STH Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Primary Medicine

Elder Han did not become angry and was unflustered as he continued to pour himself a cup of tea, moving aside the white hair covering his face, lifting the tea cup to gently sip.

In this moment, Ye Fan felt a bone-chilling cold.

Elder Han’s fingers were like strips of iron, dried up and only old skin was wrapped around his finger bones. As he shifted the hair from his face, the exposed face made one’s goosebumps stand on end, like a piece of waste paper that was kneaded and wrinkled, many creases without any lustre. What was most eerie were his gums and teeth that were exposed from his thin lips, completely black without any sign of blood or life, even his tongue was dried up.

“Follow me and let’s head off together.” Elder Han finished the cup of tea before gently placing it down, talking in an unflustered manner, his voice not containing a single ounce of vitality.

Ye Fan really wished to send the golden book flying out but he did not act rashly, he knew deep down that the difference between cultivators of different realms was simply too wide.

“Elder Han, acting in this manner aren’t you afraid of the wrath of heaven? Using a living person to make medicine, even if it were people from the same sect, I’m afraid they would not be able to tolerate this……” Ye Fan talked while trying to think of a plan to cope with the situation, if he really fell into the others’ grasp, that would certainly be more frightening than death.

“I’ve long made preparations, no one will know of this.” Elder Han was like a piece of dried up wood as he silently sat opposite him, his calm demeanour seemed to become more sinister and frightening.

Ye Fan took out the jade pendant that elder Wu Qing Feng had given to him and replied: “If you kill me, elder Wu Qing Feng will know.”

Elder Han gently waved his finger and a sinister aura pressured down, thereafter the piece of jade disintegrated with a ‘Bang!’, the piercing cold did not disperse for a long time.

Elder Han said indifferently: “This place is thousands of miles from the Ling Xu immortal sanctuary, I’ve destroyed the jade but elder Wu Qing Feng will not have any inkling of this.” Having said this, he laughed sinisterly: “Thinking about it, you’re actually quite astute for a young fellow, back then I lightly patted you and secretly left a mark on you, wanting to catch you in the future. Who knew that you would actually take off so quickly and run out of my perception radius, only being found by me today.”

“You damned old fogey……”

“We should leave.” Elder Han stood up, the people in the restaurant avoided him like a malicious spirit as they opened a path for him.

Ye Fan was as nimble as a panther and wanted to escape from the window.

“Why bother doing such useless actions.” Elder Han stretched out a dried up palm as he restrained Ye Fan, using an immense amount of force to drag him down the restaurant.

Different realms were separated by a chasm that was a moat between heaven and earth, simply impossible to overcome and Ye Fan’s heart was in shock, the other party had restrained him and he could not gather any strength in his body.

Arriving outside the city, elder Han mumbled: “I’ll go visit an old friend first, he previously agreed to help me collect various spiritual medicines, now that I think about it the timing is about right. Since I’ve found the primary medicine, once I’m back I can sacrifice it in the cauldron to refine the medicine.”

Ye Fan quietly gazed at the sky, he was looking for the figure of the Jiang Family horseman, he would rather be killed by the Jiang Family than be refined into medicine while alive.

Half a day passed and the sun was setting, elder Han brought Ye Fan into a mountainous region and they were almost reaching their destination.

“Why isn’t the horseman from the Jiang Family appearing……” Ye Fan was feeling extremely anxious.

“The enemy is here……” Elder Han rushed into a valley as he shouted, the rumbled noise reverberated through the mountains.

At this moment, a figure appeared in the sky as it swiftly rushed to this area. The horseman of the Jiang Family had always been within the area, attracted by the noise he swiftly rushed over.

The horseman was extremely strong and released a frightening killing intent and battle hunger, his entire body was covered in armour and the ferocious beast he was riding on rushed down, causing a gale to form which sent the surrounding vegetation flying away.

“Who goes there?” Elder Han pulled Ye Fan as he swiftly retreated.

At the same time, from the valley came an old man with flowing white hair whose face looked treacherous, one look and a person could tell he was not a good person.

“Leave this youth behind!” The horseman of the Jiang Family was extremely cold as his gaze swept past elder Han and the old man who walked out from the valley.

Elder Han could feel the strength of the other party but he still decided not to let Ye Fan go as he rushed towards the old man at the entrance of the valley shouting: “Quickly, assist me!”


The horseman of the Jiang Family acted decisively as a streak of bloody light slashed through the air, it was a blood coloured metal spear that released a bloody light, it was unknown how much blood it had soaked from countless cultivators as it released a frightening energy fluctuation.


Elder Han released a green wooden ruler as a jade light flashed, colliding but instantly being sent flying away. His entire person trembled as he pulled Ye Fan and swiftly retreated, rushing towards the entrance of the valley.

At this moment, the old man at the entrance of the valley acted, releasing a bronze mirror as it shone, dazzling lights emitted from the mirror and shot towards the horseman of the Jiang Family.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

At the same time, Elder Han released twelve green wooden swords which flew out in a profound manner, locking down all directions and trapping the horseman within.

“Child’s play!” The horseman did not have any fear on his face as he urged his mount into the sky, dodging the rays from the mirror as the blood coloured metal spear swept away the twelve green wooden swords.

“This person is too strong, don’t hold anything back, get rid of him!” Elder Han was extremely nervous and sealed Ye Fan’s abilities while tossing him into the valley.


Ye Fan fell to the ground and did not dare to tarry for even a second as he swiftly circulated the mystical arts recorded within the Dao Scripture, attempting to break the seal. It was fortunate that elder Han had acted in haste without knowing of Ye Fan’s capabilities, the seal was very simple and the mystical arts from the Dao Scripture swiftly broke through the seal.

“Fight it out to your hearts content, it’ll be best if both parties become severely injured!” Ye Fan was within the deepest parts of the valley and climbed sheer cliffs and precipitous rocks to get out of the place. He rapidly rushed out of the mountainous region, seeing a torrential large river, he did not hesitate as he immediately plunged in.

Sinking into the large river, untold number of miles passed till the stars in the sky appeared before Ye Fan got back to shore. In the wilderness, there were no signs of human habitation and he rested for a moment before taking big strides into the distance.

An hour later, lights could be seen ahead and he was not far from a city.

“Hahaha……” Suddenly, a cold sinister laugh that could make one’s hair stand on end resounded from behind him.

Ye Fan was shocked and did not look back as he immediately dashed forward. However, the cold sinister laugh constantly revolved around him like the cries of an owl, resounding near and far.

“Old fogey, your life is really tough!” Ye Fan stopped, he knew that he could no longer flee.

Within the darkness, elder Han’s dried up figure appeared as he floated out like a spirit, his left arm was already chopped off and his hair was disheveled, traces of blood could be seen all over his body and he seemed like a malicious spirit in the night.

Ye Fan felt chills from the top of his head to the soles of his feet, this old fellow was not killed by the horseman of the Jiang Family and he was now at an impasse!

“It’s a pity my old friend was chopped into meat pulp, I used all my abilities to barely escape……” Elder Han’s voice was extremely cold, like a malicious ghost that was gritting its teeth.

“He didn’t take your life, that’s such a pity.” Ye Fan mocked.

Two cold lights shot out from Elder Han and he silently floated over, his withered body released an aura of death.

Ye Fan wished to wait for the right distance before releasing the golden book, staking his life on the line with that single blow. However, he did not have such a chance as a streak of green light lit up the night sky, like a ghostly fire as it shrouded him and sealed him. In the darkness, Elder Han’s body which seemed like a dried up piece of wood drew closer, his white hair was flying, revealing his wrinkled face, it was extremely malevolent and terrifying, his two eyes seemed to be released a sinister light.

“I like fresh lives, your body is vigorous and full of youthful energy, i think the blood must be exceptionally sweet……” Elder Han grabbed Ye Fan’s hand as he brought him soaring to the sky.

Ye Fan felt stupefied, he had used all means and ways, fleeing for days on end but finally could not escape from this fate of death.

“I left a mark on your body, there’s no way for you to flee!” A lush green light flew out of elder Han’s body and binded Ye Fan as they disappeared into the horizon.

He did not return to the Ling Xu immortal sanctuary but rather brought Ye Fan to a wild mountainous region within the Yan State, entering a cave situated by an overhanging cliff as they travelled deep into the mountain.

“Don’t be afraid, death isn’t painful……” Elder Han’s eyes flashed with a terrifying light.

The cave dwelling within the belly of the mountain was hidden extremely deep, the path was inlaid with several bright pearls which lit the way. Elder Han carried Ye Fan and swiftly came to a wide stone room, the smell of medicinal plants was in the air and over ten medicinal cauldrons were placed there, each other a metre tall, carved with complicated patterns yet simple and unadorned.

“I’ve finally collected all the required spiritual medicines, hahaha……” Elder Han cackled, his voice was extremely jarring like a malicious spirit crying, making one’s scalp feel numb.

Within the stone room, besides medicinal cauldrons there were also over ten medicinal cabinets. Elder Han opened them all and the scent of medicines assailed the nostrils.

“Look at what I’ve prepared for you, they are all priceless spiritual medicines!” He opened a wooden case and immediately a pigeon-sized lotus seed could be seen, black and translucent, as though he were carved from black jade as a dense aroma drifted out and seemed to seep into the bone.

“Do you know what this is? This is the lotus seed of a Black Jade Divine Lotus, only one seed appears every five hundred years and its value is simply inconceivable, it contains endless amounts of the qi essence of life.

Elder Han placed the wooden case down and opened a simple and unadorned jade case, immediately a resplendent green aura seemed to swirl, a green colour fruit the size of a chicken egg was there, it seemed to have been carved from green jade and a gentle light circulated around it, sparkling and translucent as it flashed.

“Do you know what this is? This is the fruit from the Green Jade Snow Lotus of legend, it grows on the peak of snow mountains that are tens of thousands of miles high, it has not seen sunlight from a thousand years and frightening demons protect it, it took me eight years before finally being lucky enough to pick one.

All these items contain exceptionally strong qi essences of life, if Ye Fan was able to absorb them, his golden sea of bitterness would definitely become much bigger.

Elder Han continued to walk forward and picked up another wooden case, upon opening it a faint red light shot forth. A strange nine leafed grass which seemed to be carved from red jade was within, sparkling and translucent as its unique fragrance filled the air.

“Do you know what this is? This is the Nine Leafed Phoenix Grass of legend!” Elder Han was very excited as he continued: “It’s rumoured that only areas which have been stained with the blood of a phoenix have a chance to grow such a divine grass. I spent over ten years of time, leaving Yan State and walking through endless ancient lands and inheritances before finally finding this single one, it’s price is astronomical and is a spiritual treasure rarely seen in the world!”

Elder Han constantly opened cases and placed over ten different types of spiritual medicines, each one was unbelievably precious and rare, their value was incalculable!

Within the cave dwelling it was brilliant and resplendent, the myriad of spiritual medicines released different coloured lights, releasing a fragrance that deeply penetrated into the heart.

Even under such circumstances, Ye Fan felt dazzled, this rare spiritual medicines were too precious and if he could absorb them, his cultivation would surely advance by leaps and bounds.

Elder Han had a sinister laugh as he said: “Don’t be so envious, I’ll be placing all of them together with you in the same medicinal cauldron to simmer and refine.”

“You’ve already picked so many spiritual medicines to extend your lifespan, they should be sufficient. Why do you still need to capture me?”

“If I’m merely refining a Yang Returning Pill, that would certainly be enough. But since you’ve eaten the divine fruit of legends and drank from the divine spring, my demands naturally had to be increased.”

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