STH Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Who could possibly block?

The white clothed young man came from an ancient aristocratic family, the Jiang Family. His name was Jiang Yi Fei, like his name, he seemed otherworldly and transcendent.

He did not speak much about the past of grandfather Jiang Zhe, however, much information could be gleaned from what he had said. Old uncle Jiang’s father Jiang Zhe had left the Jiang Family in the past and never returned, there was a past that no one knew of and it certainly had connections with the descendents of the family head.

“Grandfather Jiang Zhe had such wondrous accomplishments in his cultivation, how could he have passed away fifty years ago?” This was what Jiang Yi Fei was confused about.

“When he passed away, he actually coughed out large amounts of blood.” Old uncle Jiang recounted the past but was not overly sentimental, some things would slowly become dull with the passing of time.

“So that’s what happened.” Jiang Yi Fei did not say much and merely nodded as though he understood the secrets within.

The beautiful girl who stood by the side was called Jiang Cai Xuan, her figure was slender, neck long and graceful, complexion clear and attractive. As a female from the Jiang Family, she exuded an aura that made one feel as though she was eminent and unapproachable.

However, she really liked Ting Ting and did not put on any airs as she held onto Ting Ting’s hand and constantly chatted in a very gentle tone.

The extremely arrogant youth was called Jiang Yi Zhen, although he learned of old uncle Jiang and Ting Ting’s identity, he was not warm and actually maintained a cool disposition.

Jiang Cai Xuan’s voice was clear and moving as she said: “Old man, why don’t you head back with us to the Jiang Family. My grandpa has said that the Jiang Family has let down your family line and no matter what we have to find you and bring you back.”

“It’s okay, what you just said is something that I simply cannot comprehend. Your lives are far too distant from mine, we are just two people of the world. I’m already used to everything in this place……” Old uncle Jiang was an ordinary old man and having lived to such an old age, he had experienced many things and he felt that they would be unable to integrate into such a Family as he tactfully declined.

“If you don’t think for yourself, you also have to spare a thought for Ting Ting, she is a little princess above the clouds and should not be bullied by anyone, what she needs is a different kind of life.” Jiang Cai Xuan brought up the future of Ting Ting and persuaded the old man: “Follow us back, the elders of our Family really wish for the descendants of grandfather Jiang Zhe to return back to the Jiang Family.”

“You people can bring Ting Ting along, I’m already used to the life here and don’t wish to move to other places……”

“Ting Ting immediately held onto the old man’s arm as she said: “I’ll be together with grandpa, where grandpa stays Ting Ting will also be there.”

At this moment, a gentle smile floated onto Jiang Yi Fei’s face, he seemed to really dote Ting Ting as he rubbed her head and said: “The sky here is too small……”

Jiang Yi Fei was a smart person and understood that simply talking and trying to persuade old uncle Jiang was a futile endeavour, only by showcasing the greatness of the Jiang Family would there be a chance for the old man to change his mind. He stood up and continued: “Let’s head over to the Li Family first.” His tone was calm but seemed to contain a certain fascinating charm, the beasts outside all began to roar as a bloodthirsty aura surged out, all the horsemen exploded with a strong battle hunger.

Jiang Yi Fei’s expression was calm and composed as the golden deity followed closely behind him. He slowly his footsteps to walk together with old uncle Jiang, the others noticed this and followed behind.

No one rode on their mounts but rather walked towards the Li Family, Ting Ting nervously held onto the old man and Ye Fan’s hand, protected in this manner like the stars surrounding the moon made her feel slightly uncomfortable. At this moment, Jiang Yi Fei and Jiang Cai Xuan were walking together with them but did not stand in the centre and actually stood by the left and right of them.

The people on the big street were shocked, they noticed that old uncle Jiang and Ting Ting were actually protected in such a fashion and had expressions of incredulity. Many people trembled with fear as they saw the ferocious beasts and retreated to the two sides of the street.

“What’s going on? Does old Jiang know these people?”

“Look at those unique beasts that traverse without touching the ground, they may even be able to fly to the heavens, what relationship does old Jiang have with these people?”

“The bitter life of old Jiang has finally taken a turn for the better, good people will have good karma.”

“The Li Family is in big trouble, they seem to be headed in that direction.”

“That’s great, we’ve been pining for this for untold years, finally someone is going to teach the Li Family a lesson.”


By the sides of the street, more and more people gathered. Although they were all filled with fear and did not dare to get close, they had expressions of excitement and elation as they followed from afar in the direction of the Li Family.

When old uncle Jiang came before the big door of the Li Family, he seemed hesitant. Jiang Yi Fei noticed this and supported him up the stairs as he said: “Don’t mention this little Li Family, even if it were the imperial palace of the eastern badland’s most powerful nation, no one would dare to block us.”


Up ahead, the large cinnabar red doors were suddenly sent flying off their hinges, as though a ten thousand catty sledgehammer had smashed onto it.

There was confusion and disarray within as several curses could be heard from within the gatehouse.

“Who did it?”

“Actually daring to behave atrociously before the Li Family, looking for death!”


In no time, over ten people had rushed out, each person vicious looking but when they saw the ten odd beasts, they were immediately stunned as the person who cursed swallowed his words and stared agape and became tongue tied, all the fierceness on his face receded and became panicked as he swiftly ran backwards.

“Look at your pathetic appearances, what’s there to be afraid of, our Li Family also has cultivators.” A supervisor received the information and scolded as he walked: “F***, who has the balls to actually dare to come to the Li Family and make a ruckus, don’t they know that we have several immortal masters temporarily living here.”

“Bad people!” That supervisor had just walked out when Ting Ting suddenly retreated a few steps as though she were extremely afraid of this person.

“You people…….” The supervisor who walked out also seemed afraid, golden deity, five coloured beast, divine deer with a vertical eye, he had never heard or seen of such terrifying beasts before and was completely subdued.

“This is a bad person?”

“That’s right, he took people to snatch our restaurant and beat grandpa till he spit blood.” When Ting Ting said these words with her young and tender voice, it actually multiplied the anger they felt.

Jiang Yi Fei waved his hand and a horseman immediately went forward, pressing towards that supervisor.

“You…… what are you doing, this is the Li Family. We have several immortal masters within and will not stand for you acting so arrogant!” He seemed tough on the outside but was shaking inside as he loudly shouted while continuing to back away.

“Don’t act here in case you scare the child.” Jiang Yi Fei was meticulous in his thinking and was afraid that the bloody scene would frighten Ting Ting.


The horseman whose body was covered in armour grabbed the collar of the supervisor and tossed him out, a jade light flashed as another horseman rode a beast through the air and brought the supervisor out of the small town in an instant.

“Heavens, It can fly!”

“It really can fly!”

“That ferocious beast can actually run in the sky, it’s simply inconceivable.”

All around, the commoners who were spectating had expressions of shock as their mouths hung open, their hearts filled with astonishment.

Ting Ting’s mouth was formed in the shape of an ‘O’ as she gazed at the sky.

Jiang Cai Xuan smiled as she crouched down and said: “Do you want to have a precious beast and fly through the skies with it?”

Ting Ting almost wanted to nod her head but seemed to think of something as she held on tightly to the old man’s arm as she shook her head: “I only want to be together with grandpa.”

Jiang Cai Xuan never expected that Ting Ting would actually understand her intentions and did not continue to tempt or persuade her.

Not long after, a green figure appeared in the sky and the horseman which had flown away returned, his hand held a tuft of hair with some traces of blood on it.

By the side, Ye Fan was extremely shocked. The horsemen of the Jiang Family all seemed frighteningly strong and their strengths were difficult to measure, he could feel them surging with a military might.

The group continued inwards and the surrounding commoners also followed behind, wanting to see the evil people of the Li Family taught a lesson.

“Who dares barge into my Li Family to cause a ruckus?” At this moment, a few middle aged man wearing silk garments as well as several elders came out, their faces filled with anger.

“Old Jiang, it’s you?!” It was clear that they had not understood the situation and when they saw old uncle Jiang within the courtyard, they immediately berated: “Who allowed you to come in, scram!”

“Second master you shouldn’t talk so loudly, look what’s behind him.” A servant softly advised.

The person then noticed several unique beasts by the large door outside and his face became panicked as he retreated and said: “Quickly, invite those immortal masters here.”

Jiang Cai Xuan’s expression was cold as she said: “Such a small Family that only has a few cultivators actually dares to repress the weak, treating them like fish or livestock to be slaughtered, really don’t know what’s good for you.”

She waved her hand and all the people seemed like fallen leaves as they flew away and slammed into the wall before falling to the ground, unable to stand back up. These were all important people of the Li Family and they were currently crying miserably.

A light flashed as two figures suddenly rushed out into the courtyard. These were precisely the two cultivators of the Li Family and looking at the situation before them, their expressions changed.

“Friends, who are you people? Have we offended you in any way? Why did u barge into my Li Family, hurting people?” The two people were around twenty seven years of age and felt shocked and angry but did not dare to act out.

“Just you? You don’t have the right to know.” Jiang Cai Xuan laughed coldly.

Jiang Yi Fei had a calm expression as he asked: “Were the deaths of Ting Ting’s parents caused by you people?”

“You…… what are you talking about? Don’t slander others!” The faces of the two people changed and looking at old uncle Jiang who was surrounded in the centre, they felt shocks in their hearts.

“Who are you accusing of slandering others?” A horseman walked forward, his gaze like a sharp knife as he flashed before them and with two crisp sounds, “Pa! Pa!” sent the two people flying backwards. The faces of the two people of the Li Family suddenly had two blood red palm prints on them which immediately swelled up.

They immediately felt fright and anger as they held their faces and retreated: “Friend, don’t be too overbearing. We are disciples of the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary and a few of our masters are currently here within our residence!”

“Masters? Such a grand manner of speaking! We were just planning to head over to the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary, I think we’ll allow these masters of yours to lead the way.”

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