STH Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Strength

“Such arrogance!” The two cultivators from the Li Family had ugly expressions as they said: “You…… Are you planning to have a big battle between sects?”

“A big battle between sects? Do you have the qualifications to do so? I’m afraid you aren’t worthy of that.” The horseman whose entire body was covered in armor said in a cold voice.

“Good!, Good!, Good! You people are bold but I’m not sure if you’ll be able to walk out of Yan State!” The expressions of both the Li Family cultivators were gloomy and a cold light flashed through their eyes, they were thinking rapidly and were prepared to incite the anger of the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary elders.

“Could it be that you’re actually planning to make us stay within the Yan State with just your bunch?” The horseman had a cold smile as he said: “Just based on you bunch of random fishes, even tens of thousands of you would not be enough.”

“You…….” The Li family cultivators felt humiliated and shocked at the same time, it seemed that the background of the other party was very big otherwise they would not simply mouth off like that. They had no way back and needed to tie themselves to the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary. Only in this way was there a possibility of the other party being exterminated and he grit his teeth: “Since you people don’t place Yan Xia immortal sanctuary within your eyes, I will report it as such and the sect elders will let you know how high the heavens are and how deep the earth is!”

“You aren’t worthy!” The horseman strode forward fiercely and did not use any real strength but already sent the two people of the Li family flying like strawman and heavily knocking into the wall, their bones in their bodies made crunching noises as blood flowed from their mouth, nose and ears.

“You!” Half the bones in their bodies had been broken and they laid against the wall like mud, their eyes filled with fear.

As per Jiang Yi Fei’s earlier instructions, this horseman did not kill and they were kept alive for questioning.

“Were the deaths of Ting Ting’s parents caused by you?” Jiang Yi Fei’s tone was still dull but in the ears of the two people from the Li family, it was like frightening thunder and the calm looking young man dressed in white gave them a feeling of being the peak of a mountain which they needed to look up to.

“We will talk…….”

“Who dares to act so arrogantly, not putting our Yan Xia immortal sanctuary in their eyes?” At this moment, a middle aged man strode out into the courtyard and when he saw the ten odd unique beasts, the colour on his face changed as he said: “What matters do the few esteemed ladies and gentlemen have here? Why would you ruin a disciple of our Yan Xia immortal sanctuary?”

“We’re only here to vanquish evil.” A horseman strode forward and blocked his path.

“What do you mean? Could it be that our Yan Xia immortal sanctuary is this ‘evil’ you speak of?” The middle aged man shouted.

The horseman coldly replied: “Whether the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary is evil or not I wouldn’t know, I only know that these two people have harmed the lives of other people and are definitely hoodlums.”

“This is only the perspective of the few of you, before the matter has been thoroughly investigated how could you act in such a vicious manner. Furthermore, these are disciples of our Yan Xia immortal sanctuary, even if they have erred, we should be the ones to deal with them and not you outsiders.”

Jiang Yi Fei’s expression was dull but his words were cold as he said: “They have been committing atrocities for years but I have not seen the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary taking any action. Till now you still wish to exonerate them, finding means and ways to shelter them. It seems that we really have to go to the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary to seek justice.”

“Such arrogance, what do you treat our Yan Xia immortal sanctuary as, aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to walk out of Yan State?” The middle aged man glared coldly at the people before him.

Jiang Yi Fei had a faint cold smile as he said: “Is the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary very strong? It’s a pity I’ve never heard of it before, in a moment we’ll head there to receive their instruction.”

“You actually dare to consider everyone beneath you.” The middle aged man said in a cold voice: “The Yan Xia immortal sanctuary is one of the six sects within the Yan State, if you people still want to cause trouble, there will be an unavoidable big battle between the sects!”

Jiang Yi Fei shook his head and replied: “The eastern badlands is vast without limit, there are an innumerable amount of countries within and a mere Yan State is but the size of a pellet in comparison. The sects that reside here are ones that I certainly have never heard of.”

“Such arrogance, I’d like to experience exactly how powerful you are.”

The middle aged man rode on a mystical rainbow as he rushed into the air, spitting out an amethyst gold shield as well a blood coloured lance.

The roar from a ferocious beast could be heard as a horseman rode a unique beast into the sky and seemed like a green flash as it rushed over.


The middle aged cultivator from the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary immediately let out a miserable cry as the amethyst gold shield was instantly sliced apart, the blood coloured lance was also broken in two and his chest was cleanly cut, immediately falling to the ground as fresh blood gurgled forth.

If it were a normal person, the person would have already died but the cultivators body was exceptional strong and he quickly halted the bleeding and stabilized his injury. His face was pasty white as he retreated to the side.

Ye Fan felt deeply impacted by this, he could sense that the ten odd horseman were really exceptional and far superior to the people of the Ji Family and Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground which he had seen at the Demon Emperor’s burial mound.

At this moment, the few immortal masters who were at the rear garden could not bear with all the commotion and had walked out.

“Who are you people?” One of the elders frowned, he had heard the words of the people within the courtyard and these people clearly did not put the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary within their eyes, making him feel annoyed and uncomfortable.

“I’ll have to trouble the few of you to lead the way and bring us to the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary.” Jiang Cai Xuan had a cold smile on her beautiful face as she said: “Please lead the way.”

The expressions of the people from Yan Xia immortal sanctuary changed and one of them spoke up: “So young yet so arrogant, didn’t the elders in your family teach you how to be respectful to your elders?”

Jiang Cai Xuan’s voice was cold as she retorted: “The disciple you have instructed has victimized lives, bullying orphans, forcing an old man in his seventies to have no other path. What right do you have to be lecturing us about respect for elders? You don’t have the qualifications!”

“What proof do you have?”

“They’ve already admitted it themselves.”

That elder who had been speaking frowned and replied: “Let’s not talk about you people forcing confessions through torture, even if they really did evil acts, it isn’t the business of you people to handle. Our Yan Xia immortal sanctuary will deal with them via our sect rules.”

“Such a wonderful ‘deal with them on your own’. It has already been two years, the dead are aggrieved and the culprits are still free, continuing to oppress the young and old, are these the rules of your sect?” Jiang Cai Xuan sympathised with Ting Ting, having said this her face seemed to grow even colder: “Even now, you still wish to exonerate them and shelter them, it’s no wonder you are their teachers, really made from the same mould.”

“You!” The elder who was in front immediately tensed up but he did not dare to act out, the might of the other party was evident and merely the golden deity made him feel trepidation.

At this moment, Jiang Yi Fei commanded: “Take them all down!” The few horsemen immediately acknowledged and moved forward.

The elder immediately shouted: “Let’s go!” as he rushed to the sky while riding on a mystical rainbow. He could see that the background of these people were not simple and not something they could deal with. The other people all rushed in different directions as they rode on mystical rainbows and shot towards the horizon.

Roars of ferocious beasts could be heard as the sky seemed to tremble, several unique beasts with their riders each flew in a different direction as they chased.


Miserable cries continued to sound out and several horseman quickly returned as they caught people and dragged them like dogs. Inclusive of the elder who had spoken previously, all the people had frightening injuries on their bodies.

By the side, Ye Fan was extremely shocked, an ancient aristocratic family was really a colossal figure, these horsemen were simply terrifying.

Jiang Yi Fei pointed to two horsemen and commanded them to stay behind to take care of the people from the Li family. At the same time, he instructed them not to kill the innocent and only kill those who had committed atrocities.

“Let’s go to the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary!”

Jiang Yi Fei personally helped old uncle Jiang onto the golden deity as he mounted it together with him. Jiang Cai Xuan hugged Ting Ting onto the divine deer and sat her in front of her. As for Ye Fan, he sat on one of the unique beasts with a rider as they all flew to the sky.

“We don’t have to go to the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary anymore. Those two bastards have already died and the grievance has been settled……” Old uncle Jiang found out that his son had been killed by the plans of others and his old eyes were misty as tears streamed down.

By the side, Ting Ting also began to cry.

“Go, we must go! The people of our Jiang Family aren’t people who can be killed just because someone wants to!”

Ye Fan lamented, the road he had to walk was long and in comparison to the colossal figure of an ancient aristocratic family, he was simply too insignificant.

The people of the small town were all wide eyed and speechless before bursting into cheers, the poison within the town had finally been removed by somebody.

Faced with life and death, the few captives from the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary had no choice but to lead the way.

Over ten unique beasts were soaring on clouds and riding on mists as they flew in the air, rumbling sounds could be heard like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses or a tsunami that was surging to the skies.

At this moment, Ye Fan felt as though someone was inspecting him and looked back to notice that it was actually the arrogant youth Jiang Yi Chen.

Noticing him looking back, Jiang Yi Chen shifted his gaze as a cold smile floated onto his face.

Ye Fan felt a lurch in his heart, why would the other party act like this, could it be that he discovered something?

In no time at all, the group had arrived at the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary. Ahead of them were tall mountains and lush greenery, faint mist could be seen in the air as a multicoloured sunlight seemed to shine down, it really was a place befitting of the its name.

“Who dares barge into the sacred grounds of my sect?” A loud voice could be heard from up ahead.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The captives were all flung to the ground and sounds of astonishment could be heard from up ahead.

“The enemy is here!” There was immediately a huge commotion within the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary.

In an instant, haze filled the sky as the Dao Inscriptions that were laid down immediately activated, releasing streaks of blazing divine splendour which blocked the path of all the people.

“This isn’t much, let me break it.” At this moment, the youth with the arrogant disposition Jiang Yi Chen suddenly acted, an amethyst gold gourd flew out from within his body and a dazzling purple light could be seen as it swiftly grew larger in the sky, like a whale which was taking a big gulp, all the haze was sucked into it. In the blink of an eye, the might of the Dao Inscriptions was suppressed.

Thereafter, the amethyst gold gourd was like a small mountain as it pressed downwards, spewing forth thick purple mist and cries of alarm could be heard as many figures were sucked into the amethyst gold gourd.

Ye Fan was shocked, he did not expect this ancient amethyst gold gourd to be so powerful, easily breaking the Dao Inscriptions which were protecting the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary and also sucking several cultivators into it. It was certainly fearsome.

“The background of an ancient aristocratic family is simply too terrifying, a sixteen to seventeen year old youth was actually bestowed such a terrifying precious treasure…..” Ye Fan continued to lament in his heart.

“There’s no need to do this…….” Old uncle Jiang was by the side as he tried to persuade them to stop.

Jiang Yi Fei shook his head and responded: “Ting Ting’s parents committed no atrocities but were killed by others. We are going to seek justice, our Jiang Family has never been afraid of finding trouble!”


At this instant, a strong fluctuation shot out in all directions from within the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary, knocking away the amethyst gold gourd as an ancient voice spoke up:” So it’s the people from an ancient aristocratic family, I wonder how has our Yan Xia immortal sanctuary offended you?”

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