STH Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: The Ancients did not Deceive

Silver coloured flames flashed, continually released from the ground, emitting a gentle glow with fluctuations of spiritual energy, the pure light continually entering into the medicinal cauldron.

The entire stone room was bathed in a pure light, as though a faint mist were swirling about, it was hazy all around as though it were the dwelling of an immortal, spiritual energy dense in the air.

This Demonfire was not ordinary, besides having a suitable temperature, more importantly it contained spiritual force which could dissolve medicinal plants, congealing the qi essence of life to form a spiritual pill.

The silver coloured flame continued to dance, the bronze medicinal cauldron was shrouded by the milky white spiritual energy and seemed to to be alive, the engravings on it also seemed to come alive.

Elder Han silently sat by the side as he closed his eyes, guarding the medicinal cauldron as his withered up body did not release a single sign of life.

At this moment, sealed within the medicinal cauldron, Ye Fan had a feeling of intense pain. His four limbs were pierced through and even his chest had a hole, blood was flowing out and all five wounds were serious, he was beginning to feel weaker and weaker. However, as Elder han had mentioned, he would not be able to die within a short period of time. Under the nourishment of the jade coloured fluid, his wounds were being nourished and the blood loss was slowly stopping.

At this point the cauldron was becoming hotter and hotter, bubbles started appearing on the surface of the medicinal fluid as the temperature continued to rise. Ye Fan who was submerged till his mouth wanted to struggle but his body had been sealed by Elder Han and could not make a single movement.

“This method of dying is too depressing, I’m not reconciled with this!”

“Slurp Slurp”

Ye Fan began to drink the medicinal fluid in big gulps, he could only move his mouth now, if he could move his hands as well he would definitely take the Nine Leafed Phoenix Grass which was flashing with a scarlet light nearby and swallow it.

Because he had lost a lot of blood, Ye Fan’s consciousness began to grow blurry and he bit his lips: “I cannot die!”

He had lost a large amount of blood and if it were a normal person they would have already passed away. Although his wounds were nourished by the medicinal fluid and his bleeding had stopped, he was teetering on the edge and had entered a sort of semi-conscious state.

“I can’t totally faint……. otherwise I will really die…….” Ye Fan was groggy, half awake and half blur as he struggled to hold on.

In this disorientated state, many familiar people and scenes flashed through his mind, his parents with they head full of white hair urging him home, male cousin who had a shotgun marriage requesting his presence at his wedding, eighteen year old female cousin who managed to get into her ideal educational institution as she stretched her hand to request a gift from him, good friends reprimanding him for disappearing for such a long time……

The relatives and friends of his old hometown began to float through Ye Fan’s mind, many people were loudly shouting as they stretched their hands towards him, wanting to pull him over. He continued to run forward but simply could not get closer to those people.

Thereafter, the people and events of this world began to appear within his mind one after another, Pang Bo who was emitting a frightening demonic aura bitterly struggling, little Ting Ting’s teary eyes within the Jiang Family, Elder Han’s sinister cold smile……

Even the figure of Li Xiao Man also flashed through his mind, from hoping to see each other from an ocean’s distance apart to hoping to forget one another before finally treating him coldly, telling him that immortals and ordinary humans were of two worlds and he should not have unrealistic expectations and be a decent ordinary human.

“I can’t die…… I need to go home……. There are so many relatives and friends waiting for me……” Ye Fan’s consciousness was blurry and he seemed to be raving deliriously.

Elder Han opened his eyes as he said: “Slowly savor the taste of death.”

At this point the spiritual energy released by the Demonfire under the medicinal cauldron increased, the pure silver flames danced about and actually shrouded the entire bronze medicinal cauldron.

Within the medicinal cauldron, the jade coloured medicinal fluid was releasing endless amounts of bubbles, surround Ye Fan as streaks of silver lights seemed to circulate, this was the unique spiritual aspect of the Demonfire.

Just as Ye Fan was about to lose his consciousness, a fine trickle appeared within his innermost being, several hundred ancient words began to float by, stabilising his mind allowing him to slowly come to his senses.

Ye Fan gradually began to gain clarity and he felt shocked, the previous time when the horseman of the Jiang Family had severely injured him causing him to faint, this ancient scripture had allowed him to come to his senses, it was also aiding him now.

At this moment, the temperature within the medicinal cauldron was becoming hotter and the jade coloured medicinal fluid seemed like it would boil at any time. Ye Fan did not have any other option but to mouth the ancient scripture as he grit his teeth and endured.

Suddenly, he felt a unique transformation as streaks of silver light began to rush into his body, swimming throughout his body filled with vitality.

That was the spiritual aspect contained within the Demonfire, it could dissolve medicinal plants, congealing the qi essence of life to form spiritual pills. At this moment it treated Ye Fan as a spiritual medicine and rushed into his sealed and immobile body, the sealed qi essence of life within began to come alive as the seal which Elder Han placed on him slowly loosened.

Finally, Ye Fan was elated and startled to find that he could actually move, his shackles had been removed! Elder Han would have never expected that the unique spiritual force within the Demonfire would have broke through his seal.

At this very moment, the medicinal fluid within the medicinal cauldron began to boil and Ye Fan could feel an intense pain as though his flesh were lacerated, he hurriedly circulated the mystical arts recorded within the Dao Scripture as large amounts of the qi essence of life began to be released from his sea of bitterness, flowing to his four limbs and all the bones in his body, his body began to flash with dots of brilliance, blocking the boiling medicinal fluid.

Ye Fan was silent and still as he sat down, continually circulating the mystical arts within the Dao Scripture causing the large amounts of qi essence of life within the medicinal cauldron to gather and be absorbed into his body.

An hour later, Ye Fan opened his eyes as two streaks of cold electricity appeared within the medicinal cauldron, stretching his hand, he grabbed the lotus seed formed from the Black Jade Divine Lotus.

The lotus seed was huge, its form like a pigeon’s egg as its entire body was sparkling and translucent as though it were carved from black jade, lights flashed as a misty splendour began to swirl, causing Ye Fan’s palm to become brightly lit.

This rare spiritual medicine could not possibly be dissolved in a short amount of time otherwise Elder Han would not have needed seven days and seven nights to smelt and refine the pill.

Ye Fan placed the lotus seed within his mouth as he gently chewed before slowly swallowing, his mouth seemed to be filled with innumerable pieces of broken divine jade that were flashing, large amounts of the qi essence of life was emitted and his mouth seemed to contain a divine object, its splendour absolutely dazzling.

Beside the bronze medicinal cauldron, elder Han seemed to have heard something as he sat there motionlessly, an emotionless cold smile floated on his face: “Can’t hold on for much longer? Steeped within the raw fluids of life, with the temperature continually rising the skin will lacerate, causing unimaginable pain, within a short period of time you will cease to breathe.”

Elder Han did not have a shred of mercy or sympathy within him as he closed his eyes once again returning to his silent and desolate state.

Within the bronze medicinal cauldron, Ye Fan had no expression on his face, qi essence continued to bubble within his mouth as black lights flashed, the lotus seed had been chewed apart and swallowed. Thereafter, he closed his eyes as he began to calmly circulate the mystical arts recorded within the Dao Scripture, a dazzling glow flashing around his entire being.
Two hours passed as the golden light within Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness suddenly expanded vigorously, all the qi and blood he had lost were all recovered as the qi essence surged. At the same time, the golden sea of bitterness began to surge, almost causing the howling sea and frightening imagery to appear!

Ye Fan used his willpower to forcefully suppress it, stopping the sea of bitterness from establishing further. At the same time, he purposefully made hissing noises to attract the attention of Elder Han causing him to open the lid of the cauldron allowing him to send the golden book out and deal a lightning fast blow.

“What’s that sound? Why does it seem like waves surging?” Elder Han opened his eyes and a strange expression appeared on his face as he muttered: “When exceptional spiritual pills are formed, certain unique events will follow it, could it be that the refining of my pill will not only be successful but also be of the best quality?”

Ye Fan grit his teeth, he had hopes that Elder Han would open the lid of the cauldron but hearing his words, he decided to allow a portion of the indistinct sound of waves to transmit out of the bronze cauldron.

“It really is the sound of waves……” Elder Han had an irritated expression on his face: “People of the past have met with such a scene when refining pills, it’s rumoured that when the noise reaches a crescendo, it will be ear-splittingly loud as though there were a real surging and swelling sea, could it be that I’m about to make an unparalleled exceptional pill?”

“Your granddaddy!” Ye Fan wanted to curse, Elder Han did not have any intention of opening the lid of the cauldron and his sure-kill blow could not be used.


Ye Fan began to allow the noise to grow louder, as the sounds of the howling sea surged, golden light expanded vigorously from his body as the sea of bitterness gently established.

“The ancients truly did not deceive me!” By the side of the bronze medicinal cauldron, Elder Han repeatedly sighed with feeling: “This Han has been refining pills throughout his life, facing this unique scene for the first time, this must definitely be an unparalleled good pill.”

Ye Fan could no longer suppress it as the frantic qi essence within his sea of bitterness exploded, causing angry waves to form in his golden sea of bitterness, the frightening sounds of the howling sea thoroughly exploded.

In an instant, divine lights blazed as raging waves repeatedly surged, stormy seas overflowed to the heavens as deafening sounds boomed!

As though a magnificent army or thousands of men and horses were marching or innumerable meteorites crashing into the ground.

Within the frightening sounds of the howling sea, sounds of thunder could also be heard, lightning streaked through the sky interweaving with the sky above the golden sea of bitterness, the scene and sounds were astonishing.

At this moment, Ye Fan was extremely nervous and his golden book flashed, he was ready to release it at any moment to kill his enemy!

However, Elder Han had an agitated expression as he said: “The ancients truly did not deceive me…… the legends are real!”

He had already stood up as he walked around the medicinal cauldron, elated to the point of wanting to dance with his hands and feet.

“The sound of the howling sea, the roaring of thunder, identical to that recorded in ancient texts. According to legend, these are the signs that appear when an unparalleled pill is refined!”

Ye Fan did not know whether to laugh or be angry, he was focused and prepared to kill but elder Han did not open the lid and even came up with such a reason to fool himself.

“Your granddaddy!” Ye Fan cursed in his heart before calming down and earnestly began to establish his golden sea of bitterness.

“The ancients truly did not deceive me……” Elder Han continually danced in his excitement.

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