STH Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: It’s a Small World

Ye Fan swiftly ran, cresting mountains as he moved vigorously like a nimble ape, rapidly like a cheetah. However, he was not able to thoroughly get rid of the people behind and the few figures followed closely behind, their cultivation levels were clearly not weak and were likely to be in the middle stages of the Sea of Bitterness realm.

Suddenly, Ye Fan seemed to concentrate, ahead of him was a ravine and two figures were there blocking the way, it seemed that besides the people chasing behind, there were even two others who went ahead to block the forward route.

At this moment, wanting to turn back to retreat was not an option as he stopped: “Two fellows, not long ago we were still chatting, why are you blocking my way now?”

Ahead, a male and female were blocking the way exit from the ravine and their ages were around twenty five to twenty six years old. The girl’s mouth was curled up in a cold smile as she said: “You were doing well within the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary, why did you run? Could it be that you did something that couldn’t be seen by others?”

The male walked forward as he looked condescendingly at Ye Fan: “You couldn’t have stolen anything right? Otherwise, why would you run away to hurriedly. Indeed, a leopard would never change its spots, the natural roguish behaviour of a beggar, you got your hands dirty even after coming to the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary.”

“I think that piece of ‘source’ on you also has questionable origins, it could even have been stolen from our Purple Sun immortal sanctuary. Otherwise, how could a small beggar like you have something so precious.” That female began to draw closer.

Throughout this process, Ye Fan was continually moving forward. He was very natural and did not seem like he was going to run past them, his face was calm but he was laughing coldly in his heart, these two people clearly wanted to steal his ‘source’ but actually came up with ridiculous crimes to his name.

“Big brother and big sister, how could you mock me like this? This piece of ‘source’ is my family inheritance, don’t malign my good name……” While speaking, Ye Fan had already arrived before the two.

At this moment, the people from the back had already gotten close as they loudly shouted: “Careful!”
The warning came too late and Ye Fan had already firmly acted, leaping into the air, his actions were extremely rapid as his two hands flew out like lightning, smashing the heads of the two people together instantly causing them to faint.

These two cultivators would never have imagined that a small beggar of barely eleven or twelve would have such frightening prowess, they were unprepared and in the blink of an eye had fallen to the ground unconscious.

Ye Fan did not use his golden book because there were two people blocking and he was not confident in killing two people with it instantly. Also, he wanted to create a false impression for the people behind, incorrectly assuming he had killed the first person like this and did not know any cultivating arts.

At this moment, Ye Fan pulled a small crescent blade from the female’s body and seemed poised to chop them before a loud shout rang out from behind him.

Ye Fan did not chop down but a cold smile appeared on his face: “I hope this can mislead all of you.” He pretended to panic as he continued running into the distance.

Indeed a voice filled with hatred could be heard behind him as someone spoke up: “This bastard is really crafty, Senior brother Yang must have been killed in this manner by him.”

“It’s fortunate that we were following closely behind, otherwise, Senior brother Wang and Junior sister Zhang would have been killed.”

Ye Fan muttered: “It’s fine if you guys can’t catch up. However, if you continue to pester me, I’ll let you have a taste of something good.”

He did not have sufficient strength and if he exposed all his trump cards too early, once he was surrounded, the outcome would be disastrous. Now that he had successfully fooled the few people, he suddenly gained additional trump cards he could use against them.

Rushing for another ten odd miles, the three figures finally managed to outflank him and the female in the centre smiled coldly: “You aren’t a disciple of the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary, although your speed is decent, you’ve went through many unnecessary paths and still got caught by us.”

The other two male disciples had sinister looks on their faces as one of them said in a cold voice: “Pitiful Senior brother Yang actually got killed by a little beggar, actually falling for the evil schemes of a little bastard, so hateful!”

“If we did not reach in time, I’m afraid that the sneak attack on Senior brother Wang and Junior sister Zhang would have been successful and they would have been killed.” Another male disciple said with a cold face.

Ye Fan pretended to be scared, exposing an expression that an eleven or twelve year old would have as he stuttered: “Esteemed few……. You can’t blame me……. They wanted to kill me……. Steal my ‘source’, I had no choice…… grabbing the chance when their guard was down to knock them……. unconscious.”

The female amongst them had a cold expression and she said in a cold voice: “Senior brother Yang was killed by you……”

“I……. I thought that I had managed to knock him unconscious, who knew that he did not really faint and actually grabbed my legs. I…… was really afraid and took out my blade, accidentally……. Chopped at his neck.” Ye Fan had the expression of fear that a child would have on his face.

“Accidentally?!” The female’s face became sinister and her good looks seemed frosted over: “Accidentally killing senior brother Yang, is this a joke or ridicule?”

“There’s nothing more to be said, take the ‘source’ and kill him, take revenge from senior brother Yang!”

“Killing him immediately seems to be too good for him……”

Cold light flashed through the eyes of the two males, exposing their killing intent.

At this moment, Ye Fan was already silently shifting his feet, although he seemed to be nervous, he was actually adjusting his position such that the two males would be standing in the same straight line.


At this moment, a blazing golden light flew out from within Ye Fan, like a streak of golden lightning causing the sun above to seem dim, the golden book was dazzling and flew through the air in the blink of an eye.

“Chi! Chi!”

Two soft sounds could be heard as the two males died aggrieved, their bodies were separated at their waists as fresh blood spurted high into the air. Their upper bodies fell to the ground as blood continued to spurt and their lower bodies stood there rigidly for a second before falling into the pool of blood.

“You…..” The female was shocked but she managed to react speedily, immediately releasing a purple divine net and threw it towards Ye Fan.

“Dang, Dang”

The golden book was like a golden sun, golden raging flames seemed to be igniting and combusting as he rushed towards that purple net, the two collided and emitted a loud resounding noise.

The purple divine net began to break as it fell to the ground, the golden book rushed by with a ‘Shuaaa’, a soft ‘Chi!’ sounded out as the female’s head was lopped off.

Ye Fan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, if he had not hidden his trump card and successfully tricked the few people, he could have been the one lying in a pool of blood.

“Thinking of stealing my ‘source’, your deaths cause me no guilt.” After simply handling the matters here, Ye Fan sped away, not daring to tarry any longer.

He had just rushed away barely hundred odd metres when a loud shout suddenly rang from behind. There were still several people and they were hot on his heels. Ye Fan hurriedly turned his head to glance and his expression became rigid as he actually saw Li Xiao Man!

He felt an indescribable feeling well up within him, they had shared a romantic past but it had ended and became passing smoke, but this scene before him was out of his expectations.

They could be cold to each other or even act as strangers when they passed by but the current situation……

“Is she chasing to kill me? Or is she trying to stop her senior brothers and sisters? I hope it’s the latter…..” Ye Fan muttered. Their relationship had ended and could no longer cause ripples in his heart, but if it was the former reason for her coming after him, that would be too cold blooded.

Ye Fan continued to run through the mountains as though he were traversing through flat land, his speed was extremely fast when suddenly the sounds of bells ringing could be heard from the back, reverberating through the mountains.

“This sound is coming from the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary……” Ye Fan looked back and realised that the few figures had stopped after hearing the bells as the swiftly headed back.

“The sound of bells that could travel tens of miles…… upon hearing it they immediately retreated, could the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary be gathering all the disciples back to the sect?” Ye Fan’s mind was churning and instantly thought of a possibility, something extraordinary must have occurred within the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary, it was most likely that they had found out about identity of the Jiang Family horseman.

“Not good!” He began to swiftly flee.

Upon passing by a river, he took out the ‘source’ and tossed it into the riverbed.

“The number two expert of the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary can sense the presence of the ‘source’, the other experts must also be able to do so. I can’t carry it on my body, I’ll collect it in the future.” Ye Fan was afraid that the experts of the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary would aid the horseman of the Jiang Family, if that was the case it would indeed be troublesome.

“I can’t continue running through the mountains, I shall act contrary to their expectations.” Ye Fan swiftly ran and quickly came before a large waterfall where he rushed in and stuck to the stone wall, allowing the flow of water to continually fall on his body.

Although his cultivation was not very high, he could still hold his breath for long amounts of time and if he really needed to, he could always stick his head out for a breath of fresh air.

In this manner, Ye Fan hid for three full days, within this period several people flew past the area but no one noticed the waterfall below. Thereafter, Ye Fan swapped to several different areas to hide and stayed within the deep mountains for half a month without being noticed by anyone.

This night, Ye Fan silently left the mountainous region where Purple Sun immortal sanctuary was located.

Several days later, he appeared several thousand miles away, thoroughly leaving that area behind.

Thinking back to his experiences at Purple Sun immortal sanctuary, what left the greatest impression on Ye Fan was Li Xiao Man’s indifferent expression, persuading him not to be unrealistic, accept reality and to become a normal person and giving one a feeling of being lofty.

“I should get rid of the horseman from the Jiang Family, I’ll have to quickly find a safe place to cultivate.”

Ye Fan could not believe it when he saw a horseman from the Jiang Family above the city he was in three days later.

“Really can’t shirk them off, the problem isn’t that piece of ‘source.’” Ye Fan placed all the things on his body before him. The piece of white jade pendant that elder Wu Qing Feng gave to him should not be a problem. There was also a piece of broken jade that seemed like a worn-out rock, the unscrupulous cultivator had given it to him and it should not be a problem either.

Thereafter, he took out a Bodhi seed that was the size of a walnut and muttered: “Could it be this?”

If he threw away this Bodhi seed, it would be such a waste because it could help one comprehend the Dao. Ye Fan had never treated it like a spiritual treasure and always treated it as a seed of the divine tree, now that he thought about it, he felt that this could be where the problem laid.

“Maybe the precious treasure that Jiang Yi Chen felt was this Bodhi seed……”

Not long after, Ye Fan went into a restaurant and ordered some food as he prepared to eat.

“It’s really a small world……” Suddenly, an ancient voice rang out from beside Ye Fan’s ear and a skinny and emaciated old man with a head full of white hair appeared before him like a ghost.

“Elder Han!” Ye Fan was shocked to the point of almost falling from his chair, when it rains, it pours, he actually met him under these circumstances.

“It seems we do have quite an affinity with each other, I was just looking for you.” Elder Han of the Ling Xu immortal sanctuary sat opposite him.

“Why is elder Han looking for me?”

Elder Han was thin like a dried piece of firewood, his flesh was shrivelled and seemed like there was only a layer of skin over bone, together with his white hair that covered his face, his appearance was terrifying as he said in a sinister voice: “I’ve prepared endless amounts of spiritual medicine for you but was unable to find you, who knew that we would meet again.”

“Prepared many spiritual medicines for me?”

“You’re the primary medicine, the other spiritual medicines are there for supplementary purposes.” Elder Han said calmly.

“F***, you damn old man!” Ye Fan slapped the table as he could no longer endure it anymore.

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