman outside heard these words and immediately exploded with a frightening killing intent and battle hunger, at this moment the entire town of Qing Feng was shrouded in this frightening atmosphere.

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